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Beating Celtics by 1 is sweet; Grammy Awards? Eww.

Posted on: 1 February 2010


Go Lakers!!!

Surfacing from an INCREDIBLE night, out from a right deserved celebration in pure Sex&Candy style outta of an even more INCREDIBLE win by my beloved Lakers, I try to gather thoughts here before composing a peana in the Lakers Blog about the epic effort of my babies.

Jeez. What a way to win against the hated Green Enemies.

As Tina would sing... We don't need another Hero. We have KOBE!!

What an AMAZING way. 99-98 after trailing for three quarters, and after we had such a promising, convincing first quarter.

It has been like a movie.

One of those where in the end the good heroes win.

That was so intense and awesome.

I screamt at midnight and a quarter so loud I guess they heard me from the Moon.

Absolutely fabulous.

Of course, man of miracle is and forever be the one and only, the God, Kobe Bryant.

It’s just unlimited what he can do.

To follow him is pure magic.

I also have to say THANK YOU to especially Andrew and Ron Ron. They have been fantastic. Fantastic.

This team is born to do magic. If only we could stay healthy…

Taylor Swift Album of the Year? GROSS. Epic Fail, Grammy...

The other big event of the night actually left me cold and disappointeed.

Extremely disappointed.

Driven by a blind need of selling a pop princess and give her credit, so to maximize her record selling appeal outside America, Grammy Committee had the awful idea of landing Album Of The Year (the top prize) at the more than undeserving Taylor Swift.

Oh, boy… girl is cute and sweet (though to me she is quite different in real) and she was abused by Kanye in September (bets thing that might have ever happened to her though since after then she’s America’sSweetheart…) and sure she is a true artist who can at least write songs and play (on the singing.. erm… no, we’ve got to work there A LOT), but… TRULY??? Album of the Year???

No way.

That was a pure marketing step for the record industry.

It erases credibility out of the Grammies.


Kings of Leon.. bless ya!:)

Luckely at least Kings of Leon won also one of the major Awards (and a total of 3 for the amazing Use Somebody, which summonize with the one they got last year for the equally beautiful Sex On Fire. That was GOOD). At least a good thing. (MGMT stolen by another Country act? Oh, my… gross, again).

I saw the night at Staples through video (while Karim and I were.. erm.. celebrating the victory against the hated Celtics… ;)) and I was absolutely left breathless by Pink‘s performance.


That is somebody deserving an award, for up’s sake!!! Next year what… Jonas Brothers for the prize?

Ewww. I am really starting to see that Grammies are becoming just a glammed up version of useless popularity contests as American Music Awards or MTV ones are.

Too bad.

I also loved Gaga and Elton John‘s duet. (Gaga won, but not near as much as she should have. Again.. Epic fail Grammy Committee. EPIC).

Oh well, shit happens.

I sense huge backlash out from way too high expectations now.

But whatever. At least GreenDay won too (and I am happy also about Phoenix and Maxwell taking home big prizes… even Eminem! Beyoncé? well, girl can sing and she’s a definite super pro. But I am not buying her holiness, sorry. Some of those six grammies she did not deserve to have them. Singing Alanis live after she BOUGHT her writing credits? GROSS. Again.)


Lakers beat the s**t outta Boston and that feels so incredibly good any other thing disappears from my horizon.

It’s a great day, folks.



1 Response to "Beating Celtics by 1 is sweet; Grammy Awards? Eww."

Impossible not to comment about your Grammy summary. I totally agree on everything. Performances were amazing in general. But, I’m upset that Beyonce eraned so many Grammys. Clearly she’s not that good. It upsets me more cos she now has more than a true artist like Alicia Keys. Then she also wins things she buys such as co-writing credits. 4 me Single Ladies is a repetitive non-sense annoying song. Maybe a good comercial smash, but not a deserving song of the year. I told you KOL will win something big and that was the bright side. Sad that P!nk didn’t win after Glitter in the Air performance!!! Ok, even though I love Taylor a lot she needs to improve vocally. She has the traits I love about an artist, but she needs to work on her vocal range. I saw GaGa’s disppointing face after the ceremony. I feel bad for her cos her performance was speechless (just like the song) hehe. Happy 4 KOL, but sad 4 Beyonce. So now on if I wanna win an Oscar I’ll buy it, even a Nobel Price. Now, money is the real power. That’s sad. I heard all Muse’s material and I think it deserves Grammys, but they won’t win cos they are not a popular side of the market. Well, I needed to say that. Congrats for the Lakers, I saw the win, EPIC!!! Have a great week, I’m having it. Hugs 🙂

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