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Rule #1: In Kobe We Trust

Posted on: 10 March 2010


as snow covers everything around, and makes the incoming Easter freakingly resembling Xmas (oh, boy…) I have reached lab from my house in a very long uneasy trip.

Which lead to Karim smartly deciding we will stay at him until weather won’t get back to be kinder.

Swifty won’t be rode anyway with this freezing environment (poor baby…).

We left late.

Cos we had to witness the ultimate miracle of The God, the one and only, the immense and more, Kobe Bean Bryant.

The word “witness” is kinda unaccurate though cos as the game was entering its last minute and half… Sportitalia on Sky 225, which was broadcasting the game… STOPPED DOING IT.


They stop the NBA link as 7 AM reaches in.


Imagine: a game that I KNEW we would have won, that I couldn’t witness in its last streak, (I couldn’t set up the NBA pass for one minute… it would have taken longer than reaching the target…) due to technical idiocity.

So I relied on the LA Lakers Blog to know.

But I knew anyway.

Cos ultimately, in Kobe I trust. Always.

I can’t be wrong.

The God Kobe defies gravity against Raptors

I wasn’t.

Still it was incredible the lack of defense and cold blood we displayed.

I thought we would have won by 5 way easier. I underestimated our current lack of focus. If Kobe’s angry for the way he had again to bail us out, he’s right.

Raptors were the usual Raptors; they have the three points arrow… but we were way too lazy in rebounding and opposing to them. There’s something about Pau especially that just makes me wonder a bit.

Man is so nervous.

He shouldn’t.

Bargnani had a great game, also against Drew here.

His class is so crystal, he should just rely on that.

Lately he seems fighting his most natural way to play to achieve something else; something that he just doesn’t need.

Be yourself Pau. You’re HUGE.

In all this, though, the only thing that stay and that makes me and Karim GLOW of admire and pride… yes, it’s the Mamba.

So much class he has, so complete player he is… to me always to see him play is like watch an Epic poem displayed in motion.

I feel it inside.

The God Kobe after his winning shot (7th of the season) has buried Toronto Raptors.

Really… Kobe brings me to emotional tears.

It’s something so beautiful.

It’s all about the magic of sport power.

He’s unique.

I am honoured in calling myself a devoted fan of this superior athlete.

Thank you Kobe.

Thank you from the core of my heart. You are such an inspirational person, and your way to commit to this game is so enlightening and powerful that you can’t even imagine HOW MUCH your life is shaping mine up for the best. Thank you.

In Kobe We Trust.

Among the trusters – sitting within Staples tonight- of the marvel known by the mortal name of Kobe Bean, I was straightly 99,99% sure as soon as tv started showingh the game I could have ascripted Divine A, cos right there in that chair I could decode his back, bending actually on his left side to a little kid.

“Sam’s there it seems” I immediately said.

And we know when Sam‘s there  Adam doesn’t like to be photographed (totally right, his lil brother is really too little to be object of pictures).

But I was sure he was there.

He has that way to slide literally on his chair, more than sitting on it, and you could tell it that person there was him even if the images were taken straight up from Mars or something.

I was reluctant to believe jumbotron would have confirmed my intuition on their attendance though, cos it was already happening on the previous game they were at together and rarely Jumbo does things that soon replied.

Well, unexpectedly, I have to thank Calderon of the Toronto Raptors if my superpowers of empathy were instead totally backed by evidence:

Calderon tries to kill Divine Adam falling right on him... almost 😉

I have to say I just “feel” things, when it’s about people I care deeply of. It’s not like I hear voices… more like the whole of my brain and my senses are empowered by will of understanding about them.

Watch the video of the game recap, and look the way Calderon falls on Adam and Sam aside him… Minute 1.50… LOL 😉

There it goes why my intuitions sometimes just are a scientific and quick way to elaborate  bites of infos to get a complete impression of something, or about something involving the object of my interest.

I don’t know if Quantum Mechanics back me there but I have this conscience that my sixth sense is quite tuned on.

I am the usual arrogant bitch, you know 😉

Ah… before I forget, I’d like to say it again to my friends who keep asking what I want for my birthday that yesterday got blown away by the awesome Winter Prèt a Porter of Marithé & François Girbaud on the Paris catwalks (black and red, fierce stuff… are you kiddin me?? Awesome!!!) so if you wonder, pick up from there!!!

Not from any Chanel cos baby, that’s Karim’s duty 😉 I’m a Chanel-ist as much as I am an Armani-st, a Dior-ist and a Prada Gal ;).

Karim loved what he saw of Uncle Karl’s latest work yesterday and he said he wants me dressed like that this fall 😉

Who am I to disagree 😉

Prada has the final catwalk of the whole Fashion Week in Paris today (and rightly so… Go Miuccia!!!).

And lovely Anne is in the Louis Vuitton show which takes places like two hours prior of the Prada closure.

Russian Fairy seems really awaiting to get back to New York (erm… ;)) but I am sure she will shine in a few hours on that catwalk (a friend told me it’s like at 2.30 pm today… I love to know Fashion PR ;)).

Wish everyone a great great day.

(ps: I might get a new car for my Bday. Guess mum&dad are tired to see me wandering around a old Fiat Punto… but I do love my simple car?? I don’t need another. When I wanna feel cool I sit aside in Karim’s Corvette 😉 or the Mustang. I am not in need of another car… really ;))

Music for today?

Well, in honour of The God Kobe, let’s try something as Epic as he is.

Queen, ladies and gentlemen (live, cos Freddie’s power deserves the live homage):

and then some more epic…

Feel the vibe everyone.

Go rise up and shine  along 😉


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