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I feel the heats, we felt the Heat…

Posted on: 5 March 2010

Morning crew!

Sorry, it took me a while, but think I have slept maybe one hour and half to catch the game of Lakers VS Miami Heat (111-114 in Off Time… *sigh*… it has been a great game to watch though, really enetertaining on the emotional side):

It went pretty much as I stated in the very early moments of the game: a clutch game, a spectacular Kobe Bean Bryant (wow…), a quite worrying incapability of shooting FT (again… this is my only concern for this season, really…), and a defensive job far from perfect.

Kobe and Dwyne Wade

I liked though the openess of the game.

The intensity in certain moments.

Still, the Heat were the usual Heat: in disguise the first half, then starting hitting threes, and moving ball with more attention and care.

Still, we could have won.

We were really near there.

Which is why I am not worried, no matter the lacklustre perfomance of Pau.

Kobe hugs loyally Wade after Lakers' loss

I loved the way Kobe and Dwayne Wade hugged after the loss of us, cos it tells well Kobe shares my views.

I’m fine.

I enjoy these rushes os emotions with Lakers game still.

It’s okay.

We play again today but I think I will be able to follow the meeting versus Bobcats only after the first quarter: we go to the mountains with the crew (and the newlyweds ;)) and we are out in France dining so I guess we will get back later than when the game starts (our 1 AM).

To erase the pain, take a look at two awesome videos.

This is the AMAZING new Gorillaz‘s song and video for their comeback single Stylo (wow… it’s better than ANYTHING Albarn ever tried with Blur… but then I have always been a Gorillaz’s fan!), where I can even dig Bruce Willis (and you know I am not really fond of anything Bruce is up about, no matter what Kobe or Adam think of him ;)):

And this one is the MOST GENIUS VIDEO OF THE YEAR (yes, already: nothing can beat this), OK Go! new marvel for This Too Shall Pass:

I am happy that my babies Maroon5 find the video as spectacular as I did 🙂

Great minds think alike, you know 😉

Babies are all up mastering the record and doing practices and I enjoy all of the expectations.

It feels awesome.

In the maintime, check this further pieces from the Green Music Group event and know that for Divine Adam birthday I am preparing a little YouTube present based on his version of Sunday Morning from that bash :).

Waiting for new music finally, there are still two situations I had already treated on these pages, which link to Adam’s amazing voice, that need a brief update.

Update number one is another excuse to post ANOTHER pic of Lenny and Adam (and Anne) from the Nuggets game.

Adam Levine gets Lenny Kravitz's digits while Anne Vyalitsyna overlooks 😉

I am fixed up, I know 😉

But this specific pic shows exactly what I wanted to have assurance for.

The digits exchange.

I just want these two to collaborate.

It would be ORGASM IN MUSIC to me.

I am a devoted fan of Lenny since the entirety of my life, and I simply consider Adam my elective singer. Of course I would DIE if these two would ever collaborate together.

Which this exchange of numbers just let me hope about completely. 😉

And now, the final note on his blessed voice.

And more about his amazing taste for collaborations.

Yesterday Slash updated his twitter with a wonderful preview link to his album (that I have ordered from Amazon in the $67 dollars pack version. As soon as it was available…) with a track to track explanation.

Adam blessing world with his voice...

I properly melted when it came to Adam’s one, which is titled “Gotten” (yeah, the usual *creative* approach of Divine A. to grammar…):

“It was a piece of music I couldn’t let go of. I finally got to the point where I had a complete arrangement and had written string parts on keyboard and recorded a demo. Even the engineer who I was doing the demos with was sick of hearing that song!

“I thought Adam wasn’t going to be sure about it. But I went to his house and he actually liked it a lot and he wrote the perfect vocal for it. He sings like an angel on it, and it doesn’t sound like Maroon 5 but you can tell it’s his voice. I think people will really appreciate the way it sounds.”

Just amazing.

I mean.. the whole of this description.

Adam truly is blessed with talent, but what makes me go awing, is the grace he extrudes when it’s about music and the creation of it.

The way he’s open about collaborations (well, when a music hero as Slash comes to you asking, I guess anybody would be like that, but you get from Slash’s words that all it’s always so much deeper than this…).

I would so love to be witnessing one day the way the charm of music gets alive and real through him.

This is something that completely owns me.

I just can’t wait.

April is destined to be such a bonanza this year for my ears.

You know…. Hands All Over and stuff 😉

Have a great day and a great weekend 😉

Catch u from snowed mountains 😉


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