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Sleepless, glorious night

Posted on: 16 March 2010


Adam and Jesse performing along Hollies at Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame Induction Night, March 15, 2010

Ya’ll about to read here: consider I have slept merely from 23.30 to 1.15 am this past night.

Forgive the info bites in minor style and just overlook a tad more than usual to all my typos, right?

Fine 😉

This past night has been GLORIOUS.

The evening of Monday was in all cuttingly fit preparing to this much glory though, cos Meli and Stef visted us!!! Awww 🙂 as promised.

It was actually from the afternoon that I was glowing.

Awww. And I don't even like bow ties 😉

Unexpectedly I closed work earlier and flew to teh stable to ride and jump along my Swifty. Weather was amazing and we stayed open air for more than two hours.

Again, splendid.

The sporty night (technically I should write of this later, but I have so much to post from the R’nRoll Induction that I prefer to do this way) was great: Lakers won their usual “creepy” fashion against a very battling Warriors in Golden State 😉 It was a great fun and a nice chat as well (MM, you’re a sweetheart!).

Game was like this:

And tonight we play again 😉 (this if I survive today…)

In a short showdown, and before reaching the highlight of this past few hours, I gotta serve you the links for the Crafted Mini Piano my adored  Maroon5 have put on bid for Haiti (just click on the three different bolded words…).

Then here we go.

Simply gorgeous. And if you wonder whom he's smiling to... later on 😉

(All pictures here and those which will be part of tomorrow’s collages are without tags thanx to Jen 😉 the mastermind behind M5Board).

The Induction Night of Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame which has just taken place at the Wardorf Astoria in New York, and which I witnessed through Fuse.com (the reason of my very short sleep, of course).

I just found out a beautiful video of Jesse and Adam talkin about the honour of being part of this all along the Hollies.

Awww. How adorable. They are.


Luckely for my daily composition of posts, and also and specifically helpful today, that my brains is clearly frustrated by the ZERO sleeping allowance, I found online in the Tube already a video with the exibithion of the Adam and Jesse along the Hollies.

Please give credit to YouTube fan nstuewe for the excellent and superfast job and slide into beauty:

Right.. my brain is ready to burn, but of course being me always more romantic these days, I have to post the final note on the night.

Sweet Anne OF COURSE was there, and this was her visual side of the show.

This is the position Anne was watching the show from...

(side note: how CUTE is that she defined “pieces” of Maroon5 Adam and Jesse? It was so charming. She is gracious in not focusing merely on Adam in that written note. Absolutely and innerly elegant. I liked that a lot.):

Look carefully the zone, cos now you can better evaluate the next picture that I am gonna put up, and also you can guess better why Adam just turned that way as well in the previous one I posted upwards:

Adam CLEARLY turning to Anne and gifting her a shining smile. Awww.

Just look at the smile he wears.

I can’t get enough of the shining mood he reveals just by turning face at her.

Cos it’s clear whom he was smiling to.



I guess I could be writing more about all this but my brain cells are dead and I have so much work to do I just have to give up.

Expect more tomorrow or just wait and be patient.

This is the Birthday(s) Week and so much can and will actually happen for us to have to talk more about special smiling faces, love, music and all that goes and revolves around that.

Just gotta close with a personal and beautiful note: this weekend I am again in Florence with Karim and I guess Meli’s down visiting her parents too 🙂

It’s all gonna be so special.

I am so happy and glorious as well, folks.

Lotta love 😉


5 Responses to "Sleepless, glorious night"

Very Nice



All those photos you got from Vee’s facebook. Were given her by me

ops- Sorry. Correcting it straight. If you wanna me to put in a specific link, just send it to me.

Gonna have to change your credit for these photos ASAP…I told you that Jen was the one that found all of these, so it’s Jen (DownloadQueen) that is to be getting the credit..

Sorry again for the mess Vee 😉 (I just received a flaming comments on you: guess your “fanclub” thinks they’re clever… Oh, boy!) Jen is a cool gal and I am a mess. Sorry if I caused any trouble.
The good thing is that I got to message a rocking person through it. I try to save the good part.
You’re a lovely person.
Hugs and thanx for understanding.
Luv 🙂

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