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Grammy week, iPad, Zen and my Tao

Posted on: 28 January 2010

So, Lakers won again the second time in a row yesterday.

Nice game, but as yesterday was all too deep and heavy to discuss about the poor Wizards, today is similarly just not enough the thrill (irony detected) in me about the win against the Pacers to make me spend too much words on the game.

We won, cos right… well there’s no comparison between Lakers and any of those two scrappy teams (sorry to any Pacer or Wizard lover around. No disrespect… just stating the obvious).

Today is again Wii League, finally in a complete way: people coming at me (this afternoon I get back in my house cos I want to ride Swifty, day is so clear and chill and perfect I want to go outside, and that’s why I exit from work at 3 pm…) along Karim, everybody picks up something cold and nice to eat and then at 9 pm all in the arena for 3 hours gamers. WHOOO-HOOO! I love that 😉

Yesterday my nerdiness, hopeless one, has fully manifestated itself while I was following the Apple iPad launch in San Francisco.

I only know that I want it.

Steve Jobs presents the iPad

I have the Kindle and an iPhone and a laptop, a Mac home… I have two iPods (one regular, one shuffle) and still as soon as I saw that, a voice inside me screamed:

“GET IT NOW!!!!”

I always feel like a kid anytime Apple unveils anything new.

Then Jobs is the ultimate showman, isn’t he?

I am a total devotee and a freak, too. What can I do about it… I am. I will have that for my birthday. Ehy! turning 25 is something important.


Before I reach the actual matter of this post (I haven’t even caressed it yet…) and while we are in Southern California matter… this is the Grammy Week!!!!

Awww. The Grammies. How I love them. I would love them even more if I could just be NOW in La, in my lil new house, wandering in search of… good things 😉

Some of which are for instance already enlightened by this People’s article:

People Grammy Parties Preview

And needless to say, there are two things that caught me: Jamie Foxx‘s infamous party (I could have BET MY LIFE  sweet babies would have chosen that one, as *somebody* really loves Jamie Foxx) and then the news about the party organized for the launch of the Green Music Group (awwwwwwww! totally in awe of this) on saturday, preceeding the more than legendary Davis‘s preGrammy night.

Aww. The green conscience of my beloveds just fills me with pride.

I just wish I could be in LA now. Oh… how I do I could.

Now I can finally tell you about what I was thinkin yesterday, deep in Karim’s arms after a long long day.

Yesterday, you know, it was tough for me. I suffer deeply inside me the tragedy of the Holocaust, even not being Jewish, or Rom… Hate of beasty proportions just collides with my spirit so much I feel hopeless and too tiny to surface back.

Karim suggested me to do some meditation.

Zen Words

And then we started to get phylsophical about the way I am quite a split personality, also in my way to react to tragedies such as the one remembered yesterday.

“You are definitely an intellectual person, Zaira. Which is amazing and totally right, not to mention completely fascinating, especially in someone as beautiful as you are. Unfortunately, this bonds also with your huge sensitivity in a way that affects you when the mere logic can’t tell you why barbarian acts take place. When your brain can’t find reasons sufficent enough for the pain inside your heart, you feel lost, and that’s understandeable…”

“You’re right. That’s exactly what happens…”

I said back to him.

“Well, the love you have for Eastern Philosophy can help you exactly there. Being Zen asks you to not being judgemental, just to be a conscious observer. It’s not indifference, it’s actually the only way to give sense at the human madness without succumb at its evil grab over the soul. When you consider that your own given symbol, the thing you feel describe you the most, it’s a Tao… you totally show you know the truth. Indeed you’re VERY Tao in everything you show. It’s something totally precious in my eyes…”

Zen Garden in Kyoto

We started to talk and browsing through our THOUSANDS Japan pics we took this past summer. And talkin about satori (illumination in the Zen concept), and recalling little koan stories and going by memory with some japanese haiku poems. We were kissing so amazingly the whole time, and in a long, elapsed space of time we ended naked making love over the floor in a wonderful, truly wonderful way.

That was purely magical.

Maybe I love Japan so much cos being in touch with its way of life can help my way too thoughtful (in painful way) mind. Never actually got to reflect about this.

Once again Karim knows me more than I do know myself.

It’s magical.

That too.

Thank you honey.

I love you every day more, and you’re the golden frame that keeps my chaotic Tao together well.


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