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Kobe is all Time Greatest Lakers scorer. Ah, and we LOST. Plus… the remake of We Are The World

Posted on: 2 February 2010

Good morning.


All the rest counts WAY less.

I mean… WAY less.

Well… fact is my prediction about the 5-3 record on the road trip was painfully exact.

Pau and Marc Gasol

Darn, I never get those feelings wrong…

Am I showin REALLY superpowers here? Dunno… I wish I were wrong… and so the cuter Gasol (Pau‘s brother Marc) had the final laugh against us, courtesy also of the not really aggressive game of everyone in the Lakers corner, ban the always immense God Bryant and this time Ron Ron (though exactly Kobe and Ron Ron missed the final chance to actually WIN the game against the Memphis Grizzlies.).

Shit happens.

What can we say.

I expressed my view in the Lakers Blog as usual, and I reiterate that the game win or loss is just a result of too much of selfcomplacency after yesterday epic win. And some tiredness, as well.

No big deal.

I had my way to get back in celebratory mood. And actually both Karim and I were just happy and proud for Kobe. The win that we had to pull off was against the Celts.

Now let’s get back to LA.

LA, where after all the Grammy Awards fabulousity a quite impressive number of musicians (and actors???) are just recording the 2010 version of the great classic “We Are The World“.

Song will be premiered and explained later, but read here.

There’s one  name you get I am particularly happy to see in the making of…


Divine Adam last saturday

The money made will be all devolved to Haiti Relief.

I love charity, so I am not even got to notice that there are incredible idiocities in the composition of the pack (Erm… Jonas? Cyrus? Bieber???? Guess Quincy – rightly so since it’s for charity – wants the brainwashed teen and preteen masses to buy this like crazy… And hopefully they will. Haitians need badly help).

I actually think the 1985 version is UNBEATABLE.

But I am curious to hear how the rappers will rapper on that.

I am also curious to learn what Pink had to say to Kanye after having labeled him the “biggest piece of shit on Earth. Quote me” (I am doing it 😉

Too bad they beef: I think a duet between them would be simply awesome. I still think that Kanye is a music genius. GENIUS. Really.

Anyway… listen to the original We Are The World.

Pure class. It was in my Year of Birth. The song my parents use to play for all the time I was coming and blossoming. Gotta LOVE that.

This song is a masterpiece.

Hope NOBODY tries to sing in place of Michael Jackson (Usher… I am talkin to you.)

UPDATE: How I love when he smiles this way… Absolutely melting my soul out… I shiver. All the time. *sigh*

Adam Levine and Josh Groban records the remade version of We Are The World

Adam Levine and Josh Groban records the remade version of We Are The World


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