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Well, Milan did its job well at least ;)

Posted on: 6 January 2010

Milan's got some hunky fellas around...

So, yesterday evening we got back in San Siro watchin Milan fairly hammer Genoa down on Befana Day (Befana is a witch with horrid face but pretty heart who gifts kids with candies on Ephiphany time. A well known and followed tradition over Italy…).

Weather was awful but we had such a great time 😉

Wish Karim were bound to Milan as I am to the Lakers but he isn’t. As many Americans he just doesn’t find what he calls soccer exciting at all.

Too bad. I found lots of pretty things there on court yesterday. Ambrosini had a monumental game… it seemed a blonde Kakà. Well, not really. But he had a great game.

Beckham was a nice adding as well. Guy is not a legend player at all but he’s a stunning professional and delivers what is needed. Fair enough.

I am happy for Borriello. And hope Nesta’s nose is fine 😉 It would ruin his gorgeous face to have a broken nose unfixed.

We have some voices over in the stud departments for sure in our team. Not that I care. I wanna another Champions League btw.

But unfortunately, Milan was the only fine thing happening on my sport break yesterday (though technically Lakers played TODAY for me…).


Trumpets down, take off all flags (not really…), forget Houston Rockets bashing.

Lakers lost to CLIPPERS (!!!) 102-91.

Kobe tried to pull Lakers off Clippers misery...

Now wash off my funny surprised marks cos Clippers totally deserved the victory. Totally. We went back to play tired and unfocused on all fields structures, Bynum just did not provide the needed focus on a worthy opponent, and Lamar probably got also visited by the Befana witch above cos he seemed on way too many candies.

Poor Kobe tried to do it all again by himself, but he just wasn’t surrounded at all.

At all (33 points and 8 assists tell anyway he did all of his part and more. No way we can give him any responsibility there on the loss side. NO friggin way. Blame everybody else and don’t be fool. Kobe still owns everybody even drained, tired and with injuries. That’s a fact.).

Give me back Pau. He would have helped Kobe being less alone, takin off some hard work from his back and makin the team go through in a way Bynum just isn’t smart enough to do on the court.

But I don’t blame Bynum, who did score enough at least.

I blame the poor team effort. Which is a direct consequence of a shape factor still. I am not worried, just disappointed. We will take over the Trail Blazers in Portland now. We have to. It’s gonna be fun.

It wasn’t fun to hang in the chat today instead, due to some true annoying people there (well, I always give names and I am always sincere so that’s it: that Smush Farmar person truly is annoying. I might consider to not even enter the chat with that guy in.  Some people just have no idea what they are talkin about. And my tolerance level isn’t high when I wake up at 4 AM repeatedly…) so I gave up at the end of the third quarter to finish watchin the game along Karim, canoodling and then having a morning sex break to heal the wound of the loss.

Good old days... lol 😉

That works always.

You know, gotta find the positive out of shady things and well, sure to have Karim around when you wanna lift yourself up from a sport punch-up is amazing.


Hot. Hot. Hot 😉

I will post the Rockets panel of pics that I hadn’t time to the other day. That is another thing that lifts me up… Trevor although now in a loser sweater still truly, truly a cutie ;).

Today we get back to my house, cos I wanna ride Swifty a bit tonight. It’s then Wii League!!! Gotta try Beatles Rock Band as well!!!

I should get beauty sleep. I know. But I have high energy levels these days. Yoga helps a lot in that. We will be back to the mountains on weekend, so I will try to rest a bit and take it easier.

Still in massive need of making out. I am like… even more hungry for sweet gym than I normally am. 2010 did not tame me at any rate it seems. When we had the super party that lead to my 25 hours of no sleep the other day it was fun how I was dragging Karim in the private patio at the University for not one, not two, and not three different quickies. We had four. And all of them, really… were remarkable. Remarkable to say the least.

I’d live with that guy within my pennies. Truth.

He will come here on the lunch break to visit with me a museum during the span time. It seems he is on the verge of landing a certain art job from his mentor here. That’d be awesome and completely deserved.

I am imagining him sweating while hammmering stones to shape a statue. Gotta stop. It makes me horny and I am in a solitary lab this morning. Better stop my thoughts running.

Better concentrate on something else, like the amazing Superquark Show of the other day, which I recorded and watched yesterday. It was about Sekighara Battle and Shogun Ieyasu Tokugawa lifetime.

Beauty. Just plain beauty.

It was awesome. Then watchin Himeji made me straight get back at this summer with Karim in Japan, and I melted all over.

Yes, Japan still my favourite place on Earth beside my Italy. Can’t help. Truly I must have been living there in some previous lives of mine (if that is an option that happens), because I literally feel a different heart beating pulse when I plunge and dwell myself into anything related to Japan.

It some kind of undeniable, powerful… mental and physical connection that I can’t deny.

I wanna get back there as soon as possible. I long for that.

I leave you with a video of the special that I found on YouTube and that is actually in English, so you can relate a bit more from here.

Enjoy 🙂


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