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My best friend’s bachelorette party:life changes

Posted on: 29 January 2010

Today is a very, very special day.

Me and my best friend in 1990

My best friend Margherita has her bachelorette party: we will have an all girlie weekend, starting tonight (I have organized a blast, can’t write a thing here or she will read…) and gettin on till Sunday morning.

Karim has left me at the lab this morning freakin out (not seriously) cos he fears what I could do during the celebration.

I replied telling him he has not to worry. And in case I will find someone worthy of betrayal I’ll call him up, so he can come in time to drag the man out of my pants and substitute him (it has already happened when I wasn’t yet… *only his*) straight…

Anyway, I’ll behave. In case I will just tease and be cruel. We are at a safe place tonight. I am sure I cannot claim the same for our boys (I heard they might have organized something in Switzerland. There are brothels there pretty famous.. ;))

Oh, all’s regular.

Nothing shocks me.

I just warned Karim to keep the future husband in check, cos Marghe’s not as liberal as me when it comes to sex. About Karim himself, I am never jalous. He can do all he likes as long as it’s safe. I am not kidding. I am not a jalous person. I wouldn’t feel betrayed AT ALL. He can have fun *f * if he likes to (of course he won’t due to his own concept of fidelity: but again, it’s upon him, not me. He’s free for me).

Anyway, this day and especially the marriage of my dearest Marghe will definitely be a milestone also in my own life.

We’ve been like sisters all life long.

When I was living in the Uk, and also when I was in the USA for more than one year back in 2005, she kept calling me daily, visiting me all times she could. The same I was doing, and trying to never ever miss any of her mattering facts, such as her driving licence obtaining (SCARY first drive: believe me… SCARY!)

In fact, when it was programmed that I would have been in LA starting from end of February, she decided that she would have married prior to it, to have me all around. Then the program for LA changed, but you get the picture.She chose her wedding date due to ME. It means… a world to me. The entire world.

On Valentine’s Day she will be a wife. I’ll be the bride of honour. I am already training to NOT cry in front of her. It’s not gonna be easy.

I still think it’s quite early for her to marry. Technically she does it at 24. It’s… very soon.

But then you know… I ‘m not the marrying type. So I don’t count for this spoken out opinion – which she is aware of btw.

She’s radiant and he’s definitely a lovely man.

I know nothing changes between us.

It’s just a mark that we’re adults right now.

When your childhood friends, those of your same age range, start to marry, you get the phase of life you’re in is definitely moving forwards.

Feels… intense.

In my mind I think I would like to remain 19 forever. But it’s so NOT possible.

I know.

Marghe, dear: you’re so precious in my life. And I’ll always be here for you. Always.

Glad you joined us for the Wii League yesterday. And get ready: you have NO idea what I have prepared for you honey!

PS: For obvious reasons, today I won’t follow the Lakers. I have just one best friend. And she marries. Her bachelorette party counts everything in my life today 🙂


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