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Back in touch after Paradise Time

Posted on: 6 April 2010

Good morning mundane world 😉

Easter Monday Surfers, 5thApril 2010, Levanto

Back after a wonderful Easter time, no matter rainpours (which were actually a bliss as well, cos you know… forced into a room… Karim and I…there are TONS of good things we can do actually ;)), and no matter internet lacking (that was another kind of bliss actually… and after all having the everly connected iPhone is all that I need, anywhere. I can reach all over the world in a click…), I’m back with sort of a GIANT update.

Where do I start from?

Levanto Folkloristic Parade, Easter 2010

Personal stuff of course.

I twittered a lot and shared lots of twitpics already so you pretty much know what I have been up to.

I bet you all drooled over the food I have made you witness in these days, haven’t you?

I need a serious gym after these days of gourmet.

Okay, we’ve burnt LOT of energy in sexual plays but still…

French part of Cote d'Azur, 5th April 2010

If yesterday we only could have surfed over the awesome waves that were in Levanto… (no okay… I can’t surf… ;)) I bet things would have been perfect.

Instead, lacking surfboards, we rented a boat and coasted till France. Cote d’Azur splendiferous, on both Italian and French coasts.

We soaked up in the sun, and loved every friggin bit of it.

Yes, we also were kinda nasty.

Who cares.

Boats inspire us and with what we’ve paid, nobody is gonna complain.

Captain and sailors were rightly mum and discrete.

They better to.


Manarola brings colours on a grey Saturday (April 3rd 2010)

Easter was cozy, we witnessed again the folklore in Levanto and loved it all so much.

We were like… doubling the pleasure of last year.

Man, we feel so incredibly close right now we like share a common brain and soul.

It’s so incredibly powerful.

There are moments when I do stop, whatever I am doing, and realize that… SHIT… I am really in love.

That kind of love people speak and write and sing about.

The kind of love I was thinkin I did understand “culturally”… but the kind of love you just have to feel to really get.

I live through what Karim lives.

I feel what he feels.

I feel just so totally belonging.

I’ve grown up so much thanx to this love.

So much, that it’s really natural for me to hope all those whom I dearly love can feel and live this too, soon, and forever.

For how strange I am and still be… I belong.

It’s something that as incredibly as it sounds… it keeps free me.

Maybe it’s because he loves me so and really for who I am, he loves also the crazy ideas I have on life, and sex and love.

I thought I were alone, because I was too complicated to be really understood and taken.

Instead… it seems Karim likes also the strangest things of myself.

The artist in him, probably can cope with all this and find a sense in it.

Btw, from yesterday we listen continuatively to Slash.

The italian preorder was available from yesterday morning, so through iPhone we donwloaded.

From the boat.

Crazy & Cool.

We’re listening to it from hours… it’s WONDERFUL.


Beside Gotten, unsurprisingly my other favourite track belongs to Chris Cornell‘s awesome voice.

But all is fabulous, truly.:

I’ll be back about music and Divine Creatures soon…

Let me just keep going on a bit about Karim and I.

Tomorrow my superbirthday time starts.

Yep, tomorrow I reach the BIG 25.

We will be at my parent’s tomorrow, dining with them and my family.

I have the feeling Karim’s parents may arrive, but I don’t really have real clues… it’s just a feeling.

I know tomorrow a courier will deliver me my new iPad.

They gifted me with it (they gifted me the Kindle, so now that iPad made Kindle obsolete, they filled the gap, avoiding to have me await for the Italian iPad release, which will be only at the end of the month. Ah!!! I am so spoiled ;)), and dunno why, I just feel they might catch a plane and land it to me directly in hands actually.

Who knows.

This whole week will be a surprise for me.

The only thing that won’t be so fully it is that on Thursday Karim takes me away on a private dinner getaway.

I have no idea WHERE.

I know with him I can expect the unexpected.


Love that.

His fantasy rules a lot.

Then from Friday through saturday and till sunday… I have THREE different parties organized by all of my friends and friends of friends.

I’ll be destroyed in such an awesome way by next week.

Love it till no end.


Speaking of birthdays, gotta cope with all that happened while I was away from Internet.

Happy Birthday Jesse!!!

On April 2nd, Jesse sweet baby celebrated his own birthday and the place where that was held was Adam‘s house (which is great, and you get why).

Even greater was that the music played (got it from guests tweets… ah! the bless of Twitter!) was actually the NEW music of Maroon5.

Please, dear Above: make this release RUSH. I know. June is not far away but still… it’s not tomorrow ;).

I am longing so much for this I am actually like dying for it.

Yeah, it happens always with their music but this time it risks to reach a peak of insanity ;).

Before the party was up and running for Jesse at Adam’s place, Russian Fairy and the Divine Creature went at Staples Center to witness the GOOD part of Lakers weekend.

This part:

I couldn’t watch the game and did not follow it at night (we were sleeping after a LOVELY match 😉 of our own there…) but of course I knew where to watch in the recap to get the gorgeous couple sight:

Adam and Anne at Staples in usual Adam's seats, April 2nd 2010

It was overcute to search for Getty’s images after the game cos the ones that were taken showed Adam on his funniest and most tender behaviour to Anne.

Adam Levine and Anne V at Lakers Game 2 April 2010

He makes all those cute and silly faces to her (and in the game recap you actually see he’s constantly arm wrapping her… awwww. So incredibly cute. I can’t help. I adore to watch them together… ), and her way to laugh just melts me.

Soooooo cute.

His ongoing love for junk food still also incredibly cute (Anne, please… don’t follow him there or your top model body will be affected. Don’t play with fire… please!)

Karim said watchin the pics:

“Adam explains to Anne his need to cut hair… unless she doesn’t want to disappear in a black wave of Elvis Hair…”.


I love the way Adam is a gesticulating person.

That’s very similar to the way Italians talk and mime their words along.

It’s oh so very cute and funny to watch.

And he looks so at ease aside her.

I love that sight.

I truly do and can’t help me there.


Kobe Bryant is a Laker For Life!!!

Of course, it took me enough to leave Internet and The God Kobe Bryant signed the much anticipated extension with the Lakers Family (never had a doubt… never), leaving me in the no chance to comment on that on the Lakers Blog (I will make my triumphat return there tonight…).

Kobe though worries me a bit for the knee that he keeps keeping bondaged.

Okay, playoffs are around the corner and we don’t really care about regular season so if you need rest just take it baby, okay?

(of course any Laker fan knows he won’t…).


The game of Easter, Karim and I actually got a chance to see it thanx to a friend Karim found in a restaurant we were dining at (game was in the morning in LA, so it was 9.30 pm in Italy…), and whom invited us to join him and more friends at a GERMAN pub in the village, so that we could have got a display of the game there.

Adam and Anne arrive at Staples to watch Lakers also on Easter 2010 😉

Due to the fact the German bartender and owner was a freak about Lakers.

It was a hilarious time.

I mean… Germans just seem not to get people can also be teetotal (like me…) and it was fun to see how they were heated equally by the game (erm…) and by my total refusal to drink anything alcoholic, especially beer.

Of course Divine A. And Sweet Anne were again at the game (switched seats though), but the game this time was as bad as it was possible to be (Ginobili proved again why I do admire him… MONSTROUS game… wow…).

It seems that Christian holidays do Lakers terribly bad this year: the Xmas Shame against the Crabs (sorry, Cavs…) and now the Easter Oddity against the Spurs.


Terrible cos Spurs are very likely the first face off of our playoffs and they’ve beaten us, Orlando, Crabs and Green Enemies.

Adam and Anne on Easter Game. Same seats, just switched places.


Sure we will win the round, but using lotta energies.

NOT good.

Oh, well… this was the game:

Hope Anne after the horrible game at least found a way to attend a Mass (she said after the game the Church she was meant to be in was closed… poor baby… Adam‘s  Jew conspiracy? LOL)…

We do know right now she is in Miami.

I thought he might have been with her but I am not sure anymore cos he tweeted just one hour ago about his current movie crush (Adam, the kid…) and this makes me think he’s still in LA.

We will decode that soon.

Let’s just hope if he is, he’s doing stuff for making my and our awaiting for June smoother.

One of the reason he might be in Miami for could be a deep talk with David La Chapelle for their first video?

I know, these are just airball talks. LOL.

I bet David would make Adam and Anne look gorgeously candy colored in it (because… I kinda give it for assured the female guest MUST be her at this point…?).


Time will tell.

Time holds all future keys, and I am fine with it, and I am smooth with it, and I have no fears nor frustrations about it.

I’m blessed.

Tomorrow I am 25.

And I do *seriously* rock and kick ass ;). Oh, yeah.

Be all well and happy.

Luv, Miss Z. 😉


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