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Last Full Day in Paris & Some Eye Candy

Posted on: 20 April 2010

Morning world!

Adam and Anne arriving Sunday at Staples (cute!!!)

I was supposed to post this later in the day (all pics again courtesy of the Maroon5Board mainmind, Jennifer Coles), but thanx to a smart friend, who “headed me” to a funny tweet this morning, I decided to upload it way before, just because I am kind.

Delia Dobbins are you there?

See? I quoted YOU even.

And.. surprise surprise… I CAN.

Guess what?

if you put stuff online, privacy is a hard mountain to climb… I’m all about privacy in fact, especially about Adam‘s private stuff (being a huge fan my best wishes ALWAYS come to him): but if things go on online, and I am a fan of him, I’ll share them for people like me who are fans to see it, and translate it in Italian for those who cannot read English, too.

I LOVE this series of pics 😉


I do NOT gossip: I post things he says and things his people say.

Don’t wanna us to know? You don’t say (he’s good at that, he’s very private and reclusive, which I TOTALLY approve and like actually. Famewhoring is so NOT Adam… maybe that lesson should be taught around?).

If no one around him says stuff, then there’s no way for anyone to know about “private stuff”.

Cuteness walking... aww 🙂

Otherwise, and you must know since you wanna do journalism, anyone is entitled to find, put together fairly, put up in a blog and SHARE.

I wonder if your scare is preventive for covering someone else’s mistakes or possible mistakes? That’d be unfortunate… It would show malicious intentions already NOW,  cos now the preventive covering is asked around.

Which I hope not, cos I really like the way Adam‘s life is at the moment, and I have no problems whatsoever with Anne, at all.

how do you spell "adorable"?

Anyway, if Adam wants to talk about this.. LOL, I’m more than interested…you bet 😉

So, for all up, this was a lesson of netiquette: the only way in this world for being private is… being private.

Otherwise people with a decent amount of brain can at least decode stuff, you know.

Now back on the real purpose of this blog, which should be… erm… talking about what I live, what I like and what I find interesting?


This is my favourite one... cute laugh 🙂

We leave from Paris tomorrow at mid day: airport said it’s all okay now to get back in Italy.

We gained some hour more in Paris which is amazing, in full.

Yesterday Louvre was sublime, as usual.

But missing Karim all day is far from perfection.. so last night we just… used time to cope with prolongued missing.

Getting back up… Anne is no more in Los Angeles: she went to Joshua Tree (beautiful place) to a photoshoot.

Fleet Foxes as soundtrack looked excellent to me (when their sophomore record will be out, too? They should have got one already…) while NOT knowing a thing about mighty QOTSA is not really that good.

Tsk Tsk.

Queens of the Stone Age are ace, period.

I think video of the day will be one of their song (probably my fav video of them, though not the fav song)… LOL:

Tonight Lakers play again and I am totally curious to see what the game could be like.

We absolutely need to win again and make the series as smooth and quick as possible, because I am basically scared as hell of the Thuggets we are gonna meet afterwards.

Awww... pure charme.

Wonder if Divine A. will be there after his shout out of love to Los Angeles.

Wonder if that Debbie will think Staples Center should cover him with a patch so no one can see and I would not put him on these pages (sorry, can’t help… I keep cracking out at that tweet.. think I will go on with the sarcasm a bit more…).

In case it would be bad, because beauty should be displayed for all too see 😉

Tonight is a great sport night cos we catch also Inter-Barcellona.

And although against all odds because Barça is impressive, of course I will support Italy and the cousins even if I am a Milan fan.

I am no hater.

I can wish them well when they do battle for Italy and we are out of the schemes.



Time to wander in Paris some more… Karim joins me after lunch, he has a meeting today too.

(Debbie, see? I am a private person: and I don’t put pics of people I care of online, which is why me and my boyfriend have just one pic of us -and blurred- floating in the webspace. That way is a good way to be private… don’t you think? I guess this point it’s hardly debatable. But if you wanna explain me your point with more detailes on your cute shout out, you can mail me. I have no problems whatsoever. But I do know my rights in publishing a blog, that’s for sure…)

Bye peeps 😉

Paris awaits and you don’t make a classy lady wait too long 😉


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