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Posted on: 14 April 2010

As I get ready to ride Swifty, in this beautiful sunny afternoon after work (I am a bit sleepy today, so a good energy pump and a decent series of horsejumps can help…), I update the blog because as usual the horse isn’t ready yet (later someone could explain to me the point in confirming timetables here, when they NEVER are on track with actually doing requested things in time…).

A bit of sport and music?


Let’s start with the obvious victory this past night of the Lakers against the dreadful Sacramento Kings (worst road team in the NBA):

where our bench (ah!!! the shame of Dj and Ron‘s hair!!!) managed to make the Kings reach anyway 100 points (???) preventing everybody at Staples from their tacos.

Levine Males at Staples: Big Daddy F., Adam and lil Sam - Sunday April 11th, 2010

I think Divine A. wasn’t there yesterday, so he couldn’t have benefiting anyway of tacos: I have tried to decode his presence but the person in his supposed place was dressed in suit – not him – and was actually having composure on chair – not him again, lol…-.

Good to be seen there was again sign of life in The Machine.

Is Sasha back?? Let’s hope so.

We need him badly during playoffs, and yesterday he was a rebounding offensive genius, though okay, Kings are not that great of a test, I’ll admit it…), and Pau was amazing again (that lefty layup at the start of the game… wow. how classy…), though I would have preferred him to rest a lot more.

I guess with the absence of Kobe, you had to give to the crowd some quality play, and then you had to make the Spaniard play…

Anyway, today is the last regular season game, and it’s against Clippers (technically they host).

I have nothing to say on regular season: just bring me OKC and let’s start play for real.

It will be nice to scream in Paris during first two playoff games.

I am gonna get French people pis*ed out 😉 LOL.

Adam and Anne back in February

I wonder if there will be a way for A & A to reunite in the next days?

She’s back in New York and he’s nowhere to be seen since Sunday.




I just hope everything’s fine, and that sweet baby can relax and have… erm… better reasons for his bed to shake at night (best tweet of his week, that one, hands down… LOL!).

But moreover, darn, I just want this awaiting for the new record to end, I want them back on the road, and I die to hear them play.

So any news on the “shake rust off and get back to roll” panorama gets me excited, and naturally I am here to share that excitement with you all…

If you have time and way to reach again Las Vegas (what is with the utmost fascination with Sin City lately? Ah!!! If they’d ever plan a full residency there.. it’d be awesome to me…) in between May 16-20 (I can’tr… already checked chances… sigh…), you might being interested in THIS EVENT (click over, thanx).

If you can’t, you can just enjoy like me a couple of lines and two lil cute (cuuuuute!!) vids where J&J&Mick tell us about restylings 😉 (Mick kills me any darn time. Gosh he’s hilariously adorable):


and adorable MickeyM:

Talkin still about music, from NME I learnt that Oasis are releasing a comprehensive Best Of.

Oasis "Times Flies" Best Of


It kills me.

But I have learnt to accept they split, and since I own every single piece of music they have ever put out, of course I will buy also that.

Oasis are one and forever will be one of my elective bands.

Their sound has shaped my whole life since I have memory of it, and so it will remain.

Let me leave you, of course, with some by Noel:

and some by Liam:

Live Forever.

😉 Luv, Miss Z.


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