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Majorly bugged by Crabs.I meant Cavs. ARGH!

Posted on: 21 January 2010

Terrible bombing in LakerLand against the CRabs

Today I can also play on the repeat just this song (one of my favourites EVER and FOREVER, cos Lakers lost again against the Crabs and to add insult to injury, the man costing us the win was my adored Pau.

Well, not only him, but his missed FT at a bunch of seconds from the end, wich costed us a potential useful lead to play along conveniently, was sincerly like a kick in the mouth for me.

Awful. This song heals. Like Karim’s sexmaking with me did just hours ago after the slap in our Lakers core.

NOTE: the video has some wrong intermission with the words, like messing up “want” with “need” but I loved that in the image there are tons of Natalia Vodianova‘s Calvin Klein’s ads. So I kept that choice up. Love Natalia. She’s gorgeous.

Of course I will write later in the Los Angeles Times Lakers Blog about all this, but not now. I need to focus on good things and to fill this page with good things.

On the Good things… This evening I will tune in on Italia1 (shame on me) cos finally after 1 year and four months the channel broadcast in First Vision CSI:NewYork “Page Turner” (they call it in Italian “Il Libro della Morte” namely The Book of Death . I know. We suck with translating titles…).

The episode with the opening clip in Central Park by Maroon5, exactly that one. I have it from iTunes since it were available in iTunes USA, but it will be nice to see it also on Italian screen with the Italian words (not that they can translate the song… or Divine Adam’s voice of course ;))

Divine Adam who finally spoke again on his Twitter to thank those who helped raise funds on tuesday night in LA for Haiti tragedy.

Adam sings for Haiti Relief

I leave aside some collage.

I just wanna to underline that it’s about time that Adam and Seth McFarlane, Family Guy’s and American Dad’s creator, stop to just jam and sing together (it has happened already a few times) and decide themselves for a duet on some sort of cartoon episode. I would SO love  to see Adam guest star as a voice in Family Guy. Not as himself… as a flip off character singing at some point along Stewie. Now that would be awesome.

Plus Seth and Adam’s voices merge awesomely together.

But as you know, what I surely love the most out of these pictures (and the following ones) is that Adam played drums again.

I adore him “drummer version”. I just do.

His fascination with drumming explaines me a lot why he tends to sing hopping on the beatrolling. There’s a part of his brain that works things out depending on the beat.

I love, love love that.

Oh, yesterday it was Wii League.

Adam and Seth McFarlane for Haiti Relief

A short version of it cos the game started soon (sooner than I had thought… and that the night would have been s*it I could have got also by the fact the internet connection that allowed me to see the game on NBA Pass went off for abundantly a quarter and half… Ironically, the first part of the game was the one we played better… argh… Gotta stop think at the game… Gotta stop!!).

Btw, I won at tennis again. My own sporty pride is safe 😉 Friends here are actually happy that Karim and I stay more in Italy and don’t leave suddenly too soon for Los Angeles. Though all of them want to visit us when we will be there over summer ;).

Call them fools… LOL.

Another good thing (always babies-related: for bringin a smile back to me I need TOTALLY my music healers on my side): you all know how much I love to have my Maroon5 & Related collection complete, and how much I love to have, beside “liquid” tunes for iPod, also phisical CDS to keep in my hands. Well, the cover of Frank Sinatra they did for iTunes of course couldn’t be held physicallly in my hand in form of a cd. Until NOW.

Cos (thank worlld!!!) that song… THIS song (how I love my video for it… ;))…

is part of the Official Soundtrack for the Film Valentine’s Day. No need to argue that as I learnt it, I ran over Amazon and ordered it. Now that collection you see in the video above will include one more cd ;). I don’t care about any other song. I bought it EXCLUSIVELY for the M5 one. I don’t either care about the movie actually. Don’t know if I can stand that much sugar…

Happy Zaira nonetheless 🙂

To finish with the good things in stylish way, James is right now recording stuff with JJAMZ.


Love that.

James jams with JJAMZ (I know, I know... sounds fun ;))

I have included in my Twitter watch all of the members who actually have Twitter. You all know how soft spot I have for Alex Greenwald so… Can’t wait to listen to this material. I just can’t wait 🙂

I leave you with another small pic, and then I rush to FaceBook and MySpace to save JJAMZ there too.

So okay… we lost against CRABS. PrincessJimmy and his whining are unsufferable, his singing of Eminem’s rap to mock us just proved once more he’s a selfreferential pri*k.

He’s as classless and as jerky as possible. King James? Please.

He has the grace of a gangster. Come to us in the Final (if you reach them) Cavs: we will destroy them and have our revenge there.

You Cavemen will never prevail when it counts. NEVER.

I believe in style and justice.

There you go 😉


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