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Words, words, words… in Women Day’s Way

Posted on: 8 March 2010


Talkin about… things that drive me passionate.


Well not that randomly, actually. I never talk random, me ;).

I was meant to start with sport but as Oscar Night has produced way more marvel than any sport courting, let’s set priorities back 😉

Oscars Honour


Katheryne Bigalow (1 and 2) – yes a woman rules!!!!!!! *’bout time^^*;

Jeff Bridges;

Sandra Bullock (aww);

Christoph Waltz;


The rest.

I am SO happy. This was the second year in a row I agreed with pretty much everything.

And thankfully so, the light was set up well in the morning after the most awful sporty weekend in ages (if you erase latest Inter – Milan match ups…)

Lakers played against the Orlando Magic and it went downhill.

We were losing also the previous one against the BobCats (I couldn’t bother to post about it: a shame game, indeed…, you can see it here) :

…and that was two in a row.

I thought we would have won against Orlando cos after Pau joining us we were NEVER losing previously three in a row.


We did:

It would bother me if it weren’t that, playing for real just 11 minutes out of 44 (the fourth quarter, basically) we risked widely to win, mainly due to another impressive performance of the Mamba.

This time he couldn’t change stones into bread… but he were so near there again ;).

I am fine.

We’re just like this this year.

We still clearly an impressively owning and dominating team when we just dignify ourselves to play.

And in playoffs we will.

It’s okay. No worries in my house 😉

Roma Milan this past saturday

Sportly speaking, this weekend could have been better if at least Milan had taken Rome up as it would have been fair.

We ended up dominating Roma in Rome, but failing constantly to score.

Sterile we were.

Too bad.

The weekend in the mountains has been precious.

The newlyweds along us were oh!!!! So sweet.

I kept watching them and awing at them all the time.

Love is in the air and it’s all so captivating.

I guess this is really the time of my life when I can understand what love can cause in anybody’s spirit.

Karim taught that to me.

He took off blindfolds from my heart’s eyes.

I can’t really understand how love could make people jalous. Well, I actually DO understand it, jalousy might bite, but it’s such a loser’s way to look at life, when you have to be envious of other’s grace displayed, that to me it erases the human quality out of human. Then I don’t even wanna to consider you worthy of a categorization in my world. This values also for some I am gonna to post about later.

Today is Women Day.

Not that I care, to me every day must be Women and Men‘s and Whatever Gender‘s Day.

But let’s wish those who care about this a great one 😉

Speaking of love being in the air (Spring approaches, though weather yet seems not aware, at least in Northern Italy) the lovey dovey mood that it’s spread is contagious and involves my favourite person outside my real world circle.

I have made up my mind and decided to follow Anne on twitter for the time being (which I wish will be ALL the time ahead: I like her and her way to appear from tweets. She seems just lovely and lively, and that’s inspiring. I like beautiful people who seem decent and kind. I know that’s possible cos well… I am a kind person 😉 LOL…).

Anne Vyalitsyna in Paris Ready To Wear Fashion Week 2010

The girl is just adorable.

Whomever is jalous of her must be out of their minds.

Jeez… chill out.

Hate will make you ugly.

If you hate, you actually already are.

This girl is an angelly shaped creature and she sounds absolutely tender, gentle and kind.

Leave her alone.

Let her be.

And most than everything else, respect her and the person she’s with at the moment.  Their lives are NONE of anyone else’s business.

Then you know, I like to follow her cos… she gotta take care of a very, very special man… and from the latest spoken words it TRULY seems she’s working well on it.

Courtesy of the magic which is twitter, (and you can realize *somebody* still really reclusive on that, which I like, but his people around sometimes makes info bites escape and then it’s like a funny game to put pieces together and guess what he has been up to in his daily life. Honestly, it’s like a cluedo game, where there’s no murdering though…) during the weekend the Fashionista Jorge Perez tweeted from a Pre Oscar party privately held at the Chateau Marmont a delicious tweet to Anne, while she was in Paris for the catwalks (b2b from Amsterdam in there again – she is in Sweden today…).

This is the loveliest I have ever seen him smile... aww 🙂

The pic is this one>>>

All together now…


The most beautiful part was the messages exchanged.

A shot of love from the LA camp:

“@annevyatlisyna we misssss uuuuuuuuu and love uuuuu” ( like 3d grade sweet mail… awww);

And then the answer from the lovely Russian Fairy lost – not really lost, camon…- in Paris at her pal Jorge, but that’s NOT the really important part of the message:

“@jorgeperezjr http://tweetphoto.com/13307174 So happy you hang out with my man! I love u so much hunnnnyyyyy… Can’t wait to see you in nyc”.

Given that in a way twitter can make you feel like an univited guest in everyone’s business, and that normally I couldn’t really subscribe for any of that, I have to confess that when I occasionally opened those posts (expecting more catwalk images or just beautiful LA sceneries) my heart ONCE more just melt at the graciousness of the two lovers’ exchanges.


I feel like a spy, but it’s not intentional. It was so tender to someway spot their words and looks for one another there.

I just root in for them.

Cos I truly, truly love them together for the vibe I am getting out from this romance.

Adam has never been with anybody cuter  than Anne to me, nor more beautiful (and he had to pick up among impressive choices so far, so that’s something valuable).

Then there’s… still the way he smiles. I think I’ve NEVER seen such a open clear smile repeated so recurrently and widely in his days.

