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In the Dark you can find the Light better

Posted on: 30 December 2009

So… my current state of mind is like a yo-yo.

I just ended the meeting that this morning had to decide the renewal of our partnership working schedules for 2010.

Otto The Idiot (that’s affectionate… NO) with his fatty head and fatty… everything walked in our building slightly before 9 am.

At 10 and 10 am… WE WERE ALREADY DONE.


The meeting, the reason for which I couldn’t fly to Vegas yesterday (Marghe arrived just a bunch of hours ago in Sin City from yesterday double flight…), the long and complicated excuse for breaking my plans meeting that couldn’t have been completely held when I was in Hannover the other week… Lasted not even 1 hour and 20.


I know I said yesterday that I was all Zen… but honestly if something sweet didn’t happen that my iPhone had informed me of just in the minutes when I was waiting for Fat Otto to get back in the meeting room (he had to go to the bathroom.. and move along his fat ass must take a LOT. Also finding his unexistant… “tool” to complete physiological needs must request lots of time…), I would have choked him back as soon as he would have walked again in my room.

Adam At Lakers game just hours ago. Awww.. All Stars 😉

BUT… just SECONDS after I was pouring out my scandaled Tweet about the Vegas NYE lost,  he wrote.

Yes, Divine Creature spoke after some silent days.

After I caught the blessed sight of him at Staples Center while watching the Lakers (later on that, don’t worry).

After I had so many WRONG feelings rushing.

Adam and Nicole Ritchie "bumpin"

And like it always happens, the pleasure of hearing him (when I read his tweets, I actually… in fact … hear his voice speaking the words I read that are written. It’s nuts I know. Blame my brain. Or my heart. That’s what happens. You know I am weirdo about him…) erased the anger I was under upon.

Adam really has a fascination with Jeff Beck. His tweets were talkin about him and Simon&Garfunkel. From the references given I guess the gig he would have loved to witness was the one held at Madison Square Garden when a gotha of rockers (and the three mentioned) celebrated a couple of months ago the 25th Anniversary of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

I think he was addressing that.

Should’ve asked, but I am pretty sure of my idea.

Well, he was taken with the College thing by then.. too bad honey ;). BTW I LOVE when he goes emotional about music and musicians he likes. I totally can see the power of music grabbing heart and soul and makin people weep. I am all time like that. Every artist and musician HAS to be like that. Otherwise they couldn’t be creative.

So… I am calmer now.

Kobe tonight

Kobe Dunk tonight

Much has to do with Lakers Game that ended up in a victory.

Not a great game.

I was writing a post in the Lakers Blog about it but it hasn’t appeared so far under the  Live Chat Lakers VS Golden State Warriors thread.

Check it it will in a while.

Or just re-open the chat box out from the link. I blabbed a lot there 😉

Substantially, we are tired and we are not playing our best.

But we have KOBE THE GOD (who’s of my same opinion about the current state of things… more than a comfort to my low biorythm theory right now… ) and my baby Pau Finesse Gasol to help the troop even if they are tired and not by any means at their best, and where major class calls, it’s easier to win also in NO moments like these we are facing at the moment.

Thing that is completely natural at this point of the season. I am not seein Boston or Denver or Orlando doing that much better. Cavs are still just hype.

Pau Dunk Tonight

Bench did decently for once.

Not good.

Just decently.

Enough to take the Warriors.

After all when all is dark, every light that comes seems even brighter.

So, in one and half hour the work of 2009 ENDS.


Another year goes by.

It seems they are starting to rush so fast one after the other, I can’t catch a break to cope with the time that goes.

I feel I am very different person as this year close.

Very different person.

I’d like to guess that I am growing but I think it’s merely aging.

Or so I do feel.

But I am truly, truly blessed. This is clear and I do reckon it. Weather is bad but I hope I can ride a bit Swifty today too. Karim waits already for me to come at the horse retreat. I will catch New Year with him.

Don’t think I can ask anything better.

And in fact… although that feeling of having been fooled by Otto The Pr**k stays…I know my 2010 will start awesomely anyway.

He will make it start so.

Catch you for the last shout out of 2009 later.

Enjoy two more pics of Divine Creature at Brent’s bday bash the other week.

Adam at Brent BDay Bash 3

Adam at Brent BDay bash 4


2 Responses to "In the Dark you can find the Light better"

Hey, I really like the theme you have for this blog. Is it a free one or did you have someone design it? I’m not planning on using it for myself, but if you had someone design it I’d love for you to give me their company / website as I’m thinking of changing up the theme for my blog.


Hi man. Thank you for the word. I actually have no problem if you use the theme, which is free and it’s called Albeo by Elena G. Find it in the themes over wordpress. Hope I helped 🙂 have a nice evening 🙂

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