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Gods in action… or in bed.

Posted on: 24 February 2010

Fumbled physically by having slept ONLY two hours, and luckely awaiting for chemical reactions in the lab so I can actually get some clarity of mind back before making this whole place explode (not really…) I am updating the blogs, before writing sweet Mark back in mail.

The reason for the missed sleep is that THE GOD is back, and guess what?

He’s the bestest friggin BEST!!!!!

Just surrender.

Kobe the King against Marc Gasol of Memphies Grizzlies

All the haters.

All the bashers.

All the NOT LOVING BASKETBALL unclear souls.

Surrender to the one and only, the almighty Kobe Bryant.

Why are you so uncertain?

Why not appreciate the incredible uniqueness this man holds in his hands?

Aren’t six clutch already in this season not enough to believe?

Isn’t his complete ownship of the court self-evident?

I was totally in awe as soon as he got back on court.

My baby, saviour, hero, everything.

That’s Kobe.

Kobe The God.

Roll on against Thuggets tonight.

Let’s go and put them back in their place, which is BEHIND us.


This evening at 18.30 Milan plays against Fiorentina to get back the missed game and we have to win cos we just WANT it (sorry Meli, not meant to hurt ya baby…).

Sporty speaking, I was supposed to be done with this subject already now but the Divine Creature yesterday spoke again and unexpectedly what he said has to do with sport, too.

“I’m gonna run a marathon.”

he said, which I suppose should be the Los Angeles one that runs on March 21.

I guess.

Oh, boy… I asked him to provide pics of that cos they’d be adorable.

And I also suggested to train.

Not that he’s untrained on the aspect of breathing, but 26 and counting miles are requesting specific prepration and we all know man gets lazy easily on repetitive stuff.

Nobody wants him to affect his sacred body, right?

Talkin of that… yes.

That picture.

I had a momentarly elapse of reason when during the LA Lakers Blog Chat game they linked to it.

Oh, Lord... Adam in his morning bed. OMG.

I properly started to melt.

Karim of course had fun of me for that:

You truly can’t hold yourself, can you? But that’s a beautiful picture, not denying it. If he only knew which kind of power he has on you… but you turn into stone in front of him so I think t’s still hard for him to understand you have a brain under your hot body and prettiest face…

I answered that could actually be a plus in Adam‘s world… but I was hit.

It’s true.

Adam, Jesse and a cello stick 😉

That’s the only man in the whole universe – and I did met quite a number of celebrities, so it’s not starstruck effect at all. I am not an easily impressed one, myself… –  who turns me into an empty shell unable to properly act, speak, do some reasoning.

My body and brain just explode in front of him: and when all of my feelings rule me, like a train running, I blank, like it’s too much to handle.

Cos that is exactly like it is: too much to handle.

That’s POWER, indeed.

And no way I can ever try to control it.


Talkin about Gods, sweet babies Maroon5 have posted two more videos.

One is the sixth trailer for the album:

and the other one is of the reharsals they did for teh C Tour:

And of course as per usual I feel like a kid in a candy store if I picture it out about all the expectation I have for the next record.

(Hint: DROP THIS DATE ALREADY, please!!!! I gotta plan all the tour catching and it takes time…).

But as today I am full of surprises (or maybe it’s the fact I didn’t sleep and my head is gone… *kidding*) gotta post as closing message the video (not a good one, very derivative gotta say…) for a song that I am currently liking.

It wouldn’t be that shocking, if it weren’t that this is the second only Rihanna‘s song that I like, after previously I liked Disturbia

I guess I relate with the atmosphere, don’t I?

I can see myself talking exactly like that.

I do in fact.

So, this is Rude Boy

I can justify myself only like I did with Disturbia: catchy carefree tune, heavily voice processing (the only way the deaftoned chick works…) and sexually charged lyrics that totally are me.

Oh, my.

I bought it of course.

What I like, has to be bought.

Even if it comes from manufactured products. *sigh*…

(yes, I am currently singing the hook in my head. Kill me. I deserve it for I have sinned against Music…)



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