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Best birthday week ever?

Posted on: 12 April 2010

From the peak of the highest mountains, till the deepest of Ocean’s bottom, world, get a grip and shout along, cos MY BDAY WEEK WAS AWESOOOOOME!!!!

I am totally in love with life.

I know the 25th birthday is something that can sound of a certain importance (half of half of a century, step into proper adult life, just  good sounding number… ;)), but the way I have celebrated it… my oh my!!! It crashed any chance of finding a decent enough definition for it, in order to describe that magnificence!!!

First of all. My mum and dad are just the best mum and dad ever on any planet which guests life.

They did all in such a great way…

On wednesday, I arrived there at their home and it was all coloured and radiant: my relatives all there… Meli and Stef there, and as I expected, Karim’s parents coming there too.

The car they gave me was not exactly small: now I drive a way too big for my tastes of parking BMW X3 (they wanted actually gift me the X5, but gave up at my continous disliking of huge cars), which just this morning conducted me at work with the ongoing scare of touching other peeps.

It’s TOO big for me.

Makes me feel uncomfortale (which is why I am keeping anyway the Punto: I will probably rent a further parking box, both in Milan and at my place…).

my iPad

Karim’s parents gifted me with an iPad… Lovely!!!

I haven’t had too much of time to play with it cos I had too much going on these days, and also cos the Italian store is a bit of a biatch there (but I have been going to the USA store anyway…), but what I have got an hold with was insanely amazing.

From my relatives and Meli I have got a lot of  Chanel stuff: a couple of floreal dresses, a jacket, two pair of trousers, two bikins, a pair of shorts (SHORT SHORTS), two bags, two pair of glasses, two perfumes, a traveling set of suitcases, and an amazing pair of shoes that I adore cos they have tons of charms over them.

They are vintage.

I’ll pack everything up and bring it all with me in Paris this weekend (yep, we get there as planned for 5 days… I want to live in the town of romance and speak ONLY French.. can’t wait!!!).

The day after, it was just up to me and Karim: he drove me to a wonderful CASTLE in ValDAosta, and we had a floor entire there, with a suite and all you can think of: they brought us a fancy dinner on our terrace, they serenaded us from the yard with violins and piano, and in that suite there was sauna, of course a large jacuzzi, and all possible amazingness you can think of.

But the point was that we were together… It’s always so intensively pleasing to see how we communicate at any level, and so profoundely. We read each other’s mind by now. It’s just so wonderful.

And it doesn’t scare me anymore.

I like it.

So when he actually started to act a bit strnge, I guessed there was something he was about to do that he knew would have been not really going like (maybe others?) planned.

At a certain point Karim said:

“Za’, I have to give you something. It’s not your birthday gift yet… but it’s… well, it’s important in its own way…”.

Karim never eats words as he speaks.

You can’t ever catch him acting awkwardly.

Karim never hides eyes while he speaks to you. And especially never when he speaks to me.

He was doing all that at that point, so I just slided nearer to him and started to kiss all of the naked skin he was offering to my tongue.

“Please… stop and let me finish… or I won’t even go on… at all…”

“What makes you feel uncomfortable honey? Tell me.”

He did not answer. He went to his small trolley and opened it and under a pile of shirts he took off one of those very small boxes that can contain just one thing.

Just not ready yet, honey. Sorry 😉

One small box.


Way too small box.

“Please… Zaira don’t hate me now… I have to…”

“No you don’t. And from the way you are acting now, it seems luckely to me that in a way you don’t really even WANT to, baby…”

Karim silenced.

He took a deep, deep breath.

Watched me; then the box in his hand… then me again.

He smiled.

