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Posted on: 10 January 2010

Morning Love Glorious

Back home.

Milan start to play against Juventus in less than one hour, so Karim and I (we’re at his pad) have decided to go Japan and order a delivered teppanyaki over here.

We haven’t unpacked a thing and since I never really like to do household tomorrow we will bring everything to be washed ad ironed away.

Yes, sometimes we like to be totally spoiled.

Truth is we like to sepend our time together in *different* ways 😉

He’s right now telling me he wants to show me he actually likes soccer (no he doesn’t, but I find it cute that he is trying to make an effort for me ;)) and has already set up tv conveniently on SkySport1 for me to enjoy the warriors in Red&Black.


The warriors (???) in Purple&Gold play tonight at 3h30 am (yep, correct) and it will be another dawn moment for the two of us. Let’s hope such passion is gonna be repaid a bit today at least.

Gotta say the weekend has been… Oh!!! Friggin undescribable.

I’m dried up by ecstatic orgasms. No, I am not dried up AT ALL: I can start it all over and over and over again.


Yesterday we escaped from a truly classy dinner in Chamonix cos for the whole time at the table we did tease one another under the table. We didn’t need to ask one another: we communicate through eyes when we feel the urgency. Teo asked “Where do we go dancing?” and we almost replied in synch:

“We won’t come along… we want to retire.”

I just want to reiterate what I thought as soon as I woke up this morning after one hewl of an hot, hot, hot night.

Certain nights are so legendary Sun should set up in the sky at least 7 hours later to let us appreciate them more.

I’m in love.

And I’ve also never felt more in lust than I am with Karim.

Which is something to be said, considering my glorious record in the field of Adventurous&Creative Sex.

But I ma also in love, and this is because at the end of that all (well, the first of the couple of ends of… that all… ;)), he took me within his arms and he whispered at me a Baudelaire‘s “The Balcony” (in French).

Then he quoted Sartre.

Then he sang to me “The Power of Love“.

And I felt totally melting.

Btw, I just realized that my two favourite love songs (The Power of love and Your Song) have all been written by a gay lover. They are so perfect poetry put in music. Maybe gay lovers know better? I just think those two songs are holy and passionate and so romantic. Don’t know…I completely adore them.

Love is way more amazing than I ever thought it could be.

It took me almost 25 years to surrender at the Power of love. But now… Now I am totally a slave of it.

PS: Divine Adam is a fan of Anvil‘s Rockumentary, the one that Michael Moore said while in Italy was “the best documentary I have seen in years, mine included” and he would love us to address to the Academy Awards for makin them include it in the Oscar selection. Aww. He’s so adorable. I mean, I am not really a metal fan at all, but even I thought that documentary was amazing. You know, I am always happy when I reckon I share taste with my beloved Adam.


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