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Tattoos, Valentine Time and We Are The World 25

Posted on: 13 February 2010

Oh, my…
tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow…
Marghe marries!!

I am freakin out (and it’s not only due to the vision of the We Are The World 25 première…) and my whole body tickles.

Yep, for Marghe’s big day.
And not merely that.

In 3 hours my body will receive some ink.
Oh, gosh… what love can drive you to?

My soon-to-be tattoo

It’s not gonna be big. It’s sized like a 2 euros coin.
The design is the one you see aside.
It’s a Tao… with the ideogram of tao.
It’s me.
The only symbol I feel myself ready to wear forever.
It’s mattering and defining me at all levels of my life.

Mentally, spiritually, philosophically.

It’s really the closest to my soul you can get and attempt to reach at.
So that’s it.
I will wear a tao on my skin.

Nobody will see it unless he makes sex wit me or take a shower with me, cos…
Not even the skankiest bikini could show it probably (not sure for skankier underwear, that at time isn’t even covering the minimum…)
It’s gonna be placed right up  my “special entrance place”.
The V that attracts all P.
(what you think a bout? Nasties… “V” stays for “virtue” and “P” stays for… Prayers ;))

This decision came out from my concept of Valentine’s Day.
I don’t care about costly excuses for shopping in the name of love.
That’s bullshit.

Green Music Group Pre Grammy Event (more)

A Valentine gesture and gift that matters to me is a person who tries to do something to lose a bit of himself/herself to step into his/her significant other’s world and likes.

Karim will gift me with something I love, and he accepts to love through me as well (yep, a threesome with a friend. Game already played. But still TOP), for this enforces and major our bond, self acceptance, intimacy, dedication, mutual acknowledge and generally TRUTH; hence I had to come up with something as important for him, to be reciprocal.
A life longlasting tribute to him, and to the way he has changed (and keeps changing en evolving) me, living onto my skin.

“You can’t even begin to guess what this means to me, delightful Princess of mine. I never ever thought you would have inked your body out from my will or wish. It’s something precious and eternal and it shows to me better than so many other things that you’re keen and committed to me, to us, to a vision of sharing life. Fully right now. This is the most beautiful gift you could have gifted me with, altogether.”

The ink will be colourless, and for a while I have to confess I thought about putting into it the letters “K”, and “Z”.
But that wouldn’t have been me.
By inking that special part of me, the way I would have never imagined I would have agreeing in doing (let alone come up with the idea MYSELF!!!), I already stated everything, actually.

Now let me confess I am scared as hell cos I know it will hurt and I hate self inflicted physical pain.
I have to be so totally Zen and Yoga about it.
We will do that out of the Milan Tattoo Convention. The inker that will ink both me and Karim again (he wants get another small tattoo near to his intimacy as well, but he’s not gonna tell me about the design…) is a British master that Karim loves a lot, and whom has already inked him.

Maroon5 At Sports Illustrated SwimSuit Edition Event this Thursday


Aside today’s posts you’re watching the M5 collages.

One is out from the pre Grammy Party and it encompasses more pics.

The other comes straight from the Vanity at Las Vegas Hard Rock Hotel where the beloved boys performed to entertain a fluke of models in swimsuits (well, not really then… but yep, when off from the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition they were actually celebrating).

Out from the red carpet pic, I always get amazed at the total unability of Adam of getting “natural” at the duty of it.
He constantly looks in another direction compared to all of the rest of the band.
Not to mention he’s clearly not at ease having to grin forcedly, while he’so luminous and shining when he really WANTS to smile and he’s free to do it just because he feels so, and not because he has to.
Awww. (ps: only Adam could have harmonized Wyclef on WATW 25…)
It tells so much about his natural shyness and inmost refusal in front of staged up things.
Man is just pure at heart.
He’s totally unable to act.
I love that.
Makes him so valuable in my book.
Even more than he already is.

Have all a great weekend.

Tomorrow is my best friend’s BIG day.
I don’t think I will post or twitter pics unless she won’t tell me that I can.
But really… it’s her moment and I think I will be so emotional that I will probably be unable to even hold the iphone, if any.

Kisses everybody 😉
Catch you on Monday;), when I will also speak about the Winter Olimpics (KD Lang’s “Halleluya was AWESOME!!!!)



1 Response to "Tattoos, Valentine Time and We Are The World 25"

The olympic games this year are really good… bless Kumaritashvili’s soul. Here’s to more excitement for everyone! Listen up (and watch) kids, this may be the best of your life 🙂

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