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When tech cuts your worldwide open windows…

Posted on: 11 February 2010

What a night…

Waking up in Karim’s arms by 2 and 45 AM to catch Lakers VS Jazz, we quickly discovered the whole Vodafone connectivity in the house was off. Namely…no laptop or tower connection, and no iphone connection either.

“We can’t follow the game!!!”

I screamt in the core of night.

Being Karim amused any time I lose my cool and behave like a 5 years old, he smiled and said that we could have used his 13 inches screened portatile pc. A miracle of crappiness which is all a Mac is NOT but which, luckely, was having a 3 provider connectivity.

So we followed the game (amazing again) all attached holding this minuscle pc (we didn’t even tried to connect it to the tv… we were already missing half of the first quarter…)

The game again made us both SO proud:

I keep being appalled by tendencies in the Lakers Blog to bash Kobe. I have answered this way, but honestly… certain people just CAN’T get it. Personal limitation of mind. I pity them.

I am so sad I missed the chat (thank you at Lakers Blog MainMan Mark Medina for the cute twitter shout out this morning ;)), but I have good news there.

You know next week I fly to reach LA. Well, my flight would have taken place just when Lakers would have played the Green Enemies at Staples. I was freakin out about not being able at all to follow the game, and I was trying to postpone the meeting. Luckely the partners had trouble booking flights and they ASKED to move it to saturday 20th in LA, in the afternoon. I know it’s crappy to work on saturday but… who cares? This means I can fly and be on planes the whole of Friday!!!

Plus more: Karim will come as well.

He’s so cute… I know he will have a terrible schedule following me… but he’s so cute for willing it so badly.

“I wanna to sleep in our house along you. I wouldn’t stand the idea of you getting there alone and first…”

The lovely creature he is topped it all with this (ALERT: this is kinky ;)):

“And I know you need a special Valentine wrap up – though you don’t like Valentine Day at all. But listen to this… ” he whispered in my ear, “… what about a special celebration game? I told you some circumstances are fine with me again. I know you wanted to dine with Mash. Why not… replicate an old trick with involving him, after dining with him? That should be a not usual Valentine gift, but sure you would like it wouldn’t you?”

And after that, oh, my… the way we ended makin up shaped my whole yesterday like a triumph.

Man’s SO greatly skilled in pleasing women. Wow.

And sure angel… that is one awesome way to celebrate Valentine Day.I love triplets. Can’t deny the truth. And Mash is that bit of.. colourfullness that can make the game echantingly fun. He’s handsome and fit, and he knows what to do all along. Boy.. I can’ wait? That will download all the stress from the insane trip, guaranteed.

Mash seemed pleased to our idea. Man, of course he was. Who wouldn’t, seriously? Especially considering when it did happen casually the other time it was a napalm bomb exploding within us all…

Karim asked him, I wouldn’t have been serious doing it. He would have decoded me giggle after one millisecond. Lol.

For anyone thinkin we’re nasty: maybe. But we’re all agreeing and all up for having pleasurable fun. Who are you to judge? Exactly. You’re no one.

We’re sincere, loyal, and absolutely agreeing on that.

It’s gonna be FABULOUS. And the one having the best fun is gonna be me.

This is just what I like the most.

Can’t lie.

And I never do.


PS: My Valentine gift now will have to be as special. Not easy. But I am working on some major idea. And no, it doesn’t involve anyone else. Karim wouldn’t like that. I am the dirty one in our bond. He’s the saint turned sinner. 😉


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they are the best team in NBA sports

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