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Awful sporty Sunday. Awesome Florence Weekend. Even.

Posted on: 24 January 2010


The theory of the half glass definitely applies to my latest hours.

Let’s start with the bad: Lakers painfully lost at the last second against Toronto Raptors.

Lakers miss chances against Toronto Raptors and we lose 106-105

Kobe did not bail out his teammates’ misery at the buzzer end and RIGHTLY so. We played so against my own life in the fourth quarter I kept telling in chat game was far from secluded all around. Pau decided to miss the unmisseable (Kobe yelled at him in a not previously seen way… I bet that will raise him up for the rest of the season… wow, it was intense!), Bargnani and Belinelli (and Turkoglu) did all they were meant to and so now the CRabs have also the best record in the League (not for long I hope, they have a game played more…).

It’s an awful January so far. 13 games, 7 wins and 6 losses. Oh, boy… Bad stuff.

That alone could have been enough to tip my Sunday sporty day bad. Even though technically the game started when it was Monday here.

But well… that of course was just the conclusion to an already epically horrendous night.

Because you know… there was Inter-Milan yesterday.

THE game.

The game we had to win cos we were humiliated 4-0 in August by hatred Mourinho’s crew, the one we had to win cos we wanted to chase them and grabe them… the one we had to win cos we were in an up momentum and they were not.

THAT game.

Well, we lost. Badly. We lost playing 11 against 10 for 70 minutes, and failing miserably to make that advantage count.

Man, it was like being in San Siro yesterday constituted a prelude to the Hell.

My Purgatory days.

It has been just tragic.

I can’t say much so I leave you with this video of the game (it’s in Italian, but you get it anyway…).

Borriello tried a new “Levine-alike” hairdo. FAIL. I mean… Sanson’s genes anyone? He missed all that could have been missed. ALL.

Friggin hewl.

So, that is.

My sporty sunday being just a lived up nightmare.

But today I keep smiling still, folks.

Florence Ponte Vecchio yesterday morning


Oh, dear…

It’s cos I slept in the arms of an angel and it’s cos along this angel I have been in the most beautiful town ever.

My oh my… we TOTALLY fell in love with Florence.


We’ve been there not even 30 hours and it was like every second we were having Stendhal’s Syndrome.

It was so incredibly powerful.

Every sight we were catching… we were left breathless.

I did not know Karim had such a passion for Florence.

Florence Piazza Signoria, yesterday morning

He explained me he went there for 3 months when he was at his last year of College school.

Then he actually got to know Meli, through a friend of a friend (older than him, and of Meli’s age).

“Florence is my elective town, Zaira. I have lived in Rome, and I adore Rome… I heart Venice, and I love pretty much every Italian town I have been in. But Florence is the only town of which I keep looming images in my head and brain almost daily since I have been there years ago. It’s the way sun colours its shaped roofs. The way beauty id so into it, and the way it’s so small and precious. If I could chose where to live, beside the States… I would love to live here. I feel like I belong.”

Now I know what made Karim and Meli click in the first place.

Their utmost love for the town, which is, how not to reckon it, simply spectacular.

We wandered around just.

Karim said he did not want to miss the sun by entering Uffizi that late (we arrived that it was almost midday on saturday: the sun was shining and sky seemed a Sapphir stoned platform completely blue…), and he tracked me around the downtown, starting though form the top of Piazzale Michelangelo.

We did not even shop. We just walked around catching glimpses of human art perfection.

“Zaira, tell me we will come here often this year. I want you to see Florence with the eyes of mine. When I think of perfection in Renaissance’s art… I think of you.”

“I’m not really Botticelli’s shaped… My bones sadly don’t match that”

He smiled and quipped:

“Heart of my life, Botticelli depicted perfection in his own time. If he were living now, Venus would be you.”

Florence. Our new Love Town.

WE have just walked keeping each other’s hand. For hours and hours.

It was awesome and peculiar to have an American telling me ALL about Florence. ALL: my gosh… he seemed like and encyclopedia!

But from his words and the way he was gazing and the way sentences were coming off his mouth, all full of grace and love, you could tell he really is in love with the town.

He’s like I am with Japan there.

I so totally understand him.

We had made love in a very tender, slow, amazing way there. It has been dreamy.

We will definitely be back a few times this year.

What he loves, I adore.

That’s it.

Have all a fabulous weekend peeps.

I am swalloing sporty pain with artistic inspirations.



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