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Happy Birthday, Adam!

Posted on: 18 March 2010

Today my favourite singer is 31 years old.

And like every year around this time, my WHOLE day is dedicated to him in every way.

People know this as they know me and so it’s a bunch of years (since my sweet disease has grown unstoppable…) that they are prepared.

At lab, no one dares to guess why ALL music and sound and whatever IS about Adam Levine.

Not only music (that everyone likes…): I put on the repeat the silliest interviews that I have saved and I giggles like an idiot recurrently during the day.

Cos not only I tresure Adam’s silky voice when he sings.

I am also incredibly amused by his totally personal sense of humour.

Yesterday, when he was surely at the airport embarking from JFK to LAX, he tweeted this (he always tweets when he travels. I noticed that constantly):

“Should I say something outlandishly douchey so I can accumulate more followers?”

And from there I am sure he laughed at all the humouristic answers he got.

His attitude towards himself is something I adore.

He’s so totally the opposite of a douche, and still, at times he manages to be such a dorkey, adorable clumsy nerd I totally melt about it.

I wouldn’t change a thing about him.

The way he makes mistakes as well makes me feel about him.

So there you go.

Of course Anne was on that same flight.

She managed to conquer me one more bit further when she tweeted THIS:

“Mickey D rocks! Especially on the plane and for sure after the big bday party”

Fabulously amazing. A top model who eats McDonald’s stuff.

Talk about soulmates: thin King of Junk Food meets thin princess of Junk Food.

Absolutely amazing ;).

Even though later when they reached Los Angeles, apparently they dined in a way better place. One of the best I have experienced NOT in Japan actually:

Sushi Nozawa, @Studio City, California

I was supposed to of course create the Birthday video… I ended rushily creating TWO, cos the first one was taken down in a SECOND by UMG as soon as I posted it this morning.

This is the YouTube “edited” version (edited cos I substituted the Call&Response song version withg a remix made by me of the Sunday Morning GMG live… I practically autotuned Adam… hilarious, considering last week’s debate 😉 second part of the video though has the pure live version of the song: awesome one gotta say…)

While on Yahoo Video page I managed to put what should have been the original version.

Tonight and the night after AND the night after I guess LA will be hotter than usual.

I just wanna wish Adam all of the most beautiful things for his birthday, his life, his everything.

His voice keeps blessing my life in a way I could never ever thank him enough for.

Happy birthday, adored Seraphine ;).

Keep shining all along 🙂


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