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Wishing true happiness around…

Posted on: 19 March 2010


I am free from work today.

Getting ready to reach Florence later in the afternoon.

Feeling personally so happy and touched by true love’s grace, I naturally try to be empathic about it.

Happy birtyhday Adam and Anne...

I basically wish all those whom are dear to my heart to find true, unbound, uninterested and deep love as well.

Something they can treasure, rely on to, lean on to, and never feel diminished or used by, only empowered and enriched through.

Not that I believe true love can be fightless.

But fights between people in love are meant to imply a mutual growth.

If that doesn’t come, nor personally for the two and for the relationship they are in, then there’s no point in keepin it up further.

Life is so fast.

Wasting it in something not fully true or not as clear as true love is meant to be is a stealing of energies and days of precious life.

Karim and I fight. You don’t get to know this here, cos it’s very personal. But we do like any other couple.

I am not this easy task to deal with. And he’s got his tad of personal heavy sides too (nobody is perfect, always remember this…).

It’s just that when we do, then we come out after as both better individuals and a better bond.

Yeah. I am still a dirty minded girl.

Just that now I find sense in being comfortable with it in a real relationship.

I found an unthinkeable happiness and a real freedom in this love.

Strange to say.

I am freerer now that I am committed, than when I was not (still dirty minded, so don’t expect me being your typical coupled gal.. no way 😉 Never ever…).

Today someone got shocked cos I mentioned my Bloody Days 😉

I am very natural with everything.

I don’t find it strange to mention something that is natural.

And those who know me know that I get particularly doted and crafted as a committed lover when I am untoucheable down there.

Let’s put it this way: my man TRULY loves when I am in my bloody days.

You gotta get way more creative, don’t you?

Karim calls those “Geisha Times“.

And yeah…

I used again the kimono he gifted me with in Japan (the one that costs more than 25.000 $.. that one ;)).

Levine Brothers at Adam's party

I am not going to detail any further.

But I am sure you are good and experienced enough to guess the right ways.

Celebrating the Happy Lovey Mood, and wishing TRUE LOVE AND JOY to those dear to my heart, I leave you with a couple of cute pics from the BDay Bash (should be still up, or just about to end…), that you can see anyway up in the post.

And always enlightening the Love Mood, I am gonna post a couple videos (more from Twitter though) with meaningful lyrics, underlining the mood I am in, and the mood I wish those I love would truly find and being in as well.

Shine on, you Happy people

And find really someone to call your own, that can puts your life in a really meaningful and mattering spot… FOREVER from a blink of bliss to eternity guiding light…

and then thank above for true friendly care, and realize love has to have the same unbound and uninterested aim:

Be all happy.

Tonight is LakerLand Time.

Hope Florence Hotel still has cable 😉 LOL ;).

Lotta love, Z.


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