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Paris rocks. Lakers rocks. Adam & Anne rock.

Posted on: 19 April 2010

Quick update from the town of Love&Lights cos Louvre is in the plan for today (along Jean-Marc, cos Karim you know has his meeting and I won’t see him for hours and hours till this evening… so to ease my missing of him, he made me found THESE along the morning breakfast 🙂 🙂 :)awww!).

On the vacation so far (vacation that will be extended to wednesday due to the chaos in the skies and on the railways… hypeeee!!) all that I can say is that it has been awesome IN FULL.

Lots of walking, lots of love, lots of beauty… too bad not even Alain Ducasse can make me enjoy French Food… but you can’t have all can you?

I will leap over Milan and Ferrari and just share with you the first Glory Day of Lakers Playoffs as promised!!!


Preview first:

(preview cos you gotta get into the mood, right?)… and then the Game recap:

We played well enough: overhall, a very nice D, and a not sufficient O; but we’re registering. Derek is in playoff mode, Kobe has that trouble with the finger but man.. he schooled Durant majorly yesterday (highlight: a FANTABULOUS super-block that left lil Kevin speechless ;)).

We need to pass this round quick (and it’s not gonna be a walk: yesterday Westbrook was a force…) because… my worst dream is there and we will face the Thuggets in the second round.

Lamar Odom shots as Adam Levine and Anne V watch courtside on First Playoff game of the Lakers, 18th of April 2010


I know…

Drew‘s coming back yesterday was so promising: combined with Pau he did an excellent job.

Lamar was a bit nervous, but still when dude plays well… Dude DELIVERS and makes us win.

No question.

Talkin about Lamar, yesterday I had a bit of hard time finding Sharky and his ladylove ; all because they switched seats positions on the other half of the court (in front of OKC bench) and His Handsomity ditched the white tee for a Harley tee (way cuter: I liked it Adam!) that made me wander with the eye a bit first.

But I decoded them pretty soon enough already: after all, only Adam slides that way on the chair…  😉

I have a wonderful series of NO tagged pics to show, thanx to the one and only, the almighty Jennifer Coles, Queen Supreme of the M5 Board 😉

Adam poses hands on Anne's knee as he watches Lakers vs OKC, 18th April 2010

I found the untagged pics this morning as a morning gift, and she was that cute to let me post them here for you all to see.

Get ready when you open them, especially a couple where Adam has THAT kind of adorable smirking face on.

To explain why he has that, just take a closer look where her hand is and you can swoon just like I did when I first caught the tagged pics in Getty Images.


Lucky lucky lucky lucky Anne.

Adam and Anne courtside, yesterday


I can’t help.

A part of me will always stay there and wish I’d hit him whatever way FOREVER.

It’s like a belonging thought.

Can’t erase it.

It’s properly… physical.

But ehi, I would never ever do anything wrong against them.

Look where her hand is, and be green just like me 😉

They are soo cute together: I can’t change view there.

Guess Anne is Karim‘s best option at my total fidelity… LOL (Karim yesterday as I was squeaking watching pics from Getty Images at the Plaza’s bar, to send them to Marghe, slided backside me and whispered:

“Now that you’ve teased me with the squealing, can we climb up to the suite so I can substitute your horny images and make them real? Try to not overimpose his face on mine though, okay? I can decode that ….”

We have to say Karim is a fine psychologist and a wonderful man.

My favourite one: her hand near THERE, and Adam's smirk. Those naughty would let me burn on my two feet. awww 😉

And he is actually able to let me forget about Divine A.

This is the best compliment ever from me.

(so no… I didn’t overimpose faces at all. Karim’s got a range of his own, of course ;))

And he knows 😉

Btw Anne reached Los Angeles after a long delayed trip on Friday, just as expected.

And I guess the Pomeranian Adam was mentioning last week was actually Chovy, her dog.


I bashed Pomeranians and their owners as “obnoxious” in a tweet answering him.

Adam usually eats his liver while in playoff: there Lakers were probably missing a layup 😉

Sorry, but I stand by my statement: I never really got the charm of mini dogs 😉 but it was not intended as an offence to you Anne: I am just not liking the race of your dog.

I never lie.

But if it makes you happy, fine.

I find it cute that you let Chovy stay along Frankie and Adam.

Getting accustomed to Los Angeles style?


Just treat him right.

Because there’s an army of people ready to crucify you in case Divine Creature isn’t well treated.

The cap guy in stripes is Zachary Levy 😉

But from his face, at the moment you just make him shine.

The pics I see so far, just make me reassured there, and it’s all I need to know about that.

The rest is obviously your private stuff guys.

Privacy is sacred.

Final piece of news, looks like some warming tour is in the making Owl City along?

Awww. love playoffs 😉

Cute 😉

I loved Fireflies since I heard it first in New York last Fall.

Urges a way to arrange European stuff though.

So… along Lakers Playoffs, please baby, work your lovely cute ass on, okay?

Time for me for the Louvre

Have all a great time (if I make it, I’ll post some about first game in the Lakers Blog, but later on ;))

Song for today, and oldie in French which I love: meet teenage Missus Johnny Depp, when she was singing Joe Le Taxy and I was just 2 years old ;)) :

Shine on you peeps!!!

Miss Z. is oh! so happy 😉

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