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Fearing for Kobe… Delighted musically.

Posted on: 4 February 2010


Arrived at work with this numb over me.

Kobe and Jerry West: LEGENDS face to face

Lakers just won 99-97 against the Charlotte Bobcats but it was such an ugly win I can’t be happy.

I was okay with Lamar and Drew. Not okay with Pau, but as I wrote in the Lakers Blog it’s a matter of shape and he’s on a down moment now. I am not worried.

Though I am sad.

Sad for Kobe, my light and hero… he has FURTHERLY aggravated his ankle injury due to Lamar steppin onto him.

I mean… WTF??? What he’s Kobe like this year… freakin Fantozzi?

Thinkin that everything started so sweetly at Staples Center tonight. Kobe honoured as a legend by the whole of the attendants and Jerry West (another legend) and Magic (THE legend). All witnessed by Divine Adam in his usual seat (enlightened… just as usual in front of our bench… aww). Evidences below:

The legend gets his spotlight... and Divine Adam's position enlightened.

Too bad then everything went just off.

I mean.. completely off.

I can’t feel fine. Karim and I were watching the game in bed, and man… we did perform LOTS of our favourite terapy about how to deal with bad stuff and frustration. That is some of teh best sex ever. Seriously.

But when the rush ends… I still worried about Kobe. Wonder if Vanessa heals him the way Karim and I use to heal one another 😉 Hope so. It should work.

Anyway, yesterday it was another HUGE working day. After the marriage of my dear Marghe I will fly in LA and stay there… (laugh) a total of 18 hours. Yep. I fly for the triple of the staying time. I think I will barely eat. *sigh*.

No way I will be able to catch anything beside the working place. But it’s okay. Anyway Summer comes soon and after all I will stay in LA soon for way more.

Swifty my beauty... 🙂

I rode Swifty indoor yesterday. It downloads my stress to jump with him after long and tight working schedules.

Hopping along him is like jumping over and leave back me all of my worst tickling feelings.

I guess I will need some jumps today too.

Though today is also the usual Wii League so I don’t know if I’ll manage to.

Well, at least musically speaking, the past two days have been awesome.

Adam choruses along in WATW

Not only I keep luring and expecting for February 12th to hear the updated version of We Are The World – 25 for Haiti, but my sweet babies are up to some more, and Adam himself is up for even *some* more.

Where to start from…

I guess I should start from February 11th, which comes prior than February 12 when WATW ramade will be heard and seen.

On February 11th (thanx for telling, Venus!) my adored Maroon 5 will be again in Las Vegas to play for a special event, namely the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Special Issue.

Divine creature singing for the Haitian song

Sounds just about as good as it can get (beside a Victoria Secrets‘ fashion special) in the field of Adam’s favourite surroundings, ain’t it?

Lol 😉

The news is here:

From Yahoo News

Yesterday it was also a good day musically wise cos the babies’ posted a new webisode on their pages, containing excerpts from the College Tour (hear my heart which breaks… yes, that’s it… If I think back of it I keep damning my own bad luck and chicken pox… *sigh and double sigh*)

I love everytime they share videos and especially these kind of those, so you can bet I am posting it:

You know me.. I always leave the best at ends though (works in EVERY situation, believe.. ;)).

And the best is coming courtesy of NME, which posted yesterday evening the confirmation and tracklist for Slash’s album, due just in time for MY BIRTHDAY 😉

Think I found one of my gifts 😉

Slash album by Slash (and friends)

This is the tracklist of the eponimous Slash album:

‘Ghost’ (featuring Ian Astbury)
‘Beautiful Dangerous’ (featuring Fergie)
‘Nothing To Say’ (featuring M Shadows)
‘Crucify The Dead’ (featuring Ozzy Osbourne)
‘Promise’ (featuring Chris Cornell)
‘By The Sword’ (featuring Andrew Stockdale of Wolfmother)
‘Doctor Alibi’ (featuring Lemmy of Motorhead)
‘Saint Is A Sinner Too’ (featuring Rocco De Luca)
‘Watch This’ (featuring Dave Grohl and Duff McKagan)
‘I Hold On’ (featuring Kid Rock)
‘Gotten’ (featuring Adam Levine)
‘We’re All Gonna Die’ (featuring Iggy Pop)
‘Starlight’ (featuring Myles Kennedy)

This is simply awesome.

And hugely flattering.

Now Adam can add “hard rock” to the list of his collaborations. He’s gone anywhere from pop to rock, to rap, to hip hop, to soul, to country, to disco trance music,  to soundtracking to crooning till hard rock now.

I think he lacks just raggae at this point.

But I wouldn’t be surprised if he would get in there soon too. *Sublime*.

Can’t wait to have the record.

Now if they’d drop THEIR own record detailes… I’d be just plain fine. And I’d feel WAY better after Kobe’s trouble.

Have a great day everyone 😉 I’ll try to cope with my own one, I promise.


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