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Karim: almost as Divine as Kobe’s skill. And just there up along Divine A. in my best possible list.

Posted on: 23 December 2009

What a day/evening/night/subsequent morning/ NOW.

After yesterday’s despare, when I was aching in my room and all I wanted to do was ranging from bury myself in a hottub of Nutella chocolate,  throw away my promise of faithfullness, ringing up to Federico in the room aside mine and have raw sex to download the disappointment due to missing NYE in Vegas (it was just a thought, the “old me” striking back… I would have never really done anything like that to Karim… REALLY), or just create a voodoo doll to end that stupid Otto’s existence for the better, a phone call came in.

Breaking silence in my hotel room.

“Princess, I’m coming. Be ready for me. I just landed in Hannover”

I have to confess for a little moment I thought Karim was just being mean. Yeah, mean to me, and to my poor state of mind yesterday.

But then… it’s Karim we’re talkin about. The only person in this world who’s able to scare me cos he seems to literally read my mind, no matter how far away we are.

It was a moment: all the odds against what seemed to be his arrival near to me were quickly gathering into my mind: the whole of Europe under snow; the airport mess; the fact it was not possible he had booked a flight and flew in such small amount of hours from Milan to Hannover; the whole absurdity of his mere wish to DO that.

For what?

To be by my side knowing how much I were destroyed by our dreamy Vegas trip (well… MY dreamy Vegas trip) losing itself onto a thick wall of realism?

Gosh. That’s Karim.

“You know there is mothing I wouldn’t do for makin you happy. Couldn’t leave you cold alone tonight. You need me. Me and nobody else.”

I started to dizzy around.

Took a shower and got ready for sure. I always bring with me fancy stuff and great underwear. I just love that. I love to be a tomboy AND a vixen. There was my entire body COUNTING the seconds parting me from his skin.

When he arrived, knocking my door, it was like I could have vanished into his breath.

I think we didn’t even speak for the first tasting of one another’s mouth, which lasted for… well, it lasted a lot. It’s simply undescribable what we can be in these moments.

And he knows by now how much being angry for things that ruin my projects can transform me in a beast. Even more than usual. I guess he likes that situation as much as I do.

As we calmed down after the rushes, and we laid on the bed and we got starting take sweet care of one another posthumous the connection, I honestly did not know what to say or how to start thanking him for that incredible trip he had taken for me.

Yeah.. sometimes even me, the always outspoken Miss z. fails to find words.

So he was the one speaking his mind out:

“I just couldn’t be away from you. I hate being away from you. I hate when others watch you and I am not there. I hate when you may watch somebody who’s not me. I hate not hug you at night and not watchin you asleep. I was shocked when you told me that I could have been in Vegas by myself, once youcouldn’t be there along me. What would be the point? The only place where I want to be is where you are.”

So once again… no matter if now I can confess I love this man… he stays ahead of me in that Love Trail. Cos I could have been able to let him go and have his Vegas fun. Stupid that I am. Thinkin I was making him free, it’s like I have displeased his love.

Sorry angel. Sorry.

Am I sorry for teh NYE lost?

Hell.. SURE.

It seems the more I plan my next meeting with my babies and Divine A., the more things slip out of my hands, and I feel like somebody jinxed me and my passionate feelings towards that fix that I have.

I can’t help myself there. I am so terribly bad for this? In the end I don’t care what people may think. That’s how I feel. Karim, incredibly keeps accepting it. He even said his family could HIRE the BAND privately if I’d ever wish.

That was scary.

I don’t think I’d be comfortable there.

Better: I am sure I would be not.

My fix is a “normal” thing. I want express my crush in a “normal” way.

But the fact Karim would even do THAT for me is astonishing.

Kobe Bryant, THE GOD

Seriously the only comparison for Karim’s greatness in getting me is … the way Kobe Bryant plays basketball (this past night he was again OVERHUMAN). It’s something out of the world.

Ah… Lakers won again.

We followed the game of course and had fun. Karim likes the way I interact in the Lakers Blog. He’s entertained by that. I am too.

He said the first thing we will do after we get in LA will be attending a game at Staples.

Can’t wait.

I want to post a link to Derek Fisher’s great interview after the game. He says all things that I am agreeing with. I am happy he was the one scoring the final points. I heart Fish. Everybody knows.

So… enjoy.

Tonight is a quiet time cos tomorrow morning we leave with the Crew to have Xmas in Courmayeur.



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