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Bachelorette madness and music love

Posted on: 31 January 2010

Good morning and Sunday world!!!

Resurfacing from one AMAZING weekend, where I did all I could to please, shock, entertain and make feel special my best friend, while awaiting – at his pad – for Karim to come back from the Switzerland madness of the boys (along the future husband) I get back to my blog to update it a bit.

It has been such a fabulous weekend.

Decors made with real flowers in

Starting from Friday, when we took Marghe out and driving into a snowfall we reached the private club where we did book for her. I spent quite to rent the whole place (which is NOT up for renting, it’s a regular place, but I am lucky enough to be good friend with the owner, so he just did me a massive favour, which I’ll be always grateful to him for…) and organize a dinner, a show for her (no strippers.. that’s gross and useless. We don’t pay for cute guys to strip for us: we force them to be so heated they will WANT to strip for us anyway…). Then when the place actually opened up for everyone else, the selection would have been out of MY tips given at the entrance. So we had the whole place filled with cute people (both males and females) and we had a BLAST.

The DJ also tried to match his style with our taste, and mostly Marghe’s taste.

Up in the VIP area where we were, there were all giant screens and I could follow, around 1 am, the Lakers game in Philadelphia. It was awesome.

Of course I couldn’t fill in the chat. Seems like it will be impossible for me from the iphone. BUMMER.

Oh, well.

Note: I behaved.

Side note: But I had a couple of hunks around who deserved the teasing treatement, and then I left themm empty-ended. I am cruel. I like that 😉

Marghe had, in her words, “Such a great night I hope marriage won’t cause me to abandon the good life. Zaira… keep me in these things!”.

Don’t worry babe.

The whole place had purple and magenta and warm red’s decorations cos these are the colours Marghe had chosen for her party.

We went home (driven by a choffeur, of course) that it was 8h30 in the MORNING. Whoooo-Hooo!

Hammam is great

The day of Saturday was instead all dedicated at wellness and beauty care. We have been all (12 plus the bride) checked into one of the greatest hammam&beauty farm Italy has to offer and we had the whole day of treatements for us, with special deliver to the bride, of course, who received also a year-long membership for the facility (our gift to her. She was in tears by then ;)).

After all the day long care, the massive rented limo drove us to Marghe’s favourite Restaurant which is pretty near Lake Como.

A delicious dinner filled with her best digged food, which is all about fishes.

Then we went out checking live music, and then we ended at her place, the new place that she will share with her hubby, and we had a wonderful night of chit-chat about our entire lives together, what it means to her to have us, and what she feels like in being a wife soon.

It has been such an awesome night: I love Marghe and the friendship we have all together. I realized that in a way I ma happy I don’t leave so suddenly for Los Angeles already.

I am happy to stay around here more these days.

Shit… Am I becoming creepily emotional? Oh, my… Hate these things.

Adam, hours ago, at the Green Music Group thing

To fullfill the time gap waiting for Karim to come back, I will probably search the whole of Internet about the Green Music Group bash that has just been held in LA.

James tweeted about it, Questlove tweeted about it, now let’s hope Adam tweets about it too.

And moreover let’s hope for some – more – footage and video, especially considering Questo mentioned a jam consisting of him, Maroon5 and Dave Matthews Band.

Holy… heavenly!!!

PS: looks like somebody cut again his hair. (?? dunno if I really like that. But in the end I know I will…)

Waiting for more to come out, let me remind everybody that tonight there are the GRAMMY AWARDS!!!!!

Do I sound excited? Cos I am. I want these to win: MGMT, Kings of Leon, and Lady Gaga. Plus Green Day and Jamie Foxx and Melanie Fiona. Maxwell and Dave Matthews are fine too with me. Oh, and Depeche Mode. The rest can die.

Some more pics

Beyoncé? No way. Though she probably has already bought all the Committee.

Taylor Swift? Please. Cute and all, but artistically it’s a shame they landed her anything out from the Country category already. Too much of hype for too weak of a voice. But she can grow (this if John Mayer won’t ruin her sanctity… which I assume he did already, actually… and that’s FUN…)

I leave you with some from past week that excited me more as soon as I learnt that it was involving ALSO the mighty, one and only guru of music, Mr. Thom Yorke from the *holy* Radiohead.

Talkin about music (and here I end) yesterday I just almost throwed up a little in my mind when Adam’s brother Michael shout out through twitter his appreciation of… erm… Miley Cyrus? Dear above… I had to differ. He answered that he disagrees, I answered back that musically we live on two different planets. And we always will.

Miley is garbage for 11 years old with a Disney brainwashed music taste (well, taste is a big word here…).
I proudly wear and always will this statement and idea.

Jeez. Music is a serious matter to me. Cyrus, Jonas Brothers, all this useles stuff are a cancer for real music.

Have a great sunday… and today… Lakers against Celtics.


Go destroy the Green Goblins!!!


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