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Yoga, Japanese food, much love and warm memories

Posted on: 25 January 2010

Day ahead is fullfilled with things to do.

Yesterday we just tried to relax after an hectic week, and the highlight was the double yoga session with our personal trainer at Karim’s pad.

I love the yoga in two. Some mirror position just feel fine with me and my man.

Later we went out dining Japanese.

We had amazing conversations all night long.

It’s extremely pleasant to talk with Karim. He knows so much, he’s seen so much of the world and one thing that I truly, truly appreciate in him is that he has opinions that he tries to prove and develop under the stigmata of logic, without avoiding passion or emotionally charged impressions.

I love him so.

Yesterday he showed me “his camera”.

The holy camera he drags everywhere.

You know, I am never up to post personal pics.

I post them rarely and generally I love when they are either faded or processed.

I like people in real life motion, and I have grown up all my life kinda despising the need of  self “tabloid coverage” guys of my generation are so fond of.

Pictures are a private thing.

Karim not only agrees with me totally on this, he actually is even more strict about it (look at our New Years Eve pics: that’s the only way you will get a glimpse of Karim under these pages…).

But at times Karim fix images of me he is particularly happy with.

Generally they are moving, or with particular lights, or sometimes catch me in funny faces or… crying (either of joy or emotional stray…).

Those pictures he loves to look over and create portraits of art.

On saturday in Florence he took one of those. Yesterday he shown me the result (he has already put it in frame and now the HUGE poster stay in his living room…), then he asked me to post a thumbnail here cos:

“The way you were soaking after the long walk in Florence put in your face and eyes the love for the town I feel always in my heart. In that picture, it’s like your soul transferred in your face is just like my own soul… I could stare at that an entire life and never get tired.”

So, there you go.

For how much I don’t like to post pics, this time I will.

God bless beautiful Florence.

Me on this past saturday (incoming) evening.


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