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The Birthday (s) Week

Posted on: 15 March 2010

Good morning peeps.

I know I know…

I have been a bit neglecting you during weekend but you know how I am.

Miss Z. likes Snowboard 😉

The day’d feel committed to Internet things and the one where I wouldn’t take the full of my (GREAT) weekend off from it to enjoy real life, I wouldn’t be me at all.

You have to take it or leave it.

I will NEVER feel the urgency of updating this you read like it’s a duty.

One day in fact I will just disappear from Internet, & just put the experience under “my blogging phase, Miss Z.’s memories from … to …“.

And the weekend has been awesome, gotta say.

Great company, great weather, great food to taste, and it all started and ended with GLORY in sports.


First my Lakers tuned on their Thug Mode (no, not really… and I am not even liking it actually if they had done it… but whatever, the game was splendiferous and it’s always a pleasure to cross Nash‘s path of incredible class… and win ;)) and served Phoenix Suns their demise:

(talkin about basket related stuff, gotta thank the graciousness of LaLakers Blog God Mark Medina for helping me yesterday sending my message to a fellow blogger whom I wanted to virtually hug: thanx Mark a LOT!).

Then, yesterday we went to San Siro to catch live Milan – Chievo:

I admit Chievo didn’t deserve to lose and that they actually SCORED, and I admit Milan in the first half was horrible (blame Leonardo still awful coaching); I admit everything.

But man… when Clarence scored… the whole of me went loosely ecstatic!!!!

We’re just one point behind the cousins now… let’s have some fun in the remain of the season (though Beckham won’t be part of it I guess: such an unfortunate night for him: first they cut his face, then he broke his Achille’s badly… poor sweetie. I am sorry a lot…).

The glory of the sports was also a personal glory in the snowboarding tracking.

I think I had my best weekend ever of evolutions in the game.

Karim even admitted I am REALLY, really good with the board now.

To celebrate my improving, we actually used creatively the wharehouse of the snowboards when people thought we were tracking on the side of the mountain.

*shhhhhttt*. You haven’t heard it ;).

These days I wasn’t the only one pretty detached from the internet world (not that it’s surprising in *somebody*‘s case, but I had to make a connection somewhere… LOL!).

You all know how I like this in Adam.

I love that he is just his own business.

But with the usual mapping of related tweets we could anyway trace a bit of his amazing weekend, where the “amazingness” factor reached a peak for sure in the Saturday evening / night, at the NBC Studios on 30Rock.

Sweet Anne actually let us know that during Saturday evening they went witnessing  SNL.

I had forgotten the musical guests of that 17th episode were meant to be Pearl Jam, otherwise I would have guessed straight there would have been a HUGE chance of Adam bringing her there.

They are his elective band.

I always smile when I recall that shrine thing devoted to Eddie Vedder in his teenage room ;).

Seems that Anne just loved to be there and witnessed Pearl Jam apparently very well through Adam‘s eyes, cos she tweeted enthusiastically about it all (they were amazing as per usual and Eddie looked pretty healthy and sharp. LOVED all that):

They all went to the post episode party and it naturally goes that the two lovebirds BOTH had the pleasure of being starstruck in nearby table contact with the Mighty Eddie Vedder.

Love this a lot cos I know Adam must have been delighted to be there with his teenage idol and the apple of his eyes as happy as he was to be sharing that moment, too.

I really loved the way Anne tweeted that being there with her man simply put her on cloud 100th, and not merely 9th.

That was so tender of her.

Yesterday Jesse (whom was in NY as well, being the guys tonight part of the Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame induction Ceremony show along the Hollies) woke up pretty soon, but no words from the clocking time of Divine Adam. Guess he couldn’t really sleep that much as he’d have liked to cos reharsals must have been programmed; but we know what Anne did: she went through all pampering care cos, unsurprisingly, she’s getting ready for The Birthday(s) Week.

Which will take place – of course – in Los Angeles as soon as they all fly off from New York, as soon as the R’n’R HOF Celebrations ends.

I guessed immediately as I knew about her birthday’s date that it would have been cute and natural for them to celebrate someway together (all together: awwww!).

And I am sure as I wrote her that’s gonna be such a lot, lot of fun.

I will by then prepare a new Birthday Video Homage for Divine Adam and I am resoluted to put Anne in it.

I don’t think I will change plan and moreover I would really love to do also NEXT’s birthday’s one encompassing her again in it ;).

It’d be meaningful (I totally root in, don’t I?) :).

It won’t be as long as the one I created for his 30th Birthday last year, nope:

but I plan it to be REALLY sweet.

It fits everybody’s mood these days.


Before I leave you now, let’s dwell into the restyled site of my sweet babies:

Any restyling of a site leads to a new record out 😉 YES!

And ultimately, to fill in a request from a reader (awww) I am posting a classic Italian song from a top songwriter and singer (in Italian those are tipped as “cantautori“), whom I totally adore, Franco Battiato.

Enjoy Cuccuruccuccu Paloma (funny title, especially for foreign people… I am a teaser by nature, LOL!):

Have all a wonderful start of the week 😉 and tune in on Fuse tonight!!! 😉 I will before the Lakers game starts 🙂 Ah! 😉


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