Then opened the box in front of me, revealing its shimmering, truly luxuriously beautiful content:

“Zaira, don’t kid yourself: you know that in my mind and in my heart there’s just one person I could ever want to be my wife. That person is you. I think it’s meant to be you from probably the very first second I met you. You know what I was before you. How I was. You know what I have done to be with you. You know… better… by now I am sure you feel and live inside your own skin that my adoration for you is complete, my love gets stronger day by day, and my only joy is here and true only when I am with you. You know that my greatest will is to be with you for the rest of my life. You know that I will marry you as soon as that idea won’t make you feel torn, or caged. You know that the day you will tell me “I want you to be my husband” you will make me the happiest man on Earth… ”

“But we have talked about this already a lot angel… you know what I think of marriage…”

“I do know. I respect that. I don’t care cos I feel you’re mine anyway. But this ring is here for you. And this will be the only ring I will keep along with me and you will be the only person I will ever present it to be put on her finger… You just have to know this is the real truth… You had to know this ring exists, so that wehn that feeling you have about marriage could change, you will know… that I am ready. Already. I am ready for this since we first kissed. Does it sound just too stupid and cheesy to be believed?”

You have no idea how beautiful he was looking while telling all this.

Karim is a very, very beautiful young man.

But in that moment, he was probably the most beautiful person I had ever seen, past or present, even future, the most spectacularly looking individual I ever gazed eyes into.

“That sounds so amazingly in my ears, in my heart, that words I could pronounce now to describe it would just never suffice…”

I reached him and made myself his own mirror; pushed him gently towards the bed, and slided over on top of him.

Took the box in my own hands from that position, and pulled the ring out, in between my two fingers. I honestly have to say I had the huge temptation to say to him I would have worn it. But that would have been a kind gesture. Not a true gesture.

And I am always essentially and completely true.

“Keep it in the box angel. This ring is breathtaking, and I can see meaning it for real that one day if I would ever feel fit for marriage, the only thing that I know is that I would wear only THIS ring. Keep it. I will pray day and night that you will still willing forever to offer it just to me. Because you are the most wonderful man I could ever meet. This I know already. Even if I keep feeling not really fit, or at least ready, for that strange thing they call marriage…”

“Or engagement…”

“Or engagement, yep…”

We smiled a bit.

Then he pushed me head to head with him.

And no… you can’t even begin to picture out what we had in the time following.

That was paradise.

Too much paradise for mere human beings…

If you wonder which was Karim’s bday gift… after gifting me so far with Japan holidays, with fly training lessons, with Swifty, with everything a spoiled girl like me could think of, know that this birthday I have got a boat in my own name.


I have been gifted, for our marine times, of a beautiful (small but cute.. well, small if you compare it to the size of Karim’s family yacht… LOL…) Oceanis 37, the beauty jewel of Beneteau franchise.

Sooooo.... looks like now I also have a boat in my name 😉

And yes, the boat has my own name.

Karim will take me at the place where the boat is now, namely Fecamp, France, when we get to Paris this weekend.

The boat will actually be ready and ready to sail by next June.

We will decide how to make it reach Mediterrean Sea.

And also we will decide where to store it.


I have a boat.

A boat with my name on it.

I love everything about this.

My mum said this when we told her:

“You mean a REAL boat? But you can’t sail it!”

And Karim:

“But I do. And we can always hire personnel…”

The face of my mum there was reading “I guess they are really another level…”.

Karim loves my mum.

He always says I am like her cos all that I think and feel just shows on my face.

“Your daughter just deserves anything a princess could ask for herself…”

Mum there cried.



Lovely in full.

I know.

Money don’t buy happiness. But it’s not about owning stuff: it’s about what lies behind those stuff.

I am not bragging because I have been gifted with amazing things: I am just delighted and feel so blessed cos amazing people (they would be amazing any case, money or not, as well as being rich doesn’t diminish the value of their love and feelings) try to read in my mind and soul and find what makes me truly fell hapy to be alive.

I love sea.

I love freedom.

I love wind, sun, salt… I love traveling.

This makes me human: and Karim’s boat gift tries to emphazise what makes me feel alive.

It’s not THE BOAT.

It’s what that boat means.

Hope you get that.

If Karim wouldn’t be rich, and he would have proposed me a Interrail trip and a camping out in Europe this summer, with  a skipping little motorboat rented for two hours to make me taste the salty sea, I would have loved it equally: cos the thought behind referring to my own spirit would have been just THE SAME.