One more from Beverly Hills series... aww. They're so cute 🙂

It’s just… a beautiful thing.

It warmens my heart, and just sets me up – I wish he’d be always that happy. Always.

I like Anne for the way she makes him smile. There can be a world encompassed and blossoming well out of a sincerely happy smile.

Given than Anne in Paris on the weekend was feeling this way in front of the Tour Eiffel seen from the Westin Hotel (that beautiful one in the Ville Lumière which has a spectacular sight over Les Tuileries…):

How beautiful is this view @thewestinparis ! Just need my man and some red wine and I’ll be the happiest woman alive”( how could anybody blame her for missing him there, truly… ;)), I have to say the subsequent day her tease via twitter was even more PRECIOUS.

Talkin about takin care of the sweet creature, it looks like in New York this is gonna be a *majorly executed* task.

Miss Anne in fact went on Saturday shopping at a place that I have had the very fine pleasure to visit and be a buyer in too (and not only in Paris… Did anybody ever visited the LouLou shop in Rome? I did…), namely the BEAUTIFUL Chantal Thomass’s lingerie retreat.

Chantal Thomass lingerie

Oh, well… just take a look.

Work imaginatively.

She just advocated a simple “Men, beware!”, while “men”, is just “man of mine”, beware! 😉

I am sure Divine A. is thrilled about it all ;).

He must.

I find it cute (hints dropped by his brother and Anne’s exchange of tweets actually. I didn’t search for that. Following both, the communication just was served on my screen) that she has already meet the mother. I think there’s nothing shocking about it. But somehow I really figure Adam’s out as a mummy’s boy – not in a corny idiotic way, just a good way –  and I think to impress his mum has to be a step if a thing has to work in his own world.

There have to be these steps (sort of):

–         reciprocal click;

–         matching friendships;

–         takin her to a Lakers game;

–         Repeat that just to see if it works (hint: girl brings GOOD LUCK: repeat it as much as possible Adam, lately we need it… ;));

–         Meet the family

–         Putting up a Frankie’s paws tattooed on her  back (no, okay… that is not necessary…)

😉 You get me.


Keeping rejoice for the happiness in Adam’s life, which NO ONE should dare to step in about (people: he’s not really gonna befriend YOU if he breaks with Anne, for real… STOP bothering him. Adam and Anne SHINE together, live with it and grow up…),  I guess the reason for him to be in New York might be related with the fact A/M Octone  HQ are actually in New York.

Matching useful with beautiful?

You bet.

I can’t wait for Hands All Over. I can’t.

And there it comes the focal point of today’s post (you thought I already hit it? No way. You wish ;)…)

On late Saturday (here it was already Sunday) Divine Adam just confirmed once more my love in him, musically speaking.

You know how I despise AutoTune.

You know (I wrote this a few times) I was really hoping, praying… whatever that for their third album my beloved Maroon5 would have NEVER been touched by the poisoning, tainting claws of the Devil Fakin Device.

I was sure they wouldn’t have once I reckoned their producer was going to be Mutt Lange.

But yesterday I had the pleasure and the pride to listen directly from Adam that he wouldn’t EVER come to compromise with ATune anyway:

Dear auto tune. Go away. You are infecting music and wounding my soul. We don’t need you. And anyone who does shouldn’t be singing anyway” 


I was about to go to sleep, but that way to verbalize his sickness with the Malicious Trick just conquered me.

My soul ALSO bleed about it.

But I am no musician. I am no singer. My bleeding is philosophical, or so it might be.

His wounding inside instead… it’s existential.

It’s deeper.

It just matters more than mine.

I fell in love with that tweet.

And even when he someway tried to make the statement less comprehensive (though I am sure he actually wants it to be universally reaching), I just kept LOVING IN FULL that tweet.

Music is a bliss.

AutoTune has bastardized it now. It has BRUTALIZED it now.

I get it in dance matters. The metallic sound of it can fit club mood, it can be atmospheric, and equally uplifting or darkening in a way that can be descriptive of the clubbing life.

It can be an artistic statement; in Kanye West’s awesome 808&Heartbreak, it definitely was.

It can be funny used sporadically in some pop songs.

But hewl… now it’s like a requested element in awfully every darn song that aims at radio play!???!!.

No way.


It’s killing real music approach.

And then you know… I gotta agree that nowadays every stupid talentless fake “star” can sound decent on record due to it.

They use it even live!!!

I can’t take it.

It properly kills me and offends me and makes me sick.

It’s that this industry in trouble and danger finds a working key to exploit with the retarded kids for making market and suddenly EVERYONE wants and wants to share a piece of it to monetize.

It’s sad.

It makes music poorer.

It kills real intentions and meaning of music.

It is something I loathe.

Evidence of barbarian effect of AutoTune: Chris Cornell’s talent overshadowed and embarrassed by Timbaland’s production.

One of the best singers EVER. Reduced as a joke for an entire record.

Take a couple evidences:

Temple of the Dog (yeah: MAGIC… Cornell + Vedder= Orgasm in Music):




Pure awesomeness, right?


Then take this: Chris’s vocal power killed by Timbaland (Timbaland who has stopped being creative since teaming up with Justin Timberlake, most overrated and lacklustre performer ever…):

This just ISN’T RIGHT.

It isn’t.

We can’t save a thing there.

Yes: #AutoTuneSucks.

It’s really THAT simple 😉

Have a great day ya’ll 😉

Women, Men and All That You Feel Like To Be.


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