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Frozen Pinkberry is LA

Posted on: 22 February 2010

Good morning world 🙂


Home. (Italy home at least)

After hectic hours.



I had a blast in Los Angeles. I had a wonderful traveling, forth and back. You know, I love to travel along Karim.

He makes everything just so shining.

We love to chat, we love to lay in one another’s arms, we love to kid and basically make everybody around hate us cos, yep, we’re just so good looking together and we ooze sex out.

We don’t really make out in front of anybody, that’s not us; but it’s the lust we look at each other with that extrudes. All of our people tell us this. We someway know this.

It’s a point of pride, indeed (anyway, we joined again HighMileClub. But that was easier for we were traveling upper class. Bathrooms are just better. Nobody asks. Nobody bothers. We’re very clean. And I am sure those bathrooms have been adjusted cos years ago before this trend wasn’t up those baths were WAY less usable for that. Wonder why? Businness, baby. It drives the world ;)).

I wish we would have steyed a bit in New York… I miss that town. Gotta travel back there for fun purpose soon.

The traveling reaching LA was completely carefree and perfect.

We arrived on Friday evening and Mashudo was there waiting for us.

He said he had booked at Katsuya but we said we would have loved to check in our house, and he said we were two obnoxious individuals (lying, but saying that with a cute smirk that was so promising I was like “oh, how much I am gonna love the next few hours…”).

Also Calvin Klein thinks Threesomes are mainstream...

I wasn’t tired cos I can always sleep well on planes. I am like a switch on/off: I can sleep if I want to, I can stay awake if I want to. That’s helpful, let’s admit it.

We drove to Glendale Area (no way I am gonna reveal anything about where we live when in LA… Karim is gonna hate me if I do…) and this is a glimpse (the only one) you may get: I told you when we bought this what was making me and Karim love the house is that is actually a two house thing connected, with a lil “garden” in between.

Karim and I Los Angeles Home (my side)

People can’t figure it out, so I let you look: this is what you see from my lil enclosed patio and you can see Karim’s side of the property from the windows.

They are connected by an entrance, that can be closed OR not.

Makes it so sexy, cos we basically live together but at the same time we don’t. I know, I am crazy for these things. But it feels like so much US this way. We love having also in Italy two places to chose when we are together. Our spaces, but spaces we love to share.

It’s our way. It works amazingly (btw, my part of the house is clearly more stylish: his side is all about sculpting and painting. Sexy, but a chaos. a HUGE chaos.)

We step into house and Mashudo loved it. Nobody had seen this fully remade by the architects: we did only through webcamera because as works were progressing only Karim’s family checked it in person. We really loved it all.

I always dig the smell of the new furnishing in places. You know that peculiar taste of new stuff that stays in for weeks after you move in. Garden needs a work nor I nor Karim can provide. The gardeners were met the subsequent day. But by the time we entered the house none of us three cared cos you know… we had action planned.


It was soooooooooooo fantastic.

We decided a new word had to be created for how amazingly that love game went.

Word is RADmageddon.

Oh, boy.

I can’t believe.
The best sex I ever had.

It was all a three play should be.

Clean, purely creative, effortlessly dynamic, full of roleplaying, and still determined in the final step. Cos in the end, it’s Karim that I love, isn’t he?

But really… I wish anybody could be that blessed as we are to being allowed to do that.


Best Valentine gift ever in my life.

And even if it may sound blasphemous, it TRULY was about TRUE love.

Mash said the tattoo is beautiful, by the way. He had a close encounter, of course, with it. In multiple occasions.

The akwardness of the first threesome among us wasn’t there at all this time. We were all at such ease.

It felt completely natural. Everybody knows that was just a game and nothing we should think of with any shame or regret. It was a bomb.

The loveliest thing for me was to actually see Mash leaving me quiet in Karim’s arms after it all was ended (and trust… it lasted A LOT. Mash isn’t bad in the tantra breathing either. It helps), with a tenderness in his face and then turning head to Karim, watching him being so calm and relaxed about it and slightly smiling at his friend’s direction. Karim was thankful, cos he got that was something that had made me so happy and satisfied he was fine with it as well.

As Mash went back to his place, and left us alone, Karim whsipered in my ears (thinkin I was asleep… but I weren’t):

“God save me from Hell for what I am thinkin, but this was an amazing experience. You can turn death into life, sin into a miracle bliss, and everything can become pure through you. And this was it. Unbelieveable… Unconceivable… but I feel like I own you even more now. Thank you. I love you…”

You’re discovering this now Special K.

That I was awake when you said this.

I love you.

I love you so much it’s unreal.

In fact that first sleeping night in LA has been perfection in full.

I didn’t even flip when I discovered the morning after through Michael Levine (Adam’s bro) tweet that if we weren’t arranging things with Mashudo we would have ended up meeting the Divine Creature that night.

They were in fact at Teddy‘s (Teddy is perfect on Friday night: not so much on other night, but Friday indeed driving through Hollywood BLvd and reaching the Roosevelt is always a rewarding move. And as Karim’s family knows the heads of Roosevelt from a life, entering is never a problem for us…).

But really: who cared? Absolutely NOTHING coud have match what we had on Friday night.



The morning of Saturday the work was crazy. Luckely the industry is very nearby our house, so it was not so much of an adventure to reach Merit (still, LA traffic is something you get accustomed to in a long shot of time… trust me).

It was a planning of three different meetings and all of them went just perfectly.

Again, I had to stand the usual speech that I face everytime people meet me for working meeting.

This is basically how it goes (always):

Step 1: they (generally the people I meet are 90% males, 75% over 40, 20% over 60) look at me, and no matter how strictly dressed and covered up I am, they paint all over their faces the “phew, a model chick to talk business of science. She must serve her chieves blowjobs to be here… let’s see how it can work” look.

I can decode that from a mile.

95% of males are pigs. Which can be funny, but I don’t like when this messes work up.

Step 2: after ten minutes of meeting, the look on those faces starts to be questioning the reason I am actually up in the meeting for. The look reveals that they are starting to realize I actually have a more than functioning brain. And this squanders regularly their simplistic assumptions in life (I love when this stage is reached up. I mean… how could I not? Males are just so easy creatures to interact with…)

Step 3:  shockingly, they change tone of voice after the final admission the reason I am at those meeting isn’t that I blowjob my chieves (being my chief my father… that’d be monstrous…) nor that I am object of nepotism of any sort. Yep, shockingly enough, they all understand after these meetings end that OH MY!!!!! I am not even 25, I am looking like a model and yes… my best quality is actually that I have a functioning brain.


That’s always a shock for them.

No… I mean.. truly.

*shakes head piting the usual malish way to look at life*.

I assume then that generally step number 4 in their way to think is that the combination of  “look+wealth+brain” has to forcedly imply that I am a Ice Queen whose main interest is japanese gardening, cos then they could never hope that I actually can have LOTS of fun. Someway they have to avoid to think a whole package can exist, cos again their concepts of life could ruin then. And there the meetings generally end with them being suddenly so respecteful you see from their way to look and talk with me they are treating me like their sister or like Mother Theresa.

Generally I let them think so cos it’s easier (and this avoids me nasty gestures like those of the German partner I so hate, OttoThePrick, who thinks my hottness could like to mash with his trash look just because he’s rich… erm.. NO WAY) and makes my working tasks quicker and less problematic.

best eating place in LA

But on Saturday Karim was ready to take me up for the lunching break and it was awesome to read again from all the partners faces that they had AGAIN to reprogram their vision of life and females after I glued onto him in a complete NO CHASTE way (we were in the parking area, we could do all, and we did.. it was a lovely kiss and it was a lovely touchy feel) and we swept away briefly to reach Pinkberry for eating.

When I got back for the second part of the day (the afternoon meetings) four of the five partners started to chat with me with the openly clear intention to see how much I could have fun in life.

Oh, Gawd.


World would be such a boring place without you guys 😉 (of course I declined all invitations and flirts. But you all know I LOVE to hold people in the palm of my hand. I just do. Can’t help…).

Adam and NOT Angela (that's Anne Vyalitsyna actually) together again on Saturday

Meeting ended at around 3 and 30 pm.

Karim went again picking me up cos we had to run to LAX again for leaving again.

Talk about hectic things.

And again, a missed chance.

“Too bad we don’t even have time to stroll a bit through Beverly Hills and buy something…”

Karim quipped.


In fact, that’d have been such a glorious idea at a certain point.


Answer is in this collage.

Yep, that is.

Angela Bellotte again, the Ford Model girl that has done one of the Abercrombie&Fitch campaign that I loved the most, (Update & forget: that’s Anne Vyalitsyna, in fact) right aside the Divine Creature and it’s so rare to see Adam so openly happy around, and with this girl it has happened already in August, in September and now, that it’s natural to guess the state of their bond at the moment.

They look ADORABLE together.

Adam actually tweeted that “I love today” before Angela Anne was seen with him and actually at Teddy’s I don’t have reports that she was there yet (yes, I did ask Karim’s powerful contact there… but he said that of course he did not know ALL about Friday night, so he can’t assure me that).

Adam and Anne Vyalitsyna

In fact Adam is actually following on twitter Anne Vyalitsyna after the Sports Illustrated event , and these pics tell the meeting was not just a chat AND so the hook up on Valentine knowing him can surely having been done as well.

Nothing shocks us in the realm of his multiple task handling in the hunting field and still, the way the above pics of him and Angela have hit my eyes directly paint great feelings to my acknowledge of lovey dovey dynamics.

Just the body language there is amazing.

And then there’s again the holding hands thing. Call me lightweight… but holding hands in itself is cuteness and tells about feelings often way more than a kiss.

Adam and Angela holding hands (aww)

I know well… cos I never liked hand in hand prior meeting Karim.

Can’t help.

I see them together so well.

I did immediately.

She just seems Adam’s type in full.

I get butterflies and feel so happy for him when I see them coupling.

Right,  look those pictures and then know Adam tweeted again on Sunday, before asking above for a determined choice of weather (impling some strolling around? biking? taking her anywhere cute? Awww):

holy shit im happy… now what?

This tweeting explaines why he’s not on the mountains sharing snowboard fun with Jesse and the guys.

My Maroon5 are all Snowboard Kings 😉

As a snowboarder, I was ready to bash him until I saw the reason for his giving up there.

And love conquers it all, doesn’t it?


what can I say.

I love to imagine Adam happy and I want him being happy. Angela Anne, make him so. I would really be grateful for that (it’s not ironic…I TRULY mean this. I still wanna f*** him and I will always aim at that but that doesn’t mean I don’t like to think of him in love, or that I cannot wishing him that. Adam’s joy is my joy).

Today I am home, weather is not that great but we are riding Swifty again (he feels better now, my baby) and enjoying cozyness in Italy.

I’m blessed, happy, and everything’s so fine.

And Frozen Pinkberry is one of the most tasty things in the whole world.

That is Los Angeles for me.

See you back soon, LA.

Love, Zaira.


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