The day after, it was only girlie time.

Marghe and my girlfriends organized a dinner, a night out in Milan, dance and fun.

I loved to have a girlie night out.

I loved to tease people around, and toy with hopeless boys, and being cruel and incredibly picky.

I know, I am bad.

I like to excercise power on the male race.

What can I do… I am this way since a life.

You can’t make a square round. 😉

But I behaved.

Ehi! I am such a good girl now 😉

Night after it was a clubbing night with the whole crew, and once more, what can  I state of value if not the acknowledgement I am blessed with the bestets friends EVER???? (and look, not all of them have had sex with me…. so somewhere I just have to think they really really love me just because of what I am ;)… LOL… ).

They have covered me with what I was requesting from the Paris Fashion week… lots of Marithé… I was actually dressed like that when the party was going on and on and on…

I love to dance.

Makes me feel careless and so, so fine…

I have slept the day after till 5 am (yesterday, yup). You think it’s a lot? well, we went back home from Sirmione (where teh party was) on Garda Lake that it was 8 am… so not THAT much.

I woke up in Karim’s arms and we were actually sleeping on the lower part  of the bed… we had such a messing adorable sex fight before falling asleep it was a miracle we didn’ fall outside the bed.

Of course, as soon as we woke up, we had wet sex again (don’t think badly of us… we had that in the Jacu, man ;)).

Too bad I couldn’t have that THIS morning… or yesterday night.

yesterday we rocked and jazzed a LOT!!

Because after the party his parents organized for me yesterday (final and amazing piece of my incredible and best ever Bday week: we had a villa for us, a jazz band playing amazingly for us… the best you can ever think of… it was a blast!!!), ended, I went home (my own one) with mum and dad, but Karim drove to Milan as this morning he had to bring his parents back to Malpensa for them to catch a flight back to San Francisco.

Wonder what they told him about the ring refusal (I am sure some of it it has to do with them. They are lovely and cool… and liberal as fuc* for Heaven’s Grace.. but I guess they really want us to get married. I suppose it’s a good sign. It’s just that… oh well… it’s a private business between me and Karim still. Sorry. I told them openly about this. I think they are mostly surprised that I am really so NOT a gold digger. Everytime they tell me this so openly they melt me. But yeah.. i don’t see the point of gold digging. It’s senseless in itself. I just adore their son. I would also if he weren’t so ridicolously rich and in fact I have learnt step after step that they are THAT rich. It took me a lot to get how much… and I still really don’t care. The richest thing that family has for me is Karim and that has NOTHING to do with wealth. :))

Anyway they feel secure of me also cos I am not one of those who posts family pictures or personal stuff for real on web.

I find it also very trivial, just like they do.

People are really putting too much of interest in the Internet: it’s like everybody thinks they are “famous” or “cool” livingit through the web.

But peeps… real life is outside web.

Get one, because when you are way too involved with it, your ratio at loser-ness is pretty damn HUGE.

You won’t ever see online very personal pics of me or my friends or my lover.

You won’t really get any of the pics I have with mattering people I have met and known through my life. No way you will see my exes, either (no bballer or athlets or artists or writers available on these pages, never ever, sorry…).

Those are memories of mine.

My own real life.

My experiences.

My own treasures.

I won’t ever trivialize that. Never ever.

And after all there’s a reason for really rich and noble people have at least three names: because you can use for calling your real baby the middle one for example, and that cuts all way to reconnect too much of family business. (Karim’s first name I think I heard it just once pronounced by any of them: his father calls him through it only when he’s pissed, and they are pretty much all very relaxed, zen people there ;). And btw “Karim” is way more musical and cool name than his first-first one ;)).

I know I know… so far I have missed some of my regular topics here: Sports & Divine A , not to mention my adored babies M5.

Starting from the babies, and still darn waiting for the release date (ehi!!!! I’m growing 52 there… ;)), just wanna say at least now Kansas has something it might sound cool for

Sport-y like, the only bad thing of yesterday was the shame poured in Laker Dome.

