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Posted on: 12 March 2010

Good morning everyone!

Look above (or if it doesn’t appear, click here ) at the latest marvel of Jonas Akerlund, the visionary genius that also Divine Adam loves quite a lot, and whom he interviewed past summer in NYC.

After producing the video of Gaga that I love the most, for the song that I love the most (Paparazzi), here we are for chapter two, “Telephone” (song’s okay, Beyoncé really doesn’t add a thing for me, but it’s a fun video to watch, like a mini movie – which often happens in Akerlund’s world).

Enjoy it.

Talkin about visual marvels, yesterday after some sushi&teppanyaki dinner (my friends and Karim were really sweet trying to tame my evil mood after Milan’s débacle with all that I dig the most… thank you bb… love you all) we went out watching Alice in Wonderland, by the mighty Tim&Johnny:

We totally adored it.

I wish it’d be even longer, actually: someway if it would have, things would have been developed even better.

The girl playing Alice is REALLY talented.

And the movie is a tripping nightmare with all that I expected in, encompassed in a visually outstanding dark charm.

I definitely advice anyone to go watching it. It’s exactly the creepy vibe the actual book has deeply into it. It’s a really well done opera.

No more, no less.

And yes, I might be biased, but we were 13 thinking exactly the same yesterday: it never happens with my crew unless the greatness of something is THERE.


Talkin about visual marvels again…

Adam and Anne in New York this current night

These are my favourite two coupling up in New York City just about three hours ago.

Well, they have coupled in new york since 18 hours actually… but you get me.

Thanx again to Jorge Perez for the snippet (I might pay him…no, kidding ;)… I love that he’s patronizing this though. I wish he could protect their intimacy from jalous people around, cos there are always sad jalous people around trying to hold good things back, aren’t they?), and for the quote defining the picture, which I liked as well (I call them Peynet 2010…), I am giggling inside since when I had confirmation by Adam‘s and Anne‘s tweets that they were BOTH in New York at the same time straight (awww… l’amour… il vince tous ames…). I didn’t expect anything different, of course.

While I thought Adam would have flewn for sure in time to not miss a single hour to be spent along the Russian Fairy, you know I was putting around that maybe he would have united useful and good and hanging around Octone’s HQ.

I went near, but I wasn’t accurate.

I did not even go near actually.

There is actually also a professional reason he is in New York for, though, and it’s an AWESOME one: Adam and Jesse will play along the Hollies for their induction in the Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame on Monday, March 15th.


This is really great cos I can witness it all on Fuse.com as well (I guess?).

And then you know, it’s an honour in itself (Graham Nash is gaining all possible points in tutoring the guys by now… he created them along, he shaped their real combo, and nowhe keeps putting an eye. Wow. I find this just so wonderful words fail to express how…).

Rolling Stone 1100 Issue

Then, yesterday I had the confirmation I had to buy Rolling Stone’s 1100 Issue, cos again my beloveds Maroon5 gave us confirmation they are as well in the album preview section (not that it’s saying that much yet, but I am a collector, so I rushed to Ebay and ordered a copy: through Amazon they won’t deliver it in Italy, and I don’t wanna wait for the issue to be available in Milan in merely 10 days…)


So, my mood is quite back on track after all these marvels displayed under my eyes and not merely eyes and I can await with expectations to our weekend at te mountains (we leave around 5 pm).

I wanna thank my friends for being so dear and caring and lovely, and my Karim for being just the most perfectly fitting me man Dear Above up there could had ever created.

I feel so blessed.

And in this, I just wanna wish anybody to feel love, and being shining through it.

I have played this song this morning: it always grabs my heart so powerfully and I think it’s one of the best love songs ever written. I love it in the author’s (Phil Collins) version, but Cindy Lauper is unbeatable there (LOOOOVE her).

Take it:

I wanna post it cos I wish to people in love to BE THEMSELVES and never get llet down by “environmental advices” when it comes to their heart’s feelings.

Be as you are: passionate and impulsive if you are inmostly so, cos a lover gotta to be true if he/she wants to gain true love.

Love is a risk, a beautiful risk we have to embark in with open mind and open heart.

If you don’t go broke for it, it just can’t be love.

And the other one won’t know that it was love, either.

Have a great day.

😉 Miss Z. 🙂


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