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Magic happens when I’m asleep ;)

Posted on: 31 March 2010

Good morning.

Resurfacing from a more than deserved intense 10 hours night sleep (I was dead… had a monstroud time at work… I face more.. I was barely aware of myself after another Lakers watch with 3 hours sleep in total, and at the wee hours of morning…), I let you have the game recap of the Hornets Loss.

I am still so not worried.

Here you read why if any (when my post will appear in some hours I guess…).

This is the recap:

Tonight we play against the very interesting Atlanta Hawks. I will follow it also cos it’s at just 1 AM and also and especially because I am gonna miss the two subsequent games as you know (the two home one against Jazz and Kings. It bummers me cos I know *somebody* will be there most definitely, and who knows maybe in company too…).

Talkin about *somebody* and *somebody else* I just like to see how the always high on top care of Adam for privacy (just take a look at what he says of reality tv and people slashing out for everyone to see their private lives, and you get the whole measure of it, which is just one of the many reasons for which I like his brain…) has moved Anne in being really quiet about everything.

Cancelling opening Location from tweets and everything.

Great move girl.

This is how it has to be.

I am glad of this all, cos it just proves my point of the whole rooting in for them.

And it’s still lovely to guess what they are up to, thanx to crossing tweets of them (they tweet merely when they are separated actually, but it’s SO sweet to understand what they are/have been up to while together though)…

It’s a tender game so let’s just waste some time in recap, before I will make your jaw dropp off with the cute fact of the day (night for me actually).

The other day Adam tweeted his ongoing love for his favourite movie of all time (you know it, it’s E.T., and the fact THAT is always makes my heart melt in tenderness… you know what I think of that already), and unsurprisingly shortly after we got the news Russian Sweet Fairy was heading back to NYC (missing the flight actually… cos it must be uneasy to leave at a certain point. Awwww. *sweet*… we all understand Anne. We all do… Isn’t love such a great miracle? I’m a lightweight. Still. ;)).

Seems though that E.T. magic worked well with her cos while in New York she misses more Italian Cooking LA Spots (Adam amends some of his food taste with some great choices luckely…) and easily E.T. witnessing (awwww. All together again… awwww).

In the maintime, seems also that beautiful Russian Fairy is actually trying to get a driver’s licence.

Good luck girl.

If it’s a California one… especially good luck (eeeek…. LA roads are hell…).

But what was her Prince doing while she was struck on books for tsting drivers?

Oh, boy… that is what actually pushed me writing this update with this idiot smile on my face… Adam, while I was asleep, just once more filled me with amazement for the adorable creature he manages to be.

Strange creature and all of his own kind… but amazing one.

Because he can start a tweeting session with PORN (oh, camon, don’t we all love it? And then his dirty mind about all can’t truly be a surprise to anyone, can it? I find it just so extremely fun… and so you should. If not, man, you miss so much of the life fun I pity you… ;)), and then just become the most adorable, down to Earth person ever.

Like This:

“Stuck in studio. If you love Sir Paul as much as I do. Meet me at the chevron on the corner of la brea and sunset. Tickets await. Hurry.”

The place where hours ago Adam became Santa 😉

Of course he had to specify it wasn’t a hoax: but anyone who knows how he truly natural and naturally loveable he is would have NEVER doubt he was actually meaning every single word.

So he finally landed the tickets and well… on a scale from 1 to 10, how much that person meeting him to receive the present was lucky? I’d say… 1000? 😉

Adam Levine gifts you with a pair of tickets for witnessing Sir Paul McCartney… yeah.

And Marghe was guessing why we did happily buy a house in LA? Dear… here’s WHY!!!

Karim defined that “Overload Much”: gotta agree 😉

So there you go.

I wear this stupid smile even though my day is filled again cos I get amazed at cute things of life.

I get amazed at kindness and joy in people I like.

And of course, I like the fact he had to miss a gig of one of his heroes cos he’s at work, an addition to the mixing session I presume? Whatever it is, it makes me drool.

Because… Macca can come again… but magic such as THIS requests studio time and his lovely ass working over his caressingly ethereal, magical voice:

I can’t help.

Here he TRULY sings like an angel, just like Slash said.

I feel like a fist squeeze the whole of my heart and soul when I listen to this song.

It’s so emotionally driven, and my oh my, the way he sings it is so totally genius I have already listened to it (no kidding: iPod don’t lie) a total of 107 times.

And still can’t get enough.

Can’t help: when he sings, my soul tunes in.

It happens with a handful of singers to me.

And two of them are dead… (not that I wish that… camon don’t be silly… I meant it’s a miracle one just partially chose to happen: it happens, or not. When it happens, it’s a longlasting felt connection that pretty much gives you something to grab onto for a life, and doesn’t even end when the singer gifting you with that force dies. It’s a beautiful, beautiful thing to experience. Music is a bliss).

So, this afternoon after another crazy day at work I will ride Swifty.

Sun’s back after yesterday’s storm, my heart is happy and I am not tired anymore and I just feel so well.

Seems peace and love is back in all places where it should be and I wish this to just keep happening.

I leave you with a song that makes me groove these days, so that it’s not too diabethically charged and too overload in sweet this post of mine (LOL):


Feel loved.


Be well.

Z. 😉


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