We lost against the darn Blazers (expected, still awful cos this year we just suck with free throws, which in Kobe‘s case is a sign of the bad finger recovery, while about the rest is just that they choke on the line… not good cos it’s been a consistent flaw in our season and it doesn’t look any good…):


Adam and lil bro Sam witnessing Portland Lakers Sunday April 11th 2010 at Staples

I would dare to say jokingly Sasha‘s DUNK (?? LOL!) but seriously beside Kobe’s final points that got us there again (I saw the game recorded yesterday at 2 AM as I couldn’t sleep without Karim fuc*in me…) the only cute thing on that floor was of course Divine Adam‘s sightseeing (don’t expect pics, as usual, cos Sam‘s there means absolute forbidden chance there. I love his protective flair there… he’s so adorable…)

He did not give himself a reason on how the game was lost, since he tweeted exactly he couldn’t get how he witnessed the shame of the Portland’s take of the stack, but baby honey, it’s not that the Lakers have been that amazing lately, have they? 😉

Previously, we won against Minnesota in the most boring game ever:

and before we LOST again against Denver, but in a game we actually decently played without Drew and Kobe, and a game we could have also won with a decent clutch (while yesterday I think Portland would have taken us anyway even if we had tied at the end and go to the extra time… honestly):

Poor angels Lakers…

Not that Milan was much better.

We kept losing grip even if Inter‘s clearly on a downhill path: we couldn’t take advantage of any of that, so by now… ROMA rules.

They make me green a bit cos it’s clear they are playing it for real and we just look like a geriathric department dressed in red and black.

But Roma deserves all props.

Really… wow.

At least Valentino Rossi start with the Moto GP was of course stellar:

Vale, you rule!!!!

And that’s about sport, I guess.


Divine Adam life in the week has been a bit on the low too.

It has to do with the fact Anne‘s been taken away from him due to working matters: first she was in Miami, then now in Marseille, but anyway fact is they are away from one another since a week and counting.

She’s got nerves to be that much away from him.

I couldn’t … LOL.

No really… it’s cool that they have their own live, it’s rightly so.

People are way more interesting when they are actually living individuals first on their own.

It shows personality.

Drive and all that revolves around those qualities.

You know I root in for them and I do cos she’s the only girl he has had so far that I feel I look clearly inferior to.

Never happened before.

Anne V. and her adorable freckles. Awww. So cute it's unreal 🙂

The beauty picking order has sense in my Universe, you know that: I am all for genetically bound to be spectacular merging.

I respect those hotter than me and she most definitely is.

I retreat humbly in front of so much, wishing the very best and hoping it lasts, even if, being Adam… well, Adam, you clearly can’t ever bet on it, can you?

Though one day, man has to grow up and mature also in the relationship department, so maybe THIS could be the right time when he actually stops being bulimic about the other half of the Sky?

I hope so: because you know I believe he will be happy for real only when he will let love truly rule.

And after all, no matter how much I am lost about him, all I want is the man to be happy forever: therefore I wish him the greatest joy to be found in real love.

And cross my fingers for it.

I really do.

I would never ever do anything to cause him damage or trouble. Never did. Never will.

I really like Adam and Anne together… though when they are parted, one of the good outcoming is that he tweets more, leading to hilarious sceneries, just as these:  encounters with Hanna Montana scary moments… or awesome suggestions for YouTube videos, like this one…

The thing is that the wide majority of people following Adam don’t have a clue on his amazing sense of humour.

They take his words way too literally, but in the shallowest of ways, and it appalles me to understand they are a bit dumb, while he is so sharp and bright.

I am sure he shakes head a lot about that as well.

Too bad: cos really the most amazing quality he has is not even his talent or voice or the fact he’s handsome…Adam‘s best quality is by far his creative brain.

Hands down.

This is what I let you hear today. Ash:

Kylie Minogue:

And the amazing Atoms For Peace (ah!!! Thom!!!!):

Because… well, I’m a hopeless bag of butterflies in the stomach and happy about it.

Lightweight with style.


Happy week everybody 😉


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