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Lakers Wizard Magic down. Divine A. brings neophytes to Staples Courtside

Posted on: 19 January 2010


I mean… just AWESOME feeling this one I’ve got after the victorious effort against Magic.

All I could say is in this post in the thread after the chat of tonights game (well, past night’s game to me)… here 🙂

I am just so happy cos we shown lot of maturity and as Kobe says in this video (below) defense is back. We build our rings on defense. You just can call me one happy gal today 🙂 🙂 🙂

Our kids are doing good.

Lakers beat Magic

I am happy I called Lamar to be our defintive key to open up thegame in our favour… He plays greatly with Pau, it seemed to me so much like in the Finals last year at a certain point Karim and I started to sing a bit of the chants at the Coliseum this past summer. It was AMAZING as a feeling.

Pau is just my type of player (well, after Kobe of course). I mean… ow much class can one man have and still always act so gently and controlled and elegantly? He reminds me so much of Marco Van Basten. My kid times sport hero. Yes, they have the same class and the same amazing style.

Today outside is incredibly frosty. I can feel snow coming (let’s hope it won’t compromise this incoming sunday’s Derby, right?) but I am feeling amazingly sunny inside.

Yesterday I met the lawyer about the Los Angeles property. It’s completely mine now. That’s my first true home and it’s strange it’s a home abroad. I am sure I am gonna use it sooner than later.

Tomorrow I have the meeting at the Consolate of USA in Milan, about the way I am gonna handle my number of traveling there for work matter for the next 10 months. I feel like this big woman for doing it but in fact I am just chosing rightly to stay with Karim as much as  I can.

I guess our relationship is blossoming furtherly again.

Yesterday his parents called me, and a certain FORBIDDEN word was thrown around. I politely explained that’s not in any of our plans. Karim will talk with them again. They might also come again here visiting us in the nearby future.

Don’t get me wrong… I am flattered that they think I could even be dignified in marrying their adorable son. It’s just that marriage is not my thing. Karim gets it. I hope they do as well. Wholeheartedly.

As I said… maybe the day that we could like to have babies (a LONG, LONG from now perspective…) I might bend to the idea of marriage but so far no way. It’s already a big, enormous step the one I have taken to be in a singular, exclusive relationship. Don’t push it further, Karim’s fam. Please. It would break a lot of things.


Adam takes his stepbrother Sam at the game

Talkin about *sons*, I knew that I would have got to explain to some friends that the kid along Divine Adam tonight at Staples Center wasn’t his son. Yiiikes. A son? No way. Nobody is yet dignified to have his babies, for heaven’s sake. He has to play the player for some years more. I need more time you know, to have that famous “one last shot”.

That’s Sam, his lil stepbrother. Cute… Adam is starting to take him courtside to make him grow as a Lakerholic, just like his dad did to him. Awwww. I went nuts after I saw them centered by the kiss cam during the game. Sam was adorable in Purple&Gold sweater.

I tried to find a pic of them courtside but I guess (and rightly so if that’s the case) Adam forbid to take pics of the lil creature inside. So unless you get to find pics from attendees, I fear you have to content yourself with the one taken as they came in at the Staples (they also left slightly before the game ended, from what I caught from tv).

Tonight the game is broadcasted again here at 8 pm, but generally they edit all the parts of the Kiss Cam so I don’t have much hope to have the two bros caught on dvd. I’ll try though. Anyway… awww. It’s all I can think of, really.

This evening I will ride Swifty indoor.

The amazing beast is really tenderly attached to me already. His trainer says he reckons even my steps on the ground when I am coming. and he shows joy 🙂 🙂 🙂

Am I blessed or what?

Have all a great week. Mine has started just in the best possible way.


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