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Looks like Spring incoming favours LOVE…

Posted on: 27 February 2010

So, mountain awaits and I can’t wait to play like Olympic champion Ryder on my snowboard 😉

Kobe taps in against 76ers

Lakers just got rid of the 76ers with a kinda lukewarm game.

Not that I did not expect it.

I mean, we better save all forces for teh SUNDAY game against the Thuggets, don’t we?

But I expected more.

Oh well… Kobe still lovely to watch.

And Pau and Drew had a decent game.

It’s okay.

I let you watch some pics instead of game actions cos… really, there was not much to watch there anyway 😉

I am quiet about the Lakers state.

The Gazamba, the immense Kobe Bryant

Yeah, I do admit we are not exactly rolling high but anyway these are not the games that fully count right?

I am all about playoffs.

I am fine with my fanship, and jus grateful to be able to watch Kobe again.

Talkin about pleasure of watchin…

I guess *somebody*‘s in kinda LOVE.

I messed this up a bit last week. But blame it on Getty Images.

I had the feeling, cos in the collage Getty called “Adam and Angela” the supposed Angela was way taller than in September & August… I counted the sights and had a couple of reasonate guesses and realized that had to be Anne instead – which was also fairer on Adam‘s gentleman behaviour, in fact… –  and I was ready to correct that but in fact I wasn’t really having time for it.

I have a life, you know.

Adam and Anne in Beverly Hills, 20th February 2010

But now, okay, I am sure, and that collage has to be corrected.

The new version is the one aside.

Ops >;)


The bright side is that Love Rules (and I am not speaking about Lenny Kravitz, right?)


He brought her at the Lakers Game!!!

I was SURE about it. I was searching for their sight all time, ’til I caught the glimpse of their hotness around.

If she’s his gal right now, well, she HAS TO BE A LAKERS FAN.

From her face, she absolutely enjoyed it.

And since as you have learnt, the game was a pain in the ass, I guess the only reason she did is a lovey one.

I melt if I consider all that he has written in these days, that can be linked to her, and viceversa.

(yes.. again… look at those hands tied… all together now: awwwwwww!!! How adorable… *sigh* I am such a lightweight when it’s about him. Awww.)

Adam Levine and Anne Vyalitsyna at Lakers VS 76ers game on 26th of February, 2010

Bets are open: will Anne be in Maroon5 first single for the new album video? I vote YAY.

She can handle it.

They’re AWESOME paired. Talk about perfect genetic…

I can understand Spring is in the air due to exactly these flashes of lovey dovey mood all around.

I am all for it. I am working on this daily, you bet it 😉

I was meant to update the love rules mood now by putting up the song of Shakira with the video starring her and Nadal (HOT… song’s not all that, but the video… *hot*), but I haven’t found any so I let you watch the grace of Skating Gold medalist Kim Yu-na and melt your hearts at the sight of such perfection in motion: it’s the excercise she won the gold with PRIOR version. I couldn’t find yet the Olympic execution, but you get the idea.

Snow awaits me.

Have all a great weekend.

And remember.. Let Love Rule.

PS: I hope the earthqwake in Japan near Okinawa won’t cause damages. I cringed when learning about it yesterday evening… Love to my Elective Country.


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