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Being Zen is a solution

Posted on: 29 December 2009

I’ve decided to be REALLY Zen today.

Lakers lost this past night.

We play again tonight.

I’m fairly quiet about this loss and after my post I am gonna to list some posts I made in the Lakers Blog lately. They explain my point of view in Laker Land well, they summonize it and moreover reading them I don’t need to write extensively here (for Italian readership in the twin version of this blog, sorry… all links are to English speaking threads.)

I guess to rain on your parade is kinda funny cos after AGES Sky 2 tv is gonna broadcast during the day our game against the Suns. this in one hour and then this evening (our evening). Jeez 😉 Not needed from me.

My solution is being Zen about Lakers.

It works.

This evening I’ll go ride a bit over Swifty cos I need also another push at “Zen-ity” after Marghe has flewn off heading to Las Vegas.


There with my and Karim tickets.

There to meet…HIM.

The Divine Creature, that is fairly absent from his Twitter lately which could mean a charade of things. All funny 😉

Anyway Marghe knows I want some rewarding out from sending her to Vegas in my place. She better be efficacious. Ah!

But truly… I am VERY Zen today. I try to develop a more adult approach at minus in life lately. After all I am 24 heading to be 25 in four months. Can’t be always a whining baby.

Here it goes the list of Lakers posts that tells how I feel about Laker Land at the moment.


December  28: after the loss against the Suns

December 27: On the Bynum Matter and more

December 28: About Pau

December 27: About Lakers bashers

December 26: After win against the Kings

December 27: More about Kings game

December 26: on people throwing stuff on court

December 26: OnXmas Loss to Cavs (1)

December 25: On Xmas loss to Cavs (2)

December 25: On All Star Game Selection

December 24: On the risks of Cavs Xmas match up

December 23: on Pau resigning with Lakers

December 23: post Thunders win

December 23: post Thunders Win Kobe’s interview

December 22: About Lakers Statistic

Hope you can get the picture. I would advice anybody loving Lakers to hang in the blog. It’s awesome.


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