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5 Lands in Sight… and Happy BDay, Jesse!

Posted on: 2 April 2010

Good morning peeps.

This will be a fairly long post cos I have tons to say and then I will be away for days (till Tuesday) from Internet and no updates will come your way until we’re back from 5 Lands (we leave in 6 hours.. can’t wait… only device with me: iPhone and iPod. No Mac, No Noah. Nothing. It will be me&Karim&Nature&Love&Sex&Sea. Oh, and Easter Chocolate Bunnies, too ;)).

Sooooo. No Lakers Watch either, you know.

It bums me cos this way the last game I will see and keep recalling will be this awful one:

I actually didn’t even see it live… I watched it only in the rerun yesterday…

It happened something on wednesday to thursday night it squandered all game watch plans… but at the same time that something just made what I am about to celebrate in 6 hours even more special.

Waiting for the game to start at 1 Am that day, we tuned like it often happens for us on History Channel.

The broadcast was ” 102 minutes that changed America (or like it’s tipped here, “shook the world”):

I had already seen that 7 times… also along Karim.

Every single time I do, I cry… I feel it so massively.

That sky so clear and so much hate and so much pain and so much badness swhirling up poisoning that clarity and beauty of nature… of humans that are supposed to be nature’s best offering.

Man, even talking about it now makes me too emotional.

I thought it was a show to watch anyway. I asked him, and he said he was fine with it.

Except that he was actually not.

Not consciously.

Karim was a kid when that happened… and he lost a friend there.

It’s that important to him that is one of the very few things that actually bewilder his spirit in a way he can’t control.

So after that, he went off in the bedroom and said to me I could have watched Lakers alone.

And I started to, and I logged into the chat… but I couldn’t remain.

I couldn’t stay.

Be there without him, just had no sense at all, in full.

I asked advices, just to ge a push for doing what I knew I had to and was supposed to and moreover… wanted to.

So I turned off tv, and just went laying along him. Just embracing him for hours.

He did breathe and he did weep and he did breathe and never spoke a word.

Just put his hands over mines, my arms tied around him, my face in the curve of hois neck and shoulder, and caressed it while he was weeping over that, silently.

I think I will recall that forever.

That is undeniably… best love night I have ever experienced.

I am not exxagerating.

It has changed me more than words could ever tell.

I felt like I WERE HIM.

I suppose I felt what real love is all about.

And I am SO grateful.

Yesterday we have been dining at Cracco in Milan 🙂 awesome :), and then we went at Corso Torino Multisala to watch A Single Man. Good movie. Good.

As we reached home, we just celebrated our way our incoming private gateway to 5 Lands.

No tears there.

Well… no tears of pain at least.


Today is April 2 guys… I haven’t forgotten…

It’s Jesse BDay!!!!!!

Happy Birthday, Jesse Royal Carmichael!!! We love you 🙂

Happy Birthday adored Jesse.

Thank you for your genius, your heart, your sensitive soul, your funny head, your love for humans, and your music mastery.

I Love You, Man!!!!

Have the most beautiful and amazing day sweetheart.

It seems all is back to being just fine.

And this is how things have to be, cos you’re awesome and you just deserve only happiness and joy.

Jesse has shared more from his twitter about the incoming album (dear… really.. how we could believe anything on April’s Fools? And beside, we all hate that stupid recurrency, too ;)), and even though Matty seemed blurred there, you get the mood and the vibe of expectation enough 😉

If you don’t enough, or if like me you haven’t listen to Gotten already 207 times (!!! true ;)) to cope with the awaiting for more of their music reaching your soul, then take a look at this, from American Way Magazine:

oh, boy.. and how could he NOT be loved?!!?? Awww 😉

It’s a typically balmy afternoon in Los Angeles, and Levine, front man of the multiplatinum-selling rock band Maroon 5, is hanging out in the kitchen of his funky Spanish-style home, nibbling on takeout sushi and recovering from a rowdy Thursday night that culminated in his belting out Guns N’ Roses’ “Paradise City” at a 40th-birthday bash for Hollywood party maven Brent Bolthouse. Jesse Carmichael, Maroon 5’s keyboardist, is here, too, as is Levine’s chummy personal assistant. As the three men chew over the merits of a handful of hangover remedies, Levine, 31, offers up an interesting medical idiosyncrasy — namely, that he hasn’t tossed his cookies since he was 9 years old, when he got sick after a screening of The Wizard of Oz at LA’s Cinerama Dome“…

(cont…>>> here and… sorry for Italians reading this on my other blog… Can’t really bother in translating everything. And I never do when articles are not mine…)

I can't wait for the record to be out.

Just two quick notes for you all reading the article.

Even though the ages given are those of NOW, as of the time the article is in the magazine, realize that the interview was given off at the time described in the article: namely end of December 2009 (Brent Bolthouse bash was on 17th of December 2009).

I say this just because I can imagine the words of Adam about relationships THEN can easily be taken and applied a bit out of context now (no that he has changed view about it all, but don’t stress lovely Russian Fairy thinkin that he said that after meeting her, cos he said it before meeting Anne, okay? Right ;)).

Anyway, the interview is awesome.

And well… I am in that category of picky music lovers who adore Radiohead and the finest stuff.

And I DO ADORE Maroon5 exactly because they are amazingly fitting that kind of supertalented scene.

At the same time, I love the disenchantment they have about that kind of reckonizin stuff.

They are loved and admired by their peers, when getting in touch with them – we have so plenty of evidences of that.

The rest, is upon under Fate and really doesn’t matter.

Music is a bliss and a miracle and moreover a need and a gift.

They feel blessed with it.

Overanalyzing kills a lot, doesn’t it?

About Adam’s totally unconditional love for Los Angeles… well, that goes without saying.

He would die not belonging there.

I really, really believe this utterly and completely.

I always like people with a sense of roots.

It’s important.

It’s deep and beautiful.

What more?

Well, I guess not much left.

I will be keeping an eye over the world through iPhone and Twitter, and when I get back I will surely have PLENTY of updates here, surely I will post about the two Lakers game I wll have to watch after recording them (cos that, of course I will do…), I will see if Prince A and Princess A attended those, or not, (I guess she is flying back to LA? Hope for her 😉 I would belong to any plane boarding if I had to take flights every week to be aside whom she can be aside to… ;)), if Jesse partied up (sweet Jesse… lotta love and again happy BDay) and generally watch out at everything around.

But not before tuesday.

Till then, it’s Love Time for me and Karim.

Wish you all a wonderful, amazing Easter Time, may you celebrate that or not.

Love is in the air.

And so I leave you with some apt music for recalling that better.

and then this (most amazing video…):

and then this, such a perfect love song…:


Lotta luv, and happy Easter weekend, Z. 🙂


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Hello there, Happy Easter 2010!

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