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Temporary and eternal goodbyes

Posted on: 12 February 2010

So, I am actually still in shock over it.

Alexander McQueen, Natalia Vodianova and Steven Klein.

Yesterday, one of my fashion icons, Alexander McQueen, suicided himself.

It’s like a small part of my London life was cut away.

I always get emotional when things happening to celebrity people I actually knew surge on a worldwide stage of grief.

I met him a few times when in London cos by then some of my circle of friends included girls and boys whom were modeling for him (by then I was also asked to be a model… luckely I was a very smart teenager by then and never thought modeling could actually be a career…).

I remember him vividely as a very humble, intelligent, open hearted and kind person. He was always deep in his conversations.

I am completely saddened also because his talent won’t produce anymore marvels.

Fashion can be a circus, and at a certain level it can gets out of focus… but McQueen’s creativity was a genuine way to keep fashion being relevant on a multiple level of craftmanship and visual entertainment, that very, very often was loggin itself in the real ART territory.

Missing all this will make fashion a poorer world.

It’s really a bad, bad thing.

I leave you some of his artistry from youtube videos.

Hope you can enjoy:



and also this one:

Art is important in my life. I sincerly mourn any departure that diminishes its worldwide level in any field.

Talkin about departures, but this time I hope just temporary ones, I ma taking vacationing from the LA Times Lakers Blog for a while. In a way it has to do with art again.

It’s like lately there fload load of BSPN trolls and Kobe bashers.

I don’t like the tendency.

It bitters me and really, I have too short spare time to spend online to waste it where my mood changes for the worse.

I’ll keep reading, but I get back to my lurker roots there.

When I will feel the love is back, the love for Kobe and the Lakers I mean, I will start to post again.


Have a great day. This video is a good point of view to end this post, because I love to remember last year’s Final against the Orlando Magic – which is a great team, btw -, and then because there you can se that Kobe is the best player and ALSO a great teammate (look at his plays).

The rest is futile, and comes from a bunch of iliterate, freaky, autolesionistic basketball despisers.


Long life to the one and only Mamba.

Luv 😉


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