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Posted on: 13 January 2010


Kobe against Spurs

Two days in a row of wakin up at 2h30 am to catch Lakers road trip in the big Texas.

We lost badly against the Spurs two days ago (I haven’t updated on that yesterday cos the Haiti tragedy was still way a bigger thing…I reiterate: donate through those links available on yesterday’s post, please!), and it was hurtful due to Kobe‘s unability to properly play (back injury). It seemed like everything was going downhill (well, no ring without Kobe, that’s simply obvious…) and I was pretty concerned.

On the good side, we were just starting to experience a Los Angeles Times Lakers Blog Chat with no fakers, due to a registry process through either Twitter (check), Facebook (check), and MySpace (yes… now I created that too… check), and that was truly enjoyable, to say the least. So, first trip in Texas went painfully wrong. I had my way to be consoled for it, don’t worry…

Tonight instead, things went WAY, way better:

Yes, it was a team game, an awesome team game, and once more the one and only THE GOD Kobe proved he’s not human.

It was so beautifully intense to fear for him, take part for him, see him struggle and feel pain and then… overcome all that.

Kobe versus Mavericks' Shawn Marion

I have no idea on how he can do that.

He’s an alien made of steel.

I wrote in the Lakers Blog that he’s like Alexander The Great and Ramses II all together. He’s truly that. The perfect leader and athlet. A monster. A monster that I adore.

We had this fantastic team effort that just made me so darn proud, winning over Mavericks at their home 100-95. Great feeling. Great.

I went on with Karim in bed for abundantly one hour after that. No need to add that I am a bit tired today. I will skip the horseriding and rest. No Wii League tonight. We’re out dinning.

What we celebrate?

The Holy White Heron: Freedom of Choices.

Well, I told you yesterday there were lots of things going on. And indeed, they are and they’re all important.

Karim has been offered an awesome position by his mentor at University. A position that would see him rooting in Italy and generally Southern Europe for the incoming three years.

He’s dead serious about his art love. He’s born ridicolously rich, and he’s a son and a nephew of a former Ambassador and Diplomathic. He could just sit his ass out and do nothing more than banking for the rest of his life. Instead… he’s an artist and a lover of beauty. And he wants to pursuit his life journey by doing something mattering to his own self. For real.

No mystery why I do love him.

But yes… this offer, of course, made him doubtful cos you know… I should be in Los Angeles with him by ending of February.

For MY own work career. We did buy a house around Glendale last July. We have it there ready, totally fit for us. We love that place even though we’ve been there just twice. We long to be a bit of Los Angelenos for a while. That town is in our hearts dearly, not only for Lakers love. It’s amazing how somebody that bound to San Francisco as Karim is can love so deeply also Los Angeles. I thought there was a rivalry there. Not within Karim though. And he studied there after all, so he’s got all connections needed.

All is Full of Love (Bjork video)

He went at me and we had a long, awesome, profound time talking.

It’s not about marriage, it’s not about anything people can see on the outside. It was about me and him and our time together. We treasure that. We both suffer while we are parted.

For a lot of reasons.

We just stay wonderfully together.

Which doesn’t mean we have to feel like we can’t live as singular individuals.

He knows I will never give up on my life for nobody. I am independent. And I love independent people.

Then what… will we be parted for months?

Not necessarily.

My representative work in USA doesn’t need a complete staying. We were planning that cos we would have loved to set a bit up in Los Angeles in a more stable way. We love the town for millions of reasons… but we are young and we can postpone a proper move in. This is a bit of a struggle on the side of documents though. Next week I will have a meeting with the local Consolate of USA and then a formal hearing with my chief (who’s my father, you know…) about re-scheduling all and maybe set up with my German pairing for the job a shared and more fitting Los Angeles schedule.

I think I will just have lots of planes to take. Not spending the time I was looking forward to in LA as soon as I expected, in terms of social life and erm… Fixes Haunting, you know… 😉 (oh, you can bet I still want that. Karim knows. He’s okay with that. No need everytime to flame me after I state my obvious target on the Special Catch, my one and only, holy Levine war…)

The good side is that having a house we will be free to take vacations in LA any time our work will allow that. For our entire lives.

It’s not bad, let’s say it.

I just want to tell you that my place is where you are. I don’t wanna ask you to do a thing. My choice is to let myself free to be with you. If I won’t have to sleep to be with you as much as possible, I will learn how to survive not doing it. I am honoured to get this chance to stay in Italy. I have always loved here. But now I feel like I have to belong here. Cos it’s here that you have your roots. When they asked me to stay… it was like I was feeling I did belong here. It was no brainer. I know there’s part of Italian blood in my genetics. Just I never imagined that small part could mean all this much to me.

It was awesome to hear.

Also cos I do know how proud and fierce about being American Karim is.

Our other place anyway will always be Japan, my adored Princess. You know… one day we will have a house there too…

I can’t tell you the way we made love after that powerful conversation. It was just incredible. Incredible. UNBELIEVABLE. Beyond magic. Beyond wildest imaginations.

Hewl.. I feel so blessed.

But what made me tell him how much I love him was this line:

Feel free to stay in LA or wherever you wanna go, Zaira. I trust you. Our love. The fact you love me. I will never cage you. Never. The way our love makes me feel is all about being free and amazingly true to one another. I die when we are not together. But if I do love you the way I completely adore you… it’s cos you taught me that love is freedom, not imposition. Choice day by day, not a sterile contract. And my aim is makin you chose me every single day more than the day before. I know I can make it...”

My answer has just been this one:

“You make it every day better, Special K. There’s no one I can see myself with when I would be old and grey. But no marriage in sight, okay? When we will feel we wanna be parents maybe… And even then I would like a thing me and you and the priest just… In Japan, why not ! They marry anyway lots of Japanese in Italian style there…”

So… Alitalia will be pleased to know I am gonna make their bankruptcy less wide in the next year. Yikes 😉

I am happy Karim feels home here. And in a way, I am also happy Swifty will have a chance to grow along me here.

PS: Leave COLDPLAY ALONE!!!! Stop this. Jalous people. Leave my boyz alone. Yikes. Btw, about Chris &Gwyneth supposed break up and infidelities. Seriously.  

Chris Martin. One of the greateast poets of the past 15 years.

Chris is a rocker. Although definitely not hot in my book (awesome poet and songwriter.. but well, hottness isn’t among his amazing skills at all, he’s not erotic at all to me, totally unharming…), a rocker will NEVER be faithful.


He can be for a while, Sure h’es not certified “bastard inside” type (like… erm… *someone else*…) as I am sure for years he hasn’t been used to be considered valuable by gals (then success and money can do ALL I guess…). But I would never bet my money on any musician or artist in general predisposition at fidelity.

I know, I am cynical.

As long as kids are safe, I can easily see a divorce coming sooner than later. Yep.

And this is the awesome Clocks. Enjoy magic in music:


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