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Cruisin’ around and startin’ stuff

Posted on: 3 March 2010

Good moooooorning world 😉

Kobe against the Pacers

After missing the wake up call at 4.15 am, Karim and I woke up anyway half an hour later with the tv in my bedroom already broadcasting Lakers Vs Pacers game.

We were tied 8-8, and it was like a kind cherub had woken us up in time to not miss much anyway (which is logic: playing the Indiana Pacers, seriously… it shouldn’t be even a concern right? We knew that in the back of our minds, that’s why we tried to sleep more I guess ;)).

I had a great time in the Lakers Blog Game Chat, although as usual starting from the last quarter the system started to freeze and so my writing was in total similar to the way a 2 years old tries to verbalize the Divine Comedy (everyone tries, no?… no…? I thought that was the rule ;)).

Lamar and Pau against the Pacers

I might end my lurkerdom there soon.

I miss the writing there.

But I can’t stand nonsense about Kobe or any of our players.

And so I stay quiet for a while more avoiding the Bitch In Me Role Mode.

Anyway, the game ended with a thundering 122-99, and it was nice because with 1.24 to play the Pacers almost stopped to try to score (was not that happening since the very start anyway? Oh, I am cruel ;)) for not passing the 100 mark, which would have resulted in a no free taco moment for the resounding Staples‘ attendence.

I am pretty much sure I saw the Divine Creature in a still right after a Bynum‘s action under basket in the first quarter, and although taken from the game and the chat I did not completely investigate, I am sure in some hours I will have confirmation of that.

Pau and Drew vs Pacers

He was quite shaved and with a grey tee.

I could be wrong, but honestly…

How many times has that happened?


On that I have more than superpowers ;).

That was cute.


I loved everyone’s play, especially Ron Ron (gotta love Ron…) and Mbenga.

No, I am serious.

I love DJ 😉

Of course Divine Adam was without Anne this time at the game.

Yesterday it has started the Prèt à Porter Semaine de La Mode à Paris, ladies and gentleman, and after during the morning Miss Anne tweeted that she was happy to be in a sunny Paris, after “having had the most amazing time in LA” (oh, boy… you bet it girl!), I had also the feeling Adam had packed and left as well the Chateau Marmont along her leaving (I love that he loves the Chateau. Best place in LA to me too. I love to stay there. Makes me feel viciously cool)not needing the hotspot retreat anymore.

I got the certainty of that after this series of pictures:

Adam leaves LA Chateau Marmont on monday, March 1st, after Anne left LA to Paris.

First of all… Yay at his Harley 😉 (he has changed the forks again… or is it ANOTHER Harley? awwww… still, I’d love to see him again on the Triumph, too. It makes him even more Easy Rider ;)).

Adam sleeping on Monday afternoon

Secondhandly, that’s the way he was dressed before entering the reharsal room where he fell asleep on Monday afternoon…

(Reminder) >>>>

… and so it just confirms me till the extreme point he TRULY needed to rest after 9 *intense* days in LA along the beautiful creature from Russia ;).

Still… I guess he better treasure these last weeks of chances to enjoy basketball games and not too tight schedules cos…

Ladies and Gentlemen (again… today I am so refined ;)…):

Look at THIS, that Jesse tweeted hours ago:

This just looks like the single/album title 😉 "Hands All Over" ? 🙂

The long long long awaiting is coming to an end!!!!!

Friggin hewl, I just can’t wait.

And it’s all so near to my birthday 🙂 🙂 🙂


I love this so much.

You know, I am not keen at discovering songs before they are published and I am never gonna try to get into demoed stuff or any special preview (unless it isn’t something THEY wanna me to do attempt at).

I’m very old fashioned when it comes to the music and especially when it comes to the artists that I treasure the most.

I always just buy everything.

Then I patiently wait to have it all in my hands and in my iPod (they are two different things cos I always buy the digital AND the physical when it comes to those bands and artists that are in my top. There are like about 50 that I am a completist for….)

Then I dwell into the music with open heart and mind.

I don’t rush.

It’s like eating a unique meal and trying to decode its magic and flavours as you taste it calmly.

Seeing what it gives you as pleasure in your mouth.

What lasts, what fades, what permeates you after the acknowledging of it.

I don’t like to hear “excerpts” out from art.

And music to me is the finest art form (this even if Adam doesn’t agree 😉 being as sweet as he can get).

I wait to have the complete thing in my hands, I love to see how songs are attached to one another, the mood they have singularly and TOGETHER for the way they progress.

All these detailes matter a lot to me.

Especially when all that is the work that they have done with a genius like Mutt Lange, you know.

My expectations are too precious; my babies Maroon5 are too precious for me to diminish them with spoiling or previews.

So don’t ever think (I repeat) that I will leak or post anything before they give it out first.

This even if I might have stuff.

Think that I NEVER heard a thing either.

I keep the material as a memorabilia.

But the pleasure of hearing the new songs has to be lived up the right and deep way for me.

Which I will.

Wish you all a wonderous day.

Mine is already pretty damn good, I’ll leave it to that ;).


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