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Happiness, music, life and flights to Los Angeles

Posted on: 18 February 2010

So, I am facing 36 hours of no sleep almost: this night at 4.30 am the Lakers battle the Celtics at Staples Center after having won the first game post ASG, and Kobe the God won’t probably be there again.

Kobe still not playing also after All Star Game


But I want him to heal for April so it’s all okay. I am just sad to not have him cos Celts can be tricky and I always love to beat them.

We can still beat them also without Kobe, but with him I was SURE we would have eventually prevailed, while now a little bit of Fate is upon us.

Let’s see.

I will be watching a battle and I like it.

Half of the game will be actually watched by me and Karim on our way to the airport for catchin the flight to New York and then from there takin the one to Los Angeles.

The awesome Kobe

You know… the 18 hours stop there only.

The stop that among my business meeting will see Karim and I have *some fun* along Mashudo, again.

Whoooooo!!!! Who wanna sleep actually???

I don’t 😉

The tattoo keeps buggering me but now less. So I should be fine by the time it’s needed. And my “bloody days” are ending as well.


I did not ask you to read here.

You know I am extremely open about natural stuff.

But okay, I let you have some Kobe’s eye candy now.

He’s the Man of the Year (right) for GQ and he had an amazing photoshot and interview:

Check Kobe’s out in GQ

After the sporty bites, let’s now dwell into what makes me shine the most, (ah: if you wonder why I cut the sport section without discussing of the awfulness that was Milan VS Manchester United on Tuesday, be charming, please. I was at the STADIUM. It was like witnessing a friend’s death. I can’t speak of that. I am still grieving… let me forget it ever happened, okay? thank you), namely MUSIC, of course.

Still amazed at the way Adam totally sounded like Stevie Wonder on We Are The World 25 (I adore when he sings in normal vocal tone, his voice is soooooo precious and unique), let me give you some info bites and share a couple more videos.

Slash has talked a bit with Los Angeles Times about his incoming April album.

He was actually the one coming to Adam for it!!! Man, when I read that I was amazed.

Man knows what to look for.

Read it yourself:

Slash interview about his solo records, and guests on it

Talkin about the Divine Creature, he spoke again hours ago, with a short message that is so easy to decode it’s unreal ;).

He wrote just:

“I love today”.

Adorable he is. Guess the past 8 days have been so totally perfect for him. Well, I had no doubt being in Vegas surrounded by models would have pleased him. But I guess he’s in his usual “15 days of compulsive sex with the partner of the time” “15 days of involvment” pleasant rush now, which makes sense.

I know that when he’s happy, I am happier. I might kid on his sexual compulsions, but I actually don’t, cos being very similar to him in some of these stuff, I see where he comes from and what he is in real search of.

I know when he will find the right one he will slow down his antics. Just like I did. But until then, darn, I rejoice thinkin of the fun he shares. And I TOTALLY back him on that. Go baby 😉

So it’s all okay. Have fun and be happy, Adam. I so love thinkin of you shining (I wrote him back exactly that on twitter).

More surprisingly music bites, beside the impressive chart performances of Sade (LOVE the Queen Sade) and of We Are The World 25 (in merely two days… take that, useless and tasteless critics…;)) comes from the most unexpected source.

The Osservatore Romano (Catholic Roman Church and Vatican daily newspaper) listed 10 albums which are in their opinion the best music offered in decades and which should save music listeners from the Sanremo (Italian music festival, currently on) garbage.

I was shocked, pleased and utterly amazed when I read that.

This is the surprising list (and amazingly good) the Osservatore Romano made up (chronological order):

  • Revolver Beatles (1966)
  • If I could only remember my name David Crosby (1971)
  • The dark side of the moon Pink Floyd (1973)
  • Rumours Fleetwood Mac (1977)
  • The nightfly Donald Fagen (1982)
  • Thriller Michael Jackson (1982)
  • Graceland Paul Simon (1986)
  • Achtung baby U2 (1991)
  • (What’s the story) Morning glory? Oasis (1995)
  • Supernatural Santana (1999)

Seems that Oasis, now that they are disbanded, are starting to gain the deserved recognition for having been one of the most influential, imitated, musically mattering and driving forces in the past times. Practically all of the musicians I love that were FOLLOWING their creation and birth claim they love and owe to them (included my babies’, sweet Maroon5 of course).

It’s a joy to see these shows of respect. Finally.

Enjoy the video of Morning Glory, so to keep celebrating the totally deserved (sorry, beloved Coldplay, but you also know this is right) achievement for “Album of the past 30 years” Oasis had at this week Brit Awards:

(I won’t try to comment on Liam‘s behaviour…. guy is made so, we can’t really change that…)

Talkin about talent, and the way talent can actually create beauty out of garbage, check this AWESOME version of the forgettable “Don’t Stop The Music” (the dance trash track Rihanna did… well, the dance  trash track Autotune did for Rihanna, at least) by Jamie Callum. I was blown away by how good this is.

The lyrics seem to gain a decent sense sung and played so soulfully.

I immediately bought it from iTunes.

Ah, the good talent can actually do…:

It’s really a MAJOR step up. anybody graced with a pair of ears MUST see this.


This long, hectic, infinite day is on and I have to take this meeting for drawng the final lines on the biz that comes up Saturday.

I hope Los Angeles’ weather will at least be fair. I know I can’t cruise this time, but I love the warmth and the sun there in Winter. It sets me up right.

Tonight, battle with Celts is on.

Watchin half of it while driving to airport and being in Malpensa will make me look like an ass but who cares. And then Karim’s there, so… who cares. I have all that I am in need of.


Catch you of course as I get back from USA.

I guess prior to it will be impossible.

You know, threesomes and all that will make us being pretty taken away 😉

Be shining!!

I will *def* be.


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