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Laker addicted and madly in love.

Posted on: 3 January 2010

All that.

Sometimes you just have to realize your plus in life exceeds the level of your entitlement to be happy.

This even when, like me, you’re pretty much aware that you’re a spoiled, damned fortunate, complete bitch.

Even I reckon I am living it way too larger than life should be.

So… awake at 3h20, (AM of course) to catch the Lakers game that should have been on Sport Italia TV (via NBA tv), i found myself watching an idiotic Denver Thuggets athletic coaching special (?WTF???) and then the game broadcasted was actually the Pacers.


Pau Gasol guarding Dirk Novitzky before exiting for injury.

I was pissed cos it seemed from the chat the game was very fine.

So I backed in upstairs and tuned pc in to follow it thanx to the NBA pass.

Pau injuried.

Not fine.

But as I predicted way before game started, I was feeling a consistent game by Sasha and Drew. And it did happen.

Actually we had the best overall game (as a team) ever.

Sure the Mavs were horrible, but still, this team simply has the juggernat quality.

End of it was an appalling (for the Mavs) 131-96.


Adam at Lakers game (courtesy of Jeanie Buss)

Kobe is now the 15th scorer of all times and counting, of course.

The top scorer for tonight’s game? JORDY FARMAR. Talk about an incredible game… Lol ;)!

The game was so easy for our second unit is even unfair to comment. Though I hope the bad, bad news of Pau’s injury won’t doom our future for too long. You know… Pau is my baby.

So I have another win to celebrate, while the Cavs lost and again LeBronze proved himself the hyped loser he is. All good. All VERY good.

In the Lakers Blog I will later on post my commentary. I did not write it immediately cos… well, after the game I had to just remind myself why my life is blessed.

I went to the bedroom just seconds after the game ended, where Karim was already awake. I asked him why he didn’t join me for the game watch and he said that he knew the game was in Garbage time by my quietness vocally.

Then he said if I were ready to stop being quiet.

“You know that I am”.

I just wanna say that I completely love to make love in the very early morning.

I am a very sexually driven person, and have sex when all is starting to get lively around is amazing.

Karim is amazing.

He keeps getting better and better, and I have a huge men’s experience to make lists. He’s just unstoppable. He breathes the right way. He talks the right way. He… gosh, friggin acts the best way any woman could wish herself to meet one day.

He’s a perfect lover.

Couldn’t have settled down for anything less.

Before escaping to the shower he teased me with this line:

“Princess, I think in a while my confidence will be so huge with you I will agree in takin part in another threesome. I love being the final man among your harem. The only one allowed to have you at the end.”

“Are you sure?” I fired back, smiling, “Cos you know there are at least 10 of my former friends with benefits who are currently dying to taste me again. And you know I get pretty nasty when it’s about being satisfied…”

He came back at me and smiling, and kissing me gently he said:

” But you’re the one assuring me nobody ever came close to what I give to you… so I am sure I’d be the final gainer in any multiple game. And I adore to stand in that place for you. Really. It makes me feel King of the World…”

“You are…”

“It’s cos my world is you. ”

You know those kisses that tell more than a hundred millions words? He gave me one of those all-tellers after that sentence.

I joined him in the shower and took care of his perfectly shaped body. With devotion.

In complete love.

What we share is incredible. I am by no mean an easy person to understand. I am selfish, I wanna things done my way, I ask a lot (well, I give also a lot…) and I never fake what I think, feel or wish. And it’s no way an easy task. I don’t depend on anyone, and that’s why to be with me you have to have a truly strong personality. I have driven people mad. And really… never truly had regrets if I did, cos it was meaning they were just not strong enough for me.

Then it came Karim.

I am in love with him cos he’s like the most jalous and possessive man on this planet, but he lets me being free.

He wanna own me (in so many ways he does), but after the shock that caused him, he’s able to tell me he would make me have fun in a threesome, knowing in the end of it he would be the one ruling it out for himself just, letting the other one(s)  surrender at his superior status in my list, book.. life. I assume it takes a lot to grow such a confidence, especially regarding me and my crazy head. He can look me directly in my eyes and not freak out realizing what lays there. I can be me (well, I am me always no matter what) and he doesn’t freak out.

In so many ways, he’s as complex and strange as I am. He just shifts that complexity from mine in a way we perfectly compose together. We don’t crash. We don’t mess. We fit one another’s mold to create something truly special.

Yeah, people can be judgemental on us.

But seriously… why care? Other’s ideas never mattered in my world. I am a happy person in being honest about what I feel and want and wish. He’s like me. In this as well. This is why he has received love from me. I’ have never loved anybody in my life. Never. I do love him now. I hope it lasts but that is not my idea of future. I don’t project stuff ahead, I don’t like fast forwards. I try to treasure the immense gift I have now… cherishing it as much as I can and he deserves… while I live. Future is unknown. But it’s also what we make of it.

We have a life that in many, many ways is all about privilege.

His even more than mine, considering his familiar status and all that surrounds it.

But instead of being a shallow kid with no worries in life, instead of being a partygoer and a jerk, instead of flushing his money on drugs or trendy stuff… Karim is trying to make his journey on this planet a man’s discovery. A deep discovery.

I love his heart and I love his brain.

His curiosity about all that is beautiful and meaningful. His artistic core. His love for life and mankind in all that comes with it.

I am so bound at this guy.

I realize just after breaks of dawn like these.

I see he sees me the way I feel at peace. And I hope, although being this selfish  I am never too sure of it… that he can feel the same. I hope I can see him the way he wants to be seen. And feel peaceful as well.

I’d go anywhere with him.

I am sincere. Not even scared to state it.

I don’t care about marriage. I don’t really feel fit for it. But… I feel so in love. So in a bliss. And this exceeds all of what I deserve. It truly, truly does.

I could speak for hours about Karim and I, and I would say nothing really defining what this man has become for me. I won’t be ever able to quantify the way he deeply changed me.  But it’s working time and I had to get ready for work. Can’t really keep on.

Adam on NYE - 1

Marghe comes this afternoon at the lab with my special reward out from NYE in Vegas.

Paying the clerks is always the best way to get some rewarding souvenir. It seemed it was like Gestapo going on at Palms, but she said it was amazing. I bet it was.

If only the dreamed threesome could involve… okay. You get the picture.

But then I would be TRULY too much of a lucky bitch in life.

The luckiest of them all.

I feel like hybris is just upon me.

And still… after all… that is exactly what I keep wishing to myself.

Let’s see.

Adam on NYE - 2

To have a house in LA can make this possible for years to come, after all.

Have all a magnificent Monday.

Mine is… the bestets of bests.

I might not deserving it… but in the end I do.

PS: yesterday I saw again Philadelphia, the movie. How amazing is that? I think it’s the 10th time I watch it and I still cry at it.

Later on folks 😉

Keep bowing to the World Championship Lakers 😉


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Tuo piccolo fratello has just sended something to you. Any similarity to this post is just coincidental. Trust me, I just finished reading that post. Abbraccios 🙂

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