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Gentleness of Heart Makes You Special

Posted on: 9 March 2010

Good morning world!.

Rushing to work, taking my seat at the lab desk and heading to a no break streak, so that by 3.30 PM I can rush away and get to reach my Swifty for some quality horsejumping (open air? indoor? Depends on weather, really…).

We get back to my own house today.

Ready to catch Toronto Raptors tonight and glad that:

1) Ron shaved his head (yeay!!!!);

2) The God Kobe is just like me: no worries about Orlando’s game. (How I love when the players, and especially HE, are agreeing with my vision? On a range from 0 to 10, I’d say about… 75 😉 LOL)

I am sure tonight all’s gonna be fine.

My wonder is: will Divine A. be part of the game witnessin?

Normally I’d say YES, but word of a friend told me that today (starting practically at the same time than the Lakers game at Staples) at the Saban Theatre in Hwood Seth McFarlane is actually having a stand up “with friends” for the Paley Fest. Let’s see. I am curious to see what can push and pull Adam more there 😉 (my vote goes to the Lakers, but he can be surprising as of late… ;)).

What I know is that he went to Elton John’s Viewing Party (of course) for the Night of the Nights in LaLaLand, the Oscars‘ one.

Looking… flawless.

Because for how much he can be hot even with the scruffier of looks (no unflattering style can do a thing to change his perfectly noble facial proportions…), the point is that when he decides to not fight the hotness, he looks… like THIS:

This is glorious.


*round of applause*.

Adam and Joel Madden at Elton John's Party

Beside being there and enjoying the night (I am sure he would have liked Inglorious Basterd to win more, but thing is that this year it was RIGHTLY so a Women’s time, Adam, surrender and just swallow it 😉 LOL), and beside giving me the further proof Joel Madden is a midget (oh, I can be so cruel ;)), the naturality of the event implied of course that he couldn’t avoid to cheer his adorable Russian Fairy (that’s it… I have decided that this is the way I am gonna call Anne: you know that when I like people I give them kinda of super nicknames… and she’s so beautiful and so lovely I think the Fairy essence suits her perfectly), again via Jorge Perez’s shoutout:

I can’t help.

This thing just pleases me.

Somebody misses somebody else... 😉

I feel like a brainless one to root for something that is not my life, but I can’t deny deep inside me I just love them two coupled.


When in the morning Anne answered the shoutout (she’s in Sweden) with the lovely message of hers,

I thought she was the ultimate gracious creature.

I find her gentle at the heart.

I truly can’t imagine people can hate on her…

So I wrote a couple of messages to lovely Anne, also under that pic she sent back to her guys to express the missing feeling of not being there in LA too.

Imagine my surprise when yesterday evening she did answer me.

Sounding absolutely enchanting.

It was so pleasant.

Gentleness of heart makes people special, but I find even more flattering in people who are blessed with beauty to be kind and delicately gentle to others around cos psychologically it’s never easy to avoid to become presumptious when from a life you understand your look owns others easily.

Anne V. is Beauty Personified

I am not cynical there. I know it’s like this.

People underestimate the power that derives from beauty in beautiful people.

You realize you can obtain everything just by still standing, and you gotta have personality and a good heart to build instead your growth also as a human being, avoiding to rely merely on that gift above gave you by making you good looking.

In a way, to be beautiful AND gentle is like more difficult, for how strange it can sound.

And that she is STUNNINGLY beautiful isn’t debatable.

I mean… Just take a look?

She’s as flawless as it’s possible to get, and she just matches Adam so well. I won’t ever change opinion there. When I click with people and people please my standards, that’s it. It takes a thumbling of the Universe for me to change my mind 😉

And Anne totally resulting as a kindred spirit and soul so moved me to that stage where I root in for her.

I do: think that if I already liked her, now I feel for her 🙂

Go girl!


Before I leave you with the music of the day, let me share two important bites:

Maroon5 bid for a mini-piano to benefit Haiti Relief;

– and the Billboard page with the article about Slash’s album (awww).

Now let music clean your soul.

Some Morcheeba for you:

and then, feeling me totally cool&classic today, some immortal Lucio Battisti, with a giant favourite of mine from his repertoire:

I feel so fine it’s unreal, folks.

I wish all the world could feel as well as I do.

Be all lovely, and gracious and positive.

Lotta love 😉


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