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Philosophy, same height and pleasures…

Posted on: 2 March 2010

Good day world.

It’s a wonderful day over here.

It’s sunny.

Work has gone so smoothly in one hour I can pack and reach Swifty for doing some horseriding (easily the best way to have amazing legs and mantain them ;)).

Yesterday it has been a calm, cozy night.

Karim and I ended talking about philosophy, life pleasure and then sex.

That was both an ending of talks and starting of practices, true ;).

We started talkin about philosophy because Karim will soon meet Richard David Precht for matter of interwining contacts.

Precht is a philosopher and a scholar and hasa wonderful way of making people connect with my favourite subject.


Maybe because, beside being good at what he does, he looks like… THIS (you wouldn’t believe is almost 50, would you??):

Precht would be someone I’d love to meet as well, hence I am trying to follow Karim on his trip to Germany for it 😉

No, I won’t be nasty.

Man is married with a plethora of sons.

I am a respecteful gal ;).

We were talking out from the first step about pleasures in life and technique of makin out.

We ended talkin about skin scents and… reciprocal height of lovers.

Being myself quite tall for being an Italian girl (5’9”, where the average here is 5’6”) I have often got partners around my height (here being around 5’10” is quite an achievement for males…), which is in my opinion the best combination for sex.

Huge disarmonic heights are not fine for some of the finest sexual plays (not that it matters fully.. once laid down, heights count less…), but then Karim argued that we match more then well together (and he’s 6’3”).

To re-enforce the concept, look at the Shakira-Nadal video for Gipsy: she’s a midget compared to him, but laid down, really.. who cares? They are awesome in this video (song’s not really any of that, but the video compensate a lot for its lukewarm effect…)

There are ways to overcome the disarmonic compenetrations, but I still love the look in the eyes sight, probably because I have always been used to it.

We ended finding tantra tips on that. And practicing them.

And listening to Billy Idol while.. practicing 😉

No.. seriously.

We did.

In that practice I lost traces of latest Maroon5 blog post (awwww), and I also had to wait till this morning to admire the pic Jesse tweeted from their practice in the afternoon…

Isn’t he adorably lost on that carpet?

Divine Adam in Morpheus hands yesterday afternoon

If their mastering the mixes, it can take around two three weeks before the work is properly done.

I try to cross fingers: late April release?

Sounds a bit soon with all the PR duties, but ehi, can’t we hope? 😉

Talkin about Adam‘s sleepy mood, who can’t understand why he needed some rest?

I mean…

*sure* he has been taken these past three weeks, hasn’t he?

One more of Adam and Lenny talkin at the Lakers game, with Anne in between.. 😉

There’s one more pic from last Lakers game (we play again today… but versus a nobody team…), and I will post it again cos ehi!!! it’s another one of the Lenny‘s chit chat ;).

See folks?

This picture explaines some of the points of today’s blog post.

First of all, it explaines why Adam had to sleep a bit in the previous carpet shot.

They are so adorable...

Ehi… have you seen Anne?

Do you really think they rest that much while together?


They sure don’t ;).

Then  Anne and Adam are pretty much the same height: she’s 5’10”, Adam’s in between that and 5’11”.

But the best thing for the mere “tech tips of lovemaking” is that Anne’s legs are as long as a highway.

Evidence here:

Well, the disproportion of their legs actually makes the reciprocal baricenters perfectly matching in… *certain moments*.

Result: HUGE FUN.

Trust me.


I can be a scientist in every field, but I am particularly good in *some* fields, ya’ll.

And in this specific field, I am like Galileo Galilei: I study my subject, I come up with a theory on it, I practice it and out of experiments I validate it.

When I said this Karim laughed for about an hour, yesterday.

No, I am lying. He smirked and then proved me that people disequal in height can have still LOTTA fun.

I am sure after riding Swifty today, he will be all up to keep prove me that again and again.

And if it sounds like a call out…

Well, it is 😉

Have a wonderful day everybody 😉

PS: Yesterday I finally remet Marghe after her honey moon to Brazil (for the Carnival as well.. the bitch ;)). She’s SHINING.

Literally (she’s got also a marv tan!!).

We had such a great time lunching together.

I love her.

She’s my best best best pal.

I am so blessed in life, indeed…


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