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Thank you Alitalia…

Posted on: 16 April 2010


our whole trip to Paris is currently squandered.

I’m trolling out at lab trying to complete my tasks and I can’t cos I am way too nervous.

Yesterday, in the middle of our great friendly evening and night at Karim‘s place, full of Japanese food and Wii League (my oh my, how I do suck with NBA2K10…), Karim got a call: Alitalia was “perventively” (????) informing us that our flight to Paris couldn’t be assured due to the vulcan eruption in Iceland (end of the world? do you hear me? Fuck You!!!!).

“We are arranging you with an Eurostar…”

No High Mile Club!!!

No quiet flight…

No decent Friday at work, due to restrained times to use…

But more absurd than it all… I have to be at the Station by 1 pm, when the train leaves at 4.10 pm????


Guess I’ll have lots to do on the train…

Wait… NOT cos we don’t even have a cab, even though we travel first class: those have been landed to the people actually already booking them on that train (but I should have been flying?? I was NOT supposed to travel by Eurostar?!???).

I am a LITTLE BIT angry.

I should never ever rely on Alitalia.

Oh why we never learn???


I am testing the way this blog will be updated while I will be vacationing this summer.

I would love to put a giant window in from my twitter (longer than this one, of course…):

follow me on Twitter

and so even though I would’t be able to technically update the page, cos well, while on holiday (and we are supposed to SAIL on my own boat this year!!!! whoooo-hooo!!!) I have just so many things to do (erm…) at least I could be able to be on track with everything in a light, yet informative way (regarding the obviously happening Tour of the Babies, and maybe chances of crossing that, I’ll put hopefully links up in that Big Vacationing post to link you to their boards and site, and/or sending you to people who knows, so that you won’t lose touch as I… erm… get my tan on ;)).

UPDATE: >>> Twitter window test failed. WordPress doesn’t handle Javascript. MAJOR let down. I guess I am on track to bring at least Noah on the boat, and MINORLY update the blogs the old way, also on holiday. Don’t expect me to waste too much time on that anyway, okay? Maximum… Links and a couple lines. Twitter will still the only thing that will work with me at Summer. PERIOD.

We’ll see (today is a no day, is it??).

Talkin about Babies, July the 2nd those of you able to tune in on NBC, or just blessed enough to be in New York that day, will be happy to learn that they are the musical guest of the Today’s Concert Series of Summer:

Read it HERE… and watch some HERE.

Now considering generally these kind of things are held AFTER an album is out , logic would tell me their own one would be set up for a June29th release.

BUT it seems to me if that were the date, they’d to be ready with a new single… THIS incoming week for the radio to start playing it. These are the usual timetables for a good promotional work.


It’s like playing Cluedo with this release.

I know… let’s just wait.

I do.

But I’d so needed a good news today and that about the first single or release date in full would just do good to ease my mood, you know.

Btw… everything’s silent (beside a minimal tweet of her this morning at the famehunter… *creepy*, like everytime that person sneaks in the picture…) on the Western Front, which actually makes me think majorly they are together in NYC right now, ready to return East just in the incoming hours.

That, or else I sense huge trouble in Paradise.

Which I would hope not, of course. Cos they are so cute together… awww 😉

We’ll learn it soon: first Lakers playoff game is this Sunday, at lunch time for them, at dinner time for me.

Adam would NEVER miss that for no reason.

Disveil pics, webverse, thanx, and we’ll see if he will be there with her or not, then draw conclusions. 😉

Steven Meisel's art for Vogue Italy. Perfection.

And talkin about pics, these are some of those I love, and so I am gonna bring up with me for the super boring 7 hours traveling on train part of my Italian Vogue collection, to dwell into Steven Meisel‘s mastery in photographs (he’s my second fav photographer after another Steven, mighty Steven Klein).

Just look at the beauty of his famous work inspired by Klimt.

Poetry in pictures.


Fashion at this level truly is art.

Can’t question.

Or either you’re blind, or crazy.


Paris: be lovely… here we come, and we will speak there only in French… (twittering.. we’ll see. I guess I’ll stay up with English there ;))

To shake a bit myself, and download the stress of the day due to traveling, let’s put on some  Garbage:

Have all a great weekend: I guess I might sneak in on Monday even though still being in Paris after first playoff game, to talk about it slightly.

Go LAKE SHOW!!!!!!

Eat OKC up.

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