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So that was Xmas…and what have they done?

Posted on: 25 December 2009

Xmas 2009Wow!!

Slept 3 hours only on Xmas.

Lakers got blown out by the Cavs (I was expecting it, as posted in the LA Times Lakers blog: still not impressed by either Cavs or LeBron. Still pissed cos Lakers simply did not show up, making the entire NBA crew laugh at our asses on Xmas. Guess Lakers – not Kobe… Kobe always wants to win – wanted to be greeted as Santa’s Little Helpers by being overkind to the Cavaliers and let them do all, without taking notice or care. AWFUL. But it still just december. We’ll talk about that around May, right?) and we were watching the game at a priveé in discoteque.

Kobe and LeBronze... sorry, LeBron 😉

Pretty strange way to be cheering of the Lakers but luckely enough all of our crew actually cheers for the Purple&Gold (when they pick up sides) so it was easy to set that up.

We lost.


But Xmas on a whole has been EXQUISITE in mountain so far.

I love my friends.

Marghe is so grateful that I am sending her in Vegas she was keeping on for two days saying me she really thinks I am a saint or something (me? A saint??? LOL!).

I received amazing gifts for Xmas. I got a Louis Vuitton bag luggage sets, a Birkin Hermés coloured in soft pink, a credit bonus of 2000 euros at Prada’s store and… A series of beauty farm treatements for an additional 2000 euros.

Karim’s gift?

No ring if this is what you wanna hear.

He bought me a HORSE.

Yeah you read that correctly. Now I own a horse: a beautiful baio named Swifty. I am gonna meet him when we get back home tomorrow.

I couldn’t freakin believe it.

Spell it along me: A-W-E-S-O-M-E.

I gifted him with a paint he saw at an art gallery in Milan by October. He seemed so in love with it I bought it the day after. 😉 He did not expect it at all. He said he doesn’t know if he prefers to let it stay in his pad in Milan or carry it in our LA residency.

We’ll see.

I am incredibly happy and grateful.

He has been adorable in makin me forget about the NYE’s disappointment.

Though at this very moment on Italia 1 they are broadcasting How I Met Your Mother (didn’t know they were broadcasting it there!) and watchin Jason Segel won’t really help me forgetting about the missed trip in full.

Oh well. Things happen for a reason.

I really hope this is also what Lakers said to one another in their locker room this past night.

Tonight another game. Sacramento Kings.

I’ll be watchin it but again no chat live. I wanna be cuddled in my man’s arms while following actions on screen.

And maybe not just being cuddled 😉

Lotta Love and happy Day After XMas!


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