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It’s snowing. And it did snow on Bucks too!

Posted on: 16 December 2009

Good morning!!

Today, snow in Milan

It’s a white morning first of all. Yes, it finally happened. It took me ages to reach laboratory today. Funny enough, I opened windows so late today… after the game of teh Lakers ended, I waited for some sweet love with Karim before actually opening the shutters and when I did… still quite dark… ARGH!!!! Everything was white.

This I posted is what I see in Milan from the lab. I am probably asking Karim to close my own house and reach his pad, so at least today we stay in Milan at him and not at my place which is too outside to drive with the snow bugger.

Kobe's winning shot

Sorry for yesterday missing on the Lakers update… I do this today. We won against Chicago Bulls the other day, we won again at the last second (in overtime) today against the Buzz, again thanx to the gracious overhuman power of the one and only, Our God, Kobe Bryant.

This man has his index finger broken… man!!! he’s truly a black mamba.

It was so entertaining a game I stopped to hang and post in the Lakers Blog chat just to follow the game on tv, core of the night, with Karim glued onto me.

I had never a doubt. And I still think even if we did lose in the end, this is just December.

My man, Pau "22 rebounds" Gasol

There are way too drama queens around. I care about April and May and June, me. This part of the season, as long as we adjust to step up and get better, I can also take losses. But then, we have Kobe, so never say never… not even in a day like today.

All I know is that it was so amazingly fun to feel the heat and then resulting in a victory 107-106 in Milwakee. Whoo-hooo!

Another plus for me was of course to see how amazingly well Pau played. Geez… I’m a Pau Groupie Certified and For Life. I love his way to play. I loved the way He grabbed and embraced Kobe at the end… awww 🙂 These two together are the apple of my eyes. Yep. I have to say the way this game entertaines me is unmatched. When basketball is of this level, I guess I dig it over Milan stuff. Yes. I said it.

This is the highlight video of the final part of the game: enjoy!

Yesterday (as here now is thursday) Divine Adam shouted a sweet, lovely (and funny, see his message) cheer to Frankie!!!! The only lady allowed so far to rule his heart (ahaha) turns 5, as she was born on Dec 16, 2004.

Adam and his beloved Golden Retriever, Frankie

Awww. I so love anytime Adam mentions Frankie. Though I am more of a cat (and horse) person I can clearly relate to his affetcion for his dog. And I also think a dog fits Adam way more than a cat could ever do.

I post this picture of them cos I love it dearly.

I am sure you do as well.

Tonight is Wii League (which will be held at Karim’s I guess, since the snowfall) and I guess lots of cofee for me. To make it through decently.

Oouch.. I was almost forgetting: This is what I resulted like in the LA times test. Think it is pretty accurate about me:

You are a Bright Spark Type“:

Dependable and committed, you are an intellectual at heart. You’re positive and enthusiastic with a strong work ethic that means you strive to perform at the highest level in everything you do. Successful and confident, you have high levels of energy and believe that life is what you make it. You prioritize exercise and wellbeing as part of your commitment to living a healthy lifestyle. When it comes to pursuing your interests, you display great passion and commitment. You enjoy a busy social life and are thoughtful and generous, aiming to give something back to society whenever you can. But you also like to spoil yourself a little too…

You like to be stimulated intellectually and actively seek debate and discussion. Good social interaction makes you feel alive. Sport’s definitely an important part of your life too… whether on the pitch or watching from the sidelines. You like to feel fit and healthy and ready for action. Never one to rest on your laurels, you truly believe that life is what you make it. You are always seeking out fun new adventures that will excite and inspire. You love the bright lights and big city. It’s all about variety and adventure. There’s plenty to stimulate you and leave you feeling inspired. Bright Spark Dependable and committed, I’m an intellectual at heart. I’m positive and enthusiastic with a strong work ethic that means I strive to perform at the highest level in everything I do.”

That’s pretty much me, yes.

Have all a great day.

Mine will be so despite city snow 😉


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