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Power failures. Power. Failures.

Posted on: 20 March 2010

Good morning.

This will be kinds quicks post.

We’re on our way to Uffizi and gotta be quick (plus writing posts on a tablet pc is insane… ;))

Florence rocks.

Electricity in Florence rocks less: we woke up at 3 am to catch Lakers but then BAM! Power failure. No screen. No internet. NOTHING.

We decided to spent quality time… not whining too much about missed chances.

It worked amazingly.

Couple of hours later energies (in the power system) went back so we just witnessed Lakers ending Timberkittens.

Like this:


Too bad Bynum suffered an injury.

Again Achille’s heels (see David Beckham). What’s that??? A curse on my fav teams???


Luckely morning had also a wonderful gift: new Maroon5 College Tour Webisode which made me drool (Karim was like “Oh Good Lord…” … poor angel ;)):


Karim has patience.

Can’t deny that. (if you wonder why I ma not embedding the videos… I told you: I am updating from a tablet pc while we WALK… click the links and maybe on Sunday I’ll fix it right? Jeez …) 😉

Talkin about babies’ related news, I think I didn’t see Adam at the game from excerpts (not that I have been told he was there). Which is understandeable. Yesterday party was LOOOOOOONG and apparently amazing.

The singing duo strikes at it again: Adam and Seth MacFarlane, at Adam's BDay party

I surely know it was at least for one of the guest I was actually guessing would have been there.

Thanx to Alex Greenwald I got the assurance


These two have to have to HAVE to make a duet recorded “fo rea”.

I so love them together.

It was gracious to be there.

I love Adam and Seth together 🙂

And from Renée Olstead, more of the unexpected crooner homage at our favourite BDay Boy.

Seth MacFarlane serenading BDay Boy

(yes, I will upload later the pictures also as seeable. See up for the reason I can’t for a couple of days. Just CLICK links right?).

Talkin about Adam… it seems a bit unlike him that news about his New York stay and related hangin out with Miss Anne is surfacing with detailes.

First it was this kinda confirm of the dating thing (mmmhh?? So NOT coming from him…); then this description way too detailed for being his idea of sharing on the way Anne’s BDay was conducted in New York (the day before they flew back to LA).

Now: I find it LOVELY that he serenaded her and all, don’t get me wrong.

I’m all about these kind of things (btw, EXCELLENT choices of both New York hotspots: I have been a the Avenue in October and it was amazingly cool. Expensive as hell but SO top class; SL we plan to visit it next time, though I have been told it’s easier to get in than Avenue… let’s see), and you know I genuinely have sympathy for Anne.

But back on the strange diffusion of the personal news… I only know whenever things get too publicized, Adam generally runs away.

For how much he can be way too worded on his relationship, this happens from HIS MOUTH, not from “sources”. I get suspicious when “sources” start to unveil things he has not yet spoken about.

He doesn’t like those things.

Just sayin.

I hope it’s not the case, cos I love this couple a lot, but I would advice carefullness to those “sources”…

Real stuff and too much of infos given at the very start of bonding might SO not be a good idea.

And it’s so NOT ADAM’s one; of this I can bet my life onto.

Be careful.

I love when BDay Boy is happy and shining. So please let him quietly develop this if he likes to. Don’t freakin rush/pull/exploit him.

He won’t like that.


Failures might be aroun the corner.

And I wouldn’t like that at all, either.

Right, preachin of the day is ended ;)… Uffizi Time!!!

Have all a POWERFUL weekend!!!

Ours definitely is. 😉


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