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Snow, Swifty, Farms and Kids Busted on the Prowl

Posted on: 11 January 2010

So, I’m at the farms this morning performing the tests on the actual… beneficiaries 😉

The bad thing in these days is that I generally am up already working at 7h30 am. The good side though is that by 3h30 pm I’ll be done with work completely, which means that I am planning a wonderful ride on Swifty this afternoon. Hopefully it will start to snow later than then and we will ride open air in the Countryside. Otherwise in the indoor stager which will be fine anyway.

Karim has that very important meeting with his mentor today so he won’t be part of it. We will see one another again this evening.

My male companion for the afternoon is gonna be just my stallion… the one with four legs 😉 (that was nasty, okay, I know).

Adam's back from the of Ryan Seacrest's pic taken yesterday by JeanieBuss

Talking about nasty stuff (LOL, I keep laughing actually…), seems that Kid A. (no Radiohead‘s relation there… though Kid A is one of my favourite albums ever, you know… My Radiohead’s love is HUGE!!!) was having a bit of kid’s trouble out from the latest Laker’s game.

Apparently he went first to Katsuya, as per usual, eating with his pal, and then, on the way to his beloved Pinkberry outlet, he had a certain *little* trouble with cops.


Oh, Adam … you just never never change do you honey?

Anyway, this is the TMZ article with the video of Adam busted newly again after he did already in 2008 for he…*ops* went out on his AWESOME Aston Martin without caring to put back the plate on it.


There’s a thing that I love anyway and that’s the fact Adam isn’t driving the car.

Ops, he did it again 😉


I am all for having fun and everything (well, being teetotal I couldn’t have those kind of troubles anyway, but I have friends and I know I am a white fly there… ;)), but it shows prudency to allow your pal driving that marvel on wheels in your place.

Good kid. Good.

Now I also know what prevented you from tweeting these days. You’re on the prowl 😉 Aww 😉 The blessed.. encounters 😉

So, before I leave you with the Kid A video (the Radiohed‘s song this time… I so love that song and album and everything Thom Yorke has ever sung…) Gotta share two things from M5 that I haven’t since a life and that gotta erase from Noah’s desktop:

Click on the pic and then below: they are two different links right?

Jason and Adam back in November

Fine ;).

I know I would have won the contest (and James‘s tennis game) if only I could had the chance to.

Darn chicken pox again.

this is one and this is the other about the winner of the contest:


Now delight your ears with some of the best music ever, courtesy of the Mighty RADIOHEAD. Awww 🙂 And beware, Kid A is on the prowl… How I wish he could prowl on me…


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