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Long weekend. LOOOONG… ;)

Posted on: 22 March 2010

Welcome back in full power!

From a rainy depressing Milan.

But with all Sun carried inside ;).

Sorry for the minor troubles in updates the past time… I had things to do. It’s not like this is a work to be done, is it?

We’ve been in Florence and enjoyed again every single second in it.

Even with cloudy weather, that town shines!!!

Being at the National Library, PRIVATELY wandering around. It was astonishingly amazing.

I thought Karim had reached a peak there, but I was wrong.

After we danced our asses off at Cavalli’s club (awesome), the morning after he said he would have loved to bring me at Le Cascine Park, to catch the Easter Markets.

Now our Hotel is at Piazzale Michelangelo and it’s quite in another place, but we took a cab and we arrived at this park’s entrance.

The beautiful Sunday Surprise by my Karim 🙂

Only to discover that TWO HORSES were waiting for us to be our magic carpet for the Sunday Stroll!!!

Karim just is the best when it’s about making my days perfect.


Now let’s hope tomorrow Swifty won’t decode the smell of another horse on me cos he gets pretty jalous.

Yes. My horse is jalous of me.

I still find that overcute 🙂 🙂 :).

During the weekend Milan wasn’t able to take over Inter and beat Napoli to take Serie A lead.

Lakers instead got no problem whatsoever with the Wizards. We even stopped play for about 17 minutes and we still won so easily it was ridicolous.

I actually thank the Lakers for two things:

– for having won that with 7 points span, just like I predicted (Witch Z. strikes again…) in the La Lakers Blog Chat;

– and for having shown me Kobe dancing and talking like a kid while sitting on the bench next to Mbenga. I love anytime Kobe looks takin it easy. I just do 🙂

Don’t expect Divine Sightseeing at the game, not even this time.

The LOOONG week of Birthdays has taken some toll on his Lakers’ schedule, allegedly.

(I might throw in a joke or two but I won’t, cos I am a kind little girl… LOL!)

I try to recap:

After the LONG party that prevented him from watching Timberwolves,  Adam brought Anne at Madeo (excellent Italian food there… last summer it was one of my favourites in LA), for the evening of 19th.

Adam and Anne dining at Madeo, LA, 19th March 2010

Red is cute on her.


Of course the entire ring thing is ridicolous (please… that thing is huger than Kobe’s special for Vanessa… camon, they’re dating from a month merely… be serious, people… grow some brain right?), and it still kinda not convince me that suddenly there are way too many news on this thing, but I guess this is Hollywood way to go and we have to get accustomed to it, don’t we?

We will.

Whatever tomorrow brings… (hint for the future song I will post ;))., we’ll be there, and see what future holds.

Day after that dinner the crew all took bikes and went to Santa Barbara, enjoying summertime and all the amazing vineyards of the Region (went there as well last June. Amazing again. Such a beautiful corner of this planet. Looked a lot like Italy’s coast for me. I fell in love).

Dunno when they went back to LA, but definitely now Adam must be there, cos Anne just said two hours ago she took plane off to Denmark.

Work time for everyone?

I hope so.

It’s kinda time to shake off celebration, for how nice those must have been.

And so as I have to work for sure, I leave you with a song that I adore from a band that I adore.

Enjoy “Drive” by amazing Incubus:

Have all a great start of the week 😉

Luv, Z.


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