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Lakers Reign, Denver Tears and Beauty Courtside

Posted on: 1 March 2010

Good morning Universe!!!

Still in such a happy mood is unreal, folks.

Karim even woke up SINGING after past evening/night Lakers game against the Thuggets.

Really, it has been so awesome…

Pau hugs Kobe at the end of the game

Still, you know, I loved the way everybody hugged everybody at the end of it.

Not only like… Pau to Kobe, or our guys among themselves.

I loved to see respect to the losers.

Kobe, and Pau hugging Melo.

A general paid respect which was due.

It has been a very beautiful game to watch.

I stated this even when we were not sure to win, but afte we had started to play OUR game, after half time lost trying to follow Denver in their style of play instead.

Pau Gasol owns Nene

As soon as the Lakers became THEMSELVES, I knew anything could happen and that anything would have been easier our win than theirs.

The Lakers Blog Chat was indeed a continue of me stating until we wouldn’t have let them play their threes without trying to force ours, and until we wouldn’t have slowed down in rythm and played skillfully, instead of trying to run after them, the game wouldn’t have been solved.

I even exited briefly from my lurkerdom to express my joy in the blog 😉

It was meant to 😉

Kobe Bryant and the monumental Ron Artest gave Melo a hard time

I am proud to have highlighted immediately Artest‘s game.

Proud to have still put my faith in Pau.

Proud to have seen how much Kobe was playing for EVERYBODY, creating everybody’s opportunities.

Proud to have claimed straight to win we would have needed a Giant Lamar.

And guess what?

I was right.

Lamar Odom blocks Carter

I know I can see the game well.

I know our style.

I know we are the best, if we trust ourselves that we TRULY are the best, and play the way only us can play.

Man, it has been such a great game.

But we have to be careful and not cocky, cos yesterday Thuggets jacked their threes a lot.

In playoffs they will be more precise.

But in playoffs there’s no way we won’t show for half a game as we did yesterday.


Let’s go babies.

Let’s go.

PS: JR Smith better shut up next time. Don’t even TRY to mess with Gazamba, you idiot. You won’t even ever understand how much Kobe is. You belong to two different planets, baby. Yours is planet “Normality” and his is planet “Supremacy“. Jack*ss.

After game ended I just briefly voiced out my joy on blogs and then went in the bedroom to celebrate.

You can’t understand the way Karim and I feel the Denver’s rivalry.

We properly hate them but with a HUGE amount of respect. It’s hard to explain. For me the Denver thing over the last years has been even more heart shattering than the Green Enemies phantom. I don’t know why.

I love our match ups, cos it’s always an epic battle.

Basketball is such a beautiful game.


Pure beauty.

Talkin about Pure Beauty.


I decoded immediately the Divine sightseeing (as I said, knowing where he sits always makes that a lot easier) and so I was ready to find pics again this morning from Getty Images.


Adam and Anne Courtside against Denver Nuggets

They are still so cute.

Anne has that look on her face which is like… hangin on his every word upon.

That’s incredibly sweet.

But Adam‘s face when you catch them is even more revealing.

He smiles like a kid aside her (and I love that he smiles FULLFACE. Eyes, cheeks… everything in him tells so much about his joy right now it just makes me melt. Awww. Can’t stop rooting in for this romance. And they’re so beautiful together. Beauty has to go with beauty to me, you know I think so. This even considering those trousers, Adam – ?!!??? – Let’s hope Anne’s style tips solve that, baby. Cos she’s got TONS of style luckely, and it’s about time you give up the scruffy biker look. Though okay, to me you are sexy as hell even then. I am helpless about you, darn…).

But as yesterday beauty seemed never enough, was it for the way game developed, that for the fact the day in Los Angeles was again sunny (got it from Italian broadcast of the game… yep ;)), beside the usual nearby pal at Lakers game Adam’s always getting – Denzel Washington – there was another guest aside that TOTALLY got me going.

Ladies and gentlemen, enjoy beauty squared (cubed, actually, since you can’t ever forget Anne’s perfect look):

Adam. (awww…)

OMG. Anne you're SO lucky in that between...



Holy shizzzzz.


I can’t even begin to imagine how cool has to be to listen to an Adam + Lenny talk.

I know I’d give properly YEARS of my life to live such an experience. And still… look Anne’s face there. She’s so into what he says her face seems translucent in the way she smiles.

Adam and Lenny keep talk in the middle of Lakers game against Denver Nuggets

Oh… I am such a lightweight, again.

Note: at a certain point, among people reaching Lenny for cheering – I loved that instead HE moved to sit aside Adam for talking, and not the other way round… 😉 – I saw Shemar Moore.

I have a thing for Shemar Moore.

I consider him REALLY beautiful, and my favourite sight on Criminal Minds.

You know I don’t watch lot of TV.

But I like quite enough Criminal Minds. And he’s one of the reasons for I do ;).

What makes me laugh anyway is that on previous game, after Adam and Anne open sight, I linked their look together to a Lenny Kravitz‘s related title, Let Love Rule.

It’s funny when someway I predict life events 😉

Just like when I stated yesterday we would have won if Lakers wouyld have started to play their way.

I must have superpowers somewhere 😉

Or Above Sky just likes me, very much.

Thank you if so, Dear Above.

Have all a great day.

Mine’s shining.



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