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In Hannover. Have to gather positive vibe to fight the wind.

Posted on: 21 December 2009


I’m in my Hannover Hotel room.

Freezing windy.

Snow (but there were more in Milan, so…).

No Karim for two days.

A meeting with the people that I SO dislike, which hopefully will turn out productive so that none my Xmas time in Courmayeur with friend nor, more important, the attempt to be in Las Vegas for New Years Eve will be touched.

I know. WE have to make a living as people. But truly these partners are so itchty to me. I hate they keep seeing me as a blonde chick and not a scientist. I hate that. I am the boss in my laboratory. My IQ packs their IQs and send condolences to their reasoning for being poor. But I am a young chick. And they think they are these truly cool bosses. They are not cool. And my only boss is me.

Luckely Federico is with me (in another room). I actually remember with pleasure the times we used to be friendly benefiting one another during these meetings abroad. But those times have past. Now I am a faithful creature. He asked me though on the plane.

He said :

“I had to. I think I am gonna wish another encounter with you even after you’re married. You always claim we have to be fully sincere so I am being that. Karim knows it. I told him too. He’s so cool about it he said he understands me, but he’s happy I won’t succeed again in my plans.”

Now, first of all I have to give props out to Fede AND to my Karim for being mature enough to not start a fight. Then I have to point out marriage talks are absoluetely out of question for a lot while more.


So, waiting for the meeting I thought about updating blogs.

We had a gorgeous time in Courmayeur this weekend. I love snowboard. It makes me feel invincible. I have to clarify that Karim and I disappearing the first day after a while was a personal choice.

I just wanna say to you all: PEOPLE CAN HAVE SWEET TIMES ALSO ON THE SNOW.



Lakers have got two of the easiest wins of their hystory this past night and the night before.

BUT the dram was spread over once teh Kam Bros at LA Times Lakers  Blog have made clear that they were moving over to the new Land’O Lakers Lakers Blog at the ESPN Site.

Wow. Well I set up an accout at ESPN of course. Paid a fee for two years. And of course I will keep following the bros there AND of course I won’t ever leave the La Times blog family.

I love to be a Laker activist 😉 LOL.

What more? Beside snowfalls?

Ah, yeah… a couple of Divine Adam Updates, of course.

Funniest thing was that yesterday he tweeted in his morning from the game he was attending of his lil stepbrother Sam playing bball. He was hilarious as usual, cos he was acting just like the worst partial and involved hockey mum you could ever met. Adam is truly adorable in his  normal behaviour. I mean… I could endlessly laugh at his funny rants.

More important, on the artistic note, was definitely his Friday (18th of December).

Read this post from LA Times to get it:


Adam and Dave Navarro at Brent Bolthouse BDay PartyAdam went to this birthday party and not only as reported up there were both him and Incubus’s Brandon Boyd serenading the bday boy (well, man), which is like my teenage dream of threesome made true in a nutshell, but as this pic proves, the Divine Creature sang over Dave Navarro‘s guitar play.

So. Paradise City is definitely Los Angeles to me. I can’t wait to be there. The schedule will be crazy cos I know already I will have to live on airplanes half of the months, but man… Los Angeles is my heaven.

Everybody meets everybody.

Karim has actually asked me already to stop tweeting images too much when we will be in LA. You know he’s a privacy freak. I can live with that. But I also can’t wait to share amazing sight of an amazing lively town. Not our neighborhood… but a lot of stuff yes.

February… I want you to come soon.

On a sad note, another death claimed in Hollyweird (the shady side of what I wrote just a second ago): Brittany Murphy passed away yesterday at 32. I remember her in Girls Interrupted and Clueless. And 8 Mile (you know I have the DVD cos I am a fairly big fan of Eminem, and I was especially back at those times…). I am nobody to write anything on her cos I don’t know anything about.. anything; but it just seems clear to me this 2009 was pretty much a deadly year.

2010 will be better. Peace out to those suffering. And let’s start to sing Happy Christmas already.

UPDATE:  Sweet Babies New Album’s trailer!! Awww *swoons